Heist Podcast

Matt And Sie

Welcome to Heist Podcast. The Podcast all about heists. We discuss Heists in the news and deep dive into famous heists and the colorful characters that play a part in them. From the criminals to the investigators.

47:31 | Nov 5th

Robert St. John always wanted to be famous, but after moving from D.C. to LA he struggled to become an actor and stand up comedian. That's when he entered a decade long journey of dealing drugs, pimping and robbing banks with his crew of prostitutes.

46:14 | Oct 29th

During the 1980s The Pennsylvania Lottery was one of the most popular state lotteries in the country, the live pick show which routinely had over a million viewers, was hosted by a man named Nick Perry. Even though Mr. Perry lived a nice cushy life a...Show More
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41:43 | Oct 22nd

George Wellford and Willie Richard Short were just two best buds working at a Mitsubishi plant in Mobile, Alabama. When their 401K's got toasted after the 2008 banking crisis they devised a plan to get back what had been stolen from them. Over the co...Show More

43:54 | Oct 15th

Yeah it's a real wild episode. We cover a crazy Russian dude named Kamo, that pulled off a old timey cash in transit heist that helped fiance Stalin to overthrow the Russian government. It's a real gruesome one, so beware.

48:23 | Oct 8th

We had some slight technical difficulties this week and the episode we recorded was lost due to a faulty SD card. But we didn't want to just post nothing, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to re-post one of our favorite heists we've cove...Show More
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