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An anthology of some of the greatest music stories never truly told. This eight-part series includes a look at the FBI investigation into a classic rock anthem, unheard conversations with Captain Beefheart, a critical examination of New Edition’s...
Louie Louie: The Strange Journey of the Dirtiest Song Never Written

31:40 | Apr 12th, 2018

An FBI Investigation, an engagement ring, wine coolers...  the surprising story behind the ubiquitous anthem that every teenager bangs out on their first guitar.
Shaggs’ Own Thing: The Story of the Wiggin Sisters

31:17 | May 10th, 2018

One of the most unlistenable bands of the ‘60s became a cult favorite decades later, gaining praise from the likes of Frank Zappa, Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth. But did the Wiggin sisters from Fremont, New Hampshire even want to be in a band in the...
Song of a Gun

28:00 | Jun 13th

As long as there have been guns, there have been songs about guns. But American culture's relationship with guns is changing. Does popular music reflect that? We take a look at the history of music's relationships with guns, and gun control...
Beyond Disco: Nermin Niazi and Feisal Mosleh

33:00 | Jun 6th

In the early ‘80s, two teenage siblings in London recorded an album that fused Pakistani pop and British New Wave. It became a perfect harmony of the two worlds they lived in. This is the story behind their lost masterpiece.
Imagining Billy Tipton

27:06 | May 30th

Jazz pianist Billy Tipton has been celebrated by some as a trans pioneer – but his story resists an easy telling.
More on John Fahey and Legacy

13:34 | May 28th

As a supplement to our episode on John Fahey, we share a conversation between Jessica Hopper and Carla Green about artist legacies in the era of cancel culture and #MeToo.
Living with John Fahey aka A Room Full of Flowers

38:13 | May 23rd

John Fahey’s guitar playing influenced the sound of the American underground for generations. But how does that legacy change when you hear from three of the women who knew him best?
A Castle On Top of A Hill: The True Story of Fanny

34:48 | May 16th

The rock band Fanny ruled the Sunset Strip in the 1970s, and they were supposed to be the next big thing. They explain the price women pay for being ahead of their time.
Sonic Sculptor: Suzanne Ciani

39:00 | May 9th

Synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani used an esoteric instrument to design some of the most well-known commercial sounds of the 20th century.
To Chan Marshall: A Letter to Cat Power

22:48 | May 2nd

Poet and author Hanif Abdurraqib's letter to Cat Power about how her album The Greatest worked its way into his life.
Teenage Offenders: Reckoning with a Punk Past

41:44 | Apr 25th

The Freeze were an early American punk band. Now, 40 years later, two members reckon with the lyrics they wrote as teenagers.
Season 2 is Coming Soon

02:07 | Apr 3rd

On this season of Lost Notes, the music journalist and author Jessica Hopper is looking at artist legacies. How do they hold up? How do they change over time? Learn how decades on a song can find new meaning, something different than when it was...
Reissue: Unfictional - Nature Boy

28:13 | Jan 31st

The strange story of the postwar pop standard "Nature Boy" and its enigmatic creator, eden ahbez.
Reissue: Heat Rocks - Cymande

41:16 | Oct 10th, 2018

Legendary DJ/crate-digger Cut Chemist professes his love for Cymande’s 1972 self-titled debut.
Reissue: The Dove

12:24 | Aug 21st, 2018

A global pop icon appears in a most unexpected place in this story from Pod Planet’s Clive Desmond.
Reissue: Mad About The Boy

29:43 | Jul 31st, 2018

We resurface a story from Falling Tree Productions that takes a look at the empowering flip-side of pop fandom.
Searching for the Root: The Incredible Journey of Aisha Ali

30:46 | May 24th, 2018

In the wake of the swinging ‘60s, a young woman named Aisha Ali travels to North Africa in search of her roots. There, she single-handedly documents hours and hours of music and film from Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt ... much of it...
A Million Dollars Worth of Plastic

33:26 | May 17th, 2018

In 1989 McDonald’s ran the biggest flexi-disc promotion ever, sending out 80 million discs (playing the “Menu Song”) as inserts in newspapers all over the country. A very special copy of this record was almost burned to heat a family home in...
Johnny Tried: The Ballad of Glen Sherley

36:16 | May 3rd, 2018

When Johnny Cash played his iconic concert at Folsom Prison he covered the song of one very talented inmate. Johnny pulled some strings, plucked Glen Sherley from prison and brought him out on the road. Did this turn of fortune wind up helping or...
New Edition’s Neighborhood Secret

32:42 | Apr 26th, 2018

The boys in New Edition were basketball fans from Boston - Celtics country. So what happened when they hung out with the L.A. Lakers in a music video during the height of the 1980s Celtics/Lakers rivalry?
Electricity: Conversations With Captain Beefheart

35:51 | Apr 19th, 2018

In this intimate radio portrait of one of music’s most legendary eccentric geniuses, writer Kristine McKenna offers you a visceral experience of what it was like to be friends with Don Van Vliet (aka Captain Beefheart).
Outlaws of the Airwaves: The Rise of Pirate Radio Station WBAD

26:23 | Apr 12th, 2018

Pirate radio station WBAD in New York was a beloved source for fans of underground, unsanitized hip-hop in the 1990s, but how high could this illegal operation fly while also staying under the radar?
Introducing Lost Notes

02:04 | Apr 5th, 2018

Hear a preview of Lost Notes, an anthology of some of the greatest music stories never truly told. Top journalists present stand-alone audio documentaries that highlight music’s head, heart and beat, with host Solomon Georgio as your guide.