The Hotel

Travis McMaster & Mark Whitten

The Hotel is a weekly horror show. The guests check in with The Manager and The Lobby Boy shows them to their rooms. No one ever checks out. Not even the employees...

08:48 | Apr 13th, 2018

A business man checks into The Hotel and meets a fantastic and grisly end in his bathroom. Become a supporter of this podcast:

07:30 | Sep 22nd

There’s nothing left inside me. I used to be homes to many. I was filled with rooms and color. Vibrant and sharp. I explored the universes within me and understood more of the universe without me. --- Support this podcast: More
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07:18 | Sep 13th

Lovely studio with concrete walls, floors, and ceiling. No bathroom, kitchen, doors, or windows. Plenty of ambient light from source or sources unknown. All previous occupants have died here in every imaginable way, though this could possibly be the ...Show More

12:56 | Sep 6th

Farmhouse on 5 acres with a pastoral view. 6 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths. Fully stocked with food, clean water, and heat. Miles away from  everything but peace and quiet, if you don’t mind the hot bugs in the trees. The area is prone to fierce winds...Show More

09:37 | Aug 30th

Studio. Furnished. Mostly bare. Fridge and oven included. Communal bathroom down the hall. Located downtown. Noisy but you’ll be left alone. Ideal  or single professionals looking to move into the city. Rent controlled, hence the discounted rate. Pre...Show More
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