Vancouver Is Awesome

With Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer

A weekly podcast featuring awesome people, places and things in Vancouver BC Canada. Hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Bob Kronbauer.

32:58 | Jun 17th

We sat down with Jason Pleym to talk about meat. He and his wife, Margot, are the co-founders of Two Rivers Specialty Meats. Based in North Vancouver, Two Rivers has grown to become nearly synonymous with meat in the city, particularly because of the...Show More

46:35 | May 28th

Cathy Browne wears many hats: She does PR, she's a photographer, she's an activist and advocate, she does stand-up comedy and improv, and she teaches photography to elementary school kids. And she happens to be legally blind. We chat with Cathy abou...Show More
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49:46 | May 13th

Imagine you are a young professional woman calling a meeting with your co-workers to make a profound revelation: You are transgender. That's exactly what Lauren Sundstrom did a couple of years ago, as part of her ongoing journey to live her authentic...Show More

40:17 | Apr 29th

How do you like your Caesar? The beloved Canadian cocktail is celebrating a milestone this year, and is marking its half-century as our national adult beverage. In honour of the occasion, there's a new book out called The Caesar. 50 Years. 50 Stories...Show More

33:28 | Apr 16th

This week's episode features two fantastic Vancouver women. First up, we talk to Randa Salloum, the Founder and Creative Director of CIEL Creative Marketing, the co-founder of pop-up consignment warehouse sale Archive, and a well-known local Instag...Show More
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