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Podyssey Picks (Dec 27): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community. From a playlist to ring you into the new year to why laughter is the best medicine, you’ll have lots of great pods to take you into 2021. Also, we want to highlight our podcast partner this week, Scary Time, a podcast where each episode features a different independent podcast creator. Turn on your night light because it's time for the scariest stories, history, and conversations ever heard.

Is race a social construct or a biological fact?

mm recommended:Dec 21st, 2020

About one man's quest to fight for the notion that race is a social construct.

The Invention of Race

by Throughline

Find out the origins of “Ok Boomer”.

fiercefab recommended:Nov 26th, 2019

A good-humoured episode that builds up to some timeless wisdom. “Young people become old people. Old people used to be young people. We should have some empathy and realize that there’s a developmental trajectory to being a human. Sometimes, when you’re yelling at the past or at the future, you’r...Show More

Ok boomer

by Today, Explained

Ring in the new year with this New Years Eve playlist.

New Year's Eve Podcasts

17 episodes

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The New York Times was conned by a wannabe terrorist for their Caliphate podcast.

danny recommended:Dec 20th, 2020

Good job of taking accountability when you make a mistake 👍🏾. I feel sorry for Rukmini, her personality really came across in this podcast, and I really came to like it. Hopefully we still see a next chapter from her reporting career.

An Examination of 'Caliphate'

by Caliphate

The secret to obtaining your dream job? Learn to love what you do, don’t just do what you love.

lesly recommended:Dec 3rd, 2020

When we're less outcome driven and more focused on the joy of the process of being in the moment - its in this practice that we learn the most.

Why You've Been Lied to About Where to Put Your Time, Energy, & Focus | Seth Godin on Impact Theory

by Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

After 43-years, he was convicted of one of Australia’s most vicious murders, but there may have been more victims.

Relive the traumatizing experience of Hawaii’s false ballistic missile threat.

carl-philipperousse recommended:Dec 3rd, 2020

Informative - nice to know how people experienced this traumatizing event. Had heard of this in Micheal Moore 11/9 documentary

Snap #1001 - This Is Not A Drill

by Snap Judgment

Pinterest swept the nation, but this women-centric platform is under scrutiny for gender discrimination.

Will a country-wide stipend address the US' inequality gap?

namu recommended:Dec 11th, 2020

Really smart + enlightening conversation on modern form of capitalism

The ‘bad ideas’ that broke American capitalism

by Recode Decode

Laughter is the best medicine, and this playlist can help you get a healthy dose.

Podyssey Care Package - Laugh your butt off

10 episodes

Curated by:danny

Typhoid fever can make you poop a lot...and also kill you.

emilyh recommended:Dec 7th, 2020

I missed their voices and obsessing over really really gross pathogens 🧫🧪💩

Ep 61 Typhoid: There's Something About Mary

by This Podcast Will Kill You

A daughter recalls her mother’s struggle with addiction, leading up to the merciless beating that left her dead.

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: Scary Time (Sponsored)

Lock your doors, check under the bed, and turn on a night light because it's time for the scariest stories, history, and conversations ever heard. Each episode is delivered by a different independent podcast creator.

Scary Time

Indie Drop-In Network


👉 Episode Highlight: Diving deep into one of the scariest legends, The Black Eyed Children. With multiple terrifying encounters, dive into the lore and legend behind them.