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David Obuchowski

Some tragic, some funny, some mysterious, some personal. All true. Moving stories about life, people, and cars.

01:31 | Sep 10th

Tempest is taking a short mid-season break this week, but will return next week. Check out these upcoming stories! For information regarding your data privacy, visit

42:41 | Sep 3rd

Documented Original Tuskegee Airman, Jim Barbour, has lived a remarkable life. A large part of it has been cars. The 93-year old recalls some of his favorite cars, driving stories, and what he experienced as a young man in the US Army Air Corp and th...Show More
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35:22 | Aug 27th

True tales of vehicle abandonment, including the F-Body Bandit of Florida, and a warp-driven bus. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

40:07 | Aug 20th

They have a passion for driving and a love for each other. But disaster strikes on their wedding day. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

33:13 | Aug 13th

A gritty tale about a pool shark with a penchant for Jeeps and a very long night in a lonely mountain town. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

02:14 | Jun 28th

TEMPEST is back! In its triumphant second season which premieres August 13th, 2019, you'll hear poignant, inspiring, hilarious, heartbreaking, and eye-opening stories about cars and their people. All of them true. Written, produced, and hosted by ess...Show More

33:06 | May 8th, 2018

Walt Appell was a tireless, hardworking man who loved cars from the time he was a teen, being raised by his siblings. He owned two gas stations, and later a deli, and through it all was a volunteer fireman and fire chief. His only dream for retiremen...Show More

36:47 | May 1st, 2018

Every musician has a story about a tour van. In this episode, we explore the mythology and legends behind the tour van, what they mean to bands everywhere, and interviews several prominent musicians about the wild stories that can only happen on tour...Show More

28:13 | Apr 24th, 2018

Against all odds, Ed became the fastest man in Paterson, NJ. No small feat, considering he had the weakest car. It’s a hilarious story that shows how one man lucks into victory, and just as quickly tastes the bitterness of defeat. But, in the end, di...Show More

32:57 | Apr 17th, 2018

Driving stick has become a lost art, but some teens are still learning it. This revelation leads the host of Tempest to revisit his own experience with three pedals, and reconnect with a once-close friend after 20 years of silence, only to discover t...Show More

27:02 | Apr 10th, 2018

Steven’s best and worst experiences revolve around cars, especially the classic Camaro that’s the one link to a father who never understood him. But his memories—all of them—are rapidly fading thanks to a traumatic brain injury. As he struggles to ke...Show More

35:51 | Apr 3rd, 2018

Jason Godsil wants to build an American car company from scratch that rivals the insane machines made by Bugatti. But while he looks to the future, he also looks to the past, as he searches tirelessly to find the long-lost muscle car that started his...Show More

26:40 | Mar 27th, 2018

A mechanical failure derails what should be an easy road trip for two brothers. With limited money and time, they attempt a Hail Mary repair of their Nissan 200SX only to wonder if maybe someone - or something - is looking out for them.Learn more abo...Show More

01:58 | Mar 15th, 2018

Jalopnik is proud to bring you Tempest, a series that explores the hilarious and heartbreaking true stories of our relationship with cars.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit For information regarding your data privacy, vis...Show More