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Lost Notes

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A collection of the greatest music stories never told. Music journalist and author Jessica Hopper takes the reins for season two.


31:40 | Apr 12th, 2018

An FBI Investigation, an engagement ring, wine coolers...  the surprising story behind the ubiquitous anthem that every teenager bangs out on their first guitar.
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Fun story about a famous song that noone knew the lyrics to.

31:17 | May 10th, 2018

One of the most unlistenable bands of the ‘60s became a cult favorite decades later, gaining praise from the likes of Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth. But did the Wiggin sisters from Fremont,...Show More
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28:00 | Jun 13th, 2019

As long as there have been guns, there have been songs about guns. But American culture's relationship with guns is changing. Does popular music reflect that? We take a look at the history of music's ...Show More

33:00 | Jun 6th, 2019

In the early ‘80s, two teenage siblings in London recorded an album that fused Pakistani pop and British New Wave. It became a perfect harmony of the two worlds they lived in. This is the story behind...Show More

27:06 | May 30th, 2019

Jazz pianist Billy Tipton has been celebrated by some as a trans pioneer – but his story resists an easy telling.
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