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Ok boomer

25:28 | Nov 22nd, 2019

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TikTok's hottest meme is pitting the Youngs against the Olds, but the truth about this generational standoff can be found in its shades of gray. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit More


phocks recommended:Dec 28th, 2020

Nice one. Made me look back at my former self and realise how wrong I was about so many things, but also how sure I was about how right I was. Maybe that will happen again. Who knows?

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🛀 Relaxing
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jennx recommended:Dec 21st, 2020

Interesting how the root of “kids these days” come from a fundamental memory problem known as presentism

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😂 Funny
🤓 Insightful

mm recommended:Dec 20th, 2020

Good etymology lesson of where the phrase “OK Boomer” originated and the sentiments towards it.

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💡 Educational

fiercefab recommended:Nov 26th, 2019

A good-humoured episode that builds up to some timeless wisdom. “Young people become old people. Old people used to be young people. We should have some empathy and realize that there’s a developmental trajectory to being a human. Sometimes, when you’re yelling at the past or at the future, you’r...Show More

mmNov 26th, 2019

Such a great quote.

dannyDec 1st, 2019

👌🏾 @mm @fiercefab. Wisdom + kindness in that quote.

swittersDec 27th, 2020

Wanted to leave a recommendation just to reference that paragraph -- thanks!