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Episode 19: The Wolves

37:29 | Apr 1st

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We go searching for wolves in Yellowstone, and learn about the dramatic and surprisingly relatable relationship between a powerful young wolf and the small, elderly wolf who had raised him. Rick McIn...Show More


yveehops recommended:Jul 12th

Such a beautiful story about the dynamics of two Yellowstone wolf packs and the relationships created between the most unlikely of wolves.

I thought this episode was:

🌅 A beautiful story
😢 Moving
😲 Fascinating
💔 Heart-breaking
💯 A must listen

qamariya_ recommended:Jul 21st

This recommendation is long overdue. A story that will make you laugh in pure joy and nearly sob as you grieve the hardships faced by the wolves. Really enjoyed it. Listen to Episode 137 of Criminal (Wolf 10) followed by this episode for the perfect tale of love and loss🤎

mmJul 21st

@qamariya_ I feel you 😭

mm recommended:Apr 12th

This is the love story version of the wolves, which were also featured in "Criminal". Honestly the sweetest story about wolves and their families. Also, booooo to the sister-in-law!

hsfargis recommended:Apr 15th

I loved this so much. I highly recommend listening to this AFTER the other side of the story: The Wolves, episode 137 of Criminal. For more on the wolves of Yellowstone, I also highly recommend the book American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee. It’s all about a wolf named 0-Six.

phocks recommended:May 6th

Such a beautiful story. Apparently all their episodes this season are about animals. I'm gonna listen to them all!

mmMay 7th

@phocks Did you listen to the Criminal companion episode? So good!!!

phocksMay 7th

@mm hmm not yet but I'll queue it up next!

mmMay 7th

@phocks You *have* to listen to it. It’s about momma and papa wolf of same pack - Episode 137: Wolf 10 from Criminal:

podysseyapp recommended:May 24th

A pack of wolves in the Yellowstone National Park loses their father, but a rejected wolf comes and starts playing with the cubs. This is a touching story about an unlikely father and his son. Best listened after "Criminal" Episode 137 "Wolf 10" about the mystery of missing wolf.

I thought this episode was:

🌅 A beautiful story
😢 Moving

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 18th

I was shocked at how invested I got in the lives of these wolves. Beautiful episode!