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Netflix employees talking about work and life at Netflix, hosted by Netflix Senior Software Engineer Lyle Troxell.

32:58 | Sep 3rd

Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s Vice President of International Originals, discusses her journey from an assistant to content executive, what’s on the horizon for Netflix original content outside of the United States, and how the Netflix culture allows write...Show More

38:03 | Jul 15th

Director of EU Public Policy, Marzena Rembowski, discusses as we grow within Europe, how our business interacts with governments and how these decisions impact and shape the broader ecosystem of Netflix as a company.

43:01 | Jul 8th

Carmen Verrier, Director of Marketing for Benelux & Nordics and Jacek Ambrosiewicz Marketing Manager with a focus on Poland and Romania, discuss their experiences working at Netflix, promoting our original titles, and the challenges of emerging marke...Show More

44:11 | Jun 19th

Business Development at Netflix is not just about deals - it is about building partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Vice President of Business Development, Maria Ferreras, discusses business development partnerships within the EMEA region, incl...Show More

25:19 | May 27th

Taito Okiura, Director of International Originals - Anime and John Derderian, Director of Content - Japan discuss content strategy in Japan and what’s to come for Netflix.

46:02 | Apr 22nd

In a special live taping for the WeAreNetflix podcast, Dr. Brené Brown (Research Professor at the University of Houston and author of five #1 NYT best-sellers) and Vernā Myers (Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Netflix) have a candid conversation a...Show More

34:10 | Mar 29th

Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters discusses his 10-year career at Netflix, his management style, and the many innovations his team is working on, from Netflix’s recommendation system to its video streaming process, user interface, and new t...Show More

37:14 | Feb 27th

Vice President of Talent Acquisition Nellie Peshkov and Recruiter Kim Taylor discuss Netflix’s unique approach to recruitment, what they look for in candidates, and the importance of inclusion and diversity when it comes to recruiting.

45:11 | Feb 18th

Maria Kazandjieva who manages Cadmium, our web video player and Valerie Balcom, a senior software engineer on the TV UI Application, discuss working in engineering at Netflix and what it takes to thrive in the Netflix culture.

32:32 | Feb 15th

Manager of Studio Growth Science and Analytics, Jen Walraven, discusses using data to support the operational and logistical side of production, and how this supports content creators at Netflix in bringing their ideas to life around the world.

38:33 | Feb 12th

Creative Executive, Tahirah Gooden, discusses her role in making Netflix Original Films go from script to screen, the importance of representation, and what's on the horizon in the film space.

50:58 | Feb 4th

Meet the teams that aim to provide an uninterrupted Netflix experience! Haley Tucker from Resilience Engineering and Aaron Blohowiak from Demand Engineering discuss Chaos Engineering, High Availability and how they create a reliable system out of inh...Show More

30:11 | Dec 13th, 2018

PR Directors Lindsay Colker and Don Halcombe discuss what it is like working on the Netflix Publicity team, their approach to hiring, and how the Netflix culture has shaped their personal and professional lives.

33:12 | Nov 30th, 2018

Director of Marketing for Germany, Felix Pace, and Manager of Marketing Production for Northern Europe, Junis Lampert, discuss their journey to Netflix, their experience with the culture, and the work they are doing for the German market.

40:24 | Oct 31st, 2018

Product and Motion Designers Alex Bronkie and Michaela Tedore discuss working on the Netflix Product Design team and how they create experiences that help over a hundred million global members discover what to watch.

39:57 | Oct 14th, 2018

Director of Worldwide Post Production, Sean Cooney, and Talent Acquisition partner Talia Williams chat about the unique process and challenges of growing strong global support for Post Production at Netflix.

53:44 | Jul 27th, 2018

Hiring, firing, managing, and freedom and responsibility. Julie Pitt and Faisal Siddiqi discuss improving our infrastructure around new technologies and empowering data scientists to use their machine learnings models to make Netflix better every day...Show More

32:02 | Jun 26th, 2018

Senior Software Engineers, Filip Paun and Bertrand Mollinier Toublet discuss working on the Streaming Security team at Netflix, being let go and coming back, and culture at Netflix.

57:30 | May 26th, 2018

Netflix recruiters Chrissy Running and Mike Jones discuss the hiring process at Netflix; diversity, freedom and responsibility, compensation, vacation, and more. A lively and fun conversation with Lyle Troxell and Michael Paulson.

1:00:38 | Mar 16th, 2018

Senior Software Engineers Jessica Berglund and Jordanna Kwok speak about working on the Netflix iOS App, what ABTests are like, about their team, and more about working at Netflix.