Choiceology with Dan Heath
Choiceology with Dan Heath

Spoiled for Choice: With Guests Barry Schwartz & Jen Glantz

33:23 | Aug 17th, 2020

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Traditional economic theory says that more choice should always be better than less. After all, if the cereal aisle has corn flakes, honey nut corn flakes, toasted coconut corn flakes, chocolate corn ...Show More


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Hear from a professional bridesmaids who helps couples make decisions! Also is too many choices really the culprit or is it something else? Is there a magic number of choices that is ideal?

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I was once totally paralyzed in the dishwasher detergent aisle at Target because I could not make a choice. How could there be so many different types? How could there possibly be significant differences between these things? (I finally made a choice - clearly, since I’m not still there - after call...Show More

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