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Song of the Year

23:34 | Dec 27th, 2019

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“Old Town Road” is unlike anything that’s ever happened in American popular music. (Transcript here.)


charlie_anderson recommended:Jan 1st

Great episode. I’ll admit I had no idea about the origins of how Old Town Road hit the charts in the first place, which is interesting, and this added a lot to my understanding of the controversy over it being taken off the country charts by Billboard.

mmJan 1st

@charlie_anderson Agreed that this was a superb episode! The whole time I was listening to this, I was also thinking about the irony of how Taylor Swift had a hard time leaving country and how country wouldn't divorce from her even when she put out a pop album, because of the "stardom" that she br...Show More

mm recommended:Jan 1st

Is Lil Nas’ Old Town Road country music or...? Was taking it off the country charts an act of racism or was the music not “country” enough. Fascinating analysis of the song of the year and the controversy around it.

aliceko recommended:Dec 27th, 2019

I recommend this episode because it's a timeyl analysis into current-day relevant conversations beyond music -- race, standing up to traditional institutitions, and the power of social media to break the power of the few on the top. I also love LIL NAS X because he is the ONLY artist that seems to u...Show More

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