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1:07:05 | Nov 3rd

Jordan Weissmann returns to host a new season all about the people who work with the homeless population in New York City. In this first episode, Jordan speaks to Mark Hess, a Supervising Attorney in NYLAG’s Tenants’ Rights Unit. For many people, an ...Show More

46:16 | Dec 16th, 2018

Anny Aviram has been conserving paintings at MoMA for 40 years. So, as can imagine, she’s had her hands on some of the world’s most famous artworks. And, occasionally, her saliva. Anny tells Jordan about the techniques conservators use to restore and...Show More
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54:41 | Dec 2nd, 2018

When you walk through an exhibition at MoMA, every step you take is part of deliberate design that takes you from piece to piece in just the right way. And it all starts with a dollhouse-like version the gallery and teeny tiny art replicas called “ch...Show More

1:14:29 | Nov 25th, 2018

The next person taking us inside life at MoMA is Sarah Meister, a curator in the museum’s Department of Photography. Sarah’s work ranges from pitching exhibits, tracking down and acquiring pieces to writing those words on the wall that let you know w...Show More

44:09 | Nov 18th, 2018

In the new season of Working, host Jordan Weissmann is going inside New York City’s storied Museum of Modern Art to meet the people who keep one of the world’s great artistic institutions running. Paul Galloway is MoMA’s collection specialist for the...Show More
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56:22 | Oct 22nd, 2017

In the final episode of this comics-focused season of Slate's Working, Jacob Brogan sits down with Caitlyn McGurk, Assistant professor and associate curator of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at Ohio State University to discuss her work ...Show More

43:49 | Apr 21st, 2017

On this season of Working, we visit the city of Baltimore, to talk to people about their jobs there. We're hoping to learn about how the city informs their work, and how they are shaping Baltimore itself, by working.When Harry Mushlin operates on a b...Show More

47:17 | Dec 8th

This week, Jordan talks to Tamara Ortiz who has been working at Women in Need (WIN) for 23 years. WIN is the largest network of family supportive housing in New York City. Tamara’s job is all about making sure families who are homeless find a safe, h...Show More

50:15 | Dec 1st

Keeping in the theme of Homelessness Services, Working revisits a classic episode when Jordan spoke to Michael Ottley, the Director of Operations for one of New York City’s biggest emergency food programs on the week of Thanksgiving. Learn more about...Show More

56:36 | Nov 24th

Jordan talks to Joanna Fried, a psychiatrist at Janian Medical Care who works with the street outreach team. It’s Joanna’s job to conduct the psychiatric evaluations that are part of the packet someone needs to secure housing from the city as well as...Show More

33:01 | Nov 19th

“Work-life balance” has become a loaded phrase and a looming goal for many professionals. And for those who are self-employed, like entrepreneurs and real estate professionals, it can be especially difficult to figure out where your work ends and you...Show More

49:22 | Nov 17th

This week, Jordan talks to Bonnie Coover, a Family Nurse Practitioner and the Director of Street Medicine at Janian Medical Care. Bonnie and her team provide primary care medical services to people who are living on the street in New York City. She t...Show More

50:17 | Nov 10th

Jordan sits down with Stephanie Somar, a clinical supervisor for the Center for Urban Community Services’ street outreach team. Stephanie and her team work on the very front lines of New York City’s effort to help the homeless, driving through upper ...Show More

47:58 | Oct 27th

To wrap up the season on the Influencer Industry, Rachelle talks to Jess Hunichen, co-founder of talent agency Shine Influencers. Jess cut her teeth as a traditional film and television agent when she lived in Australia. But when she had trouble find...Show More

44:59 | Oct 20th

This week, Rachelle talks to Hemali Mistry, a beauty influencer based in Toronto. Hemali is one of those people you see online who has figured out how to turn her skill with makeup into a full blown social media career. But, as she’ll tell you, there...Show More

36:57 | Oct 15th

For this mini-season on coding, Slate’s own Greg Lavallee is talking to the people who write the software that makes your digital life possible.  In this episode, Greg sits down with Marianne Bellotti, a software engineering manager at a company call...Show More

25:03 | Oct 15th

For this mini-season on coding, Slate’s own Greg Lavallee is talking to the people who write the software that makes your digital life possible.  In this episode, Greg sits down with Omar Shehata, a graphics programmer at Cesium, a 3D mapping company...Show More

27:23 | Oct 15th

For this mini-season on coding, Slate’s own Greg Lavallee is talking to the people who write the software that makes your digital life possible. In this episode, Greg speaks to Adam Michaels, a coder at Omitron, a company contracted by NASA. Adam wr...Show More

1:02:25 | Oct 13th

This week, Rachelle talks to Mae Karwowski and Max Domain, co-founders of Obviously and the company's CEO and CTO respectively. Working as a social media manager, Mae discovered the power of working with influencers to bring a brand’s campaigns to su...Show More

1:03:25 | Oct 6th

Astrology has been around for centuries. But in recent years, it has truly been thriving thanks to social media--spawning huge communities, inspiring endless memes and creating minor celebrities of astrologers like this week's guest, Chani Nicholas. ...Show More

47:24 | Sep 29th

This week, Rachelle sits down with Matthew Stevens, a self-described “Instagram Husband”. Matthew is married to lifestyle blogger and influencer Lindsay Silberman. And while he has a full-time job working for a fashion house, considers it to be his t...Show More

26:20 | Sep 24th

Rejection can be an incredibly demoralizing experience. When we hear “no,” it’s easy to start doubting ourselves and giving in to our insecurities. But in life, and especially in business, success often hinges on our ability to bounce back from rejec...Show More

50:02 | Sep 22nd

Continuing her exploration into the influencer industry, Rachelle chats with Ilana Wiles, creator of the blog Mommy Shorts and author of The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting. Ilana started her parenting blog when she was laid off fr...Show More

49:30 | Sep 15th

For her first season hosting Working, Slate’s own Rachelle Hampton takes a deep dive into the brand new industry popping up around social media influencers. To kick off the season, she sits down with Frank Spadafora, founder and CEO of D'Marie Analyt...Show More

52:59 | Sep 8th

If you really love the music in a film from the last 25 years, there’s a good chance Randall Poster was responsible for that. This week, Jordan speaks to the veteran music supervisor who has worked with Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklate...Show More

52:05 | Sep 1st

This week, Working is bringing back its classic interview with author Neil Gaiman. Jacob Brogan sits down with the author of The Sandman comics, American Gods, Good Omens, and Norse Mythology. They discuss Gaiman's work routine, creative influences, ...Show More

1:08:12 | Aug 25th

Sean McElwee has one of those jobs you certainly know about, but probably can't pinpoint what it is he does all day. Sean runs a think tank called Data for Progress that he started with Colin McAuliffe. As for what they do as an organization, the nam...Show More

38:23 | Aug 18th

This week, we meet the "Queen of Monopoly" at Hasbro. Well, technically Jennifer Boswikel's title is Monopoly Senior Director of Global Brand Strategy and Marketing. But she truly is the queen of all things Monopoly as it's her job to keep the 84 yea...Show More

43:59 | Aug 11th

This week we go back to Wizards of the Coast to talk to Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic: The Gathering. Last week, Alison told Jordan all about creating the stories behind Magic cards. And it’s the job of Mark and his team to come up with...Show More

48:21 | Aug 4th

Working’s peek into the business of fun and games continues this week when Jordan chats with Alison Luhrs who works for Wizards of the Coast, the part of Hasbro that is responsible for the classic fantasy games Dungeons and Dragons and Magic:The Gath...Show More