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Unexpected Fluids

BBC Radio 1

Let’s be honest, sex rarely looks like it does in the movies. Welcome to Riyadh & Alix’s safe space for your stories of when sexy times go a bit awry. Not for the faint hearted!

37:37 | Oct 6th

Are actors more or less real in bed? Can a tampon get lost inside you? What’s with all the sex fog in films? All these questions and more are answered in our second sex-on-screen special, in which Aimee Lou Wood from Sex Education shares an incredibl...Show More
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32:08 | Sep 29th

Can award winning porn director Erika Lust make our sexual fails sexy? We also hear why a member of her crew had to hold a bed for 45 minutes, how she is disrupting the industry and listener Tallulah shares a story involving an inventive way of smugg...Show More

35:12 | Sep 22nd

Christian virgin Kelsey de Almeida on escaping the women trying to deflower him, why his parents offered to help him get laid and religious porn. We also had a flood of emails about squirting with some surprising results… This podcast wouldn’t be the...Show More

33:19 | Sep 15th

Comedian Josh Jones on foot festishes, foreskin clothes pegs and finding and owning his voice, Alix and Riyadh get to know him from top to bottom. Plus the very specific world of Sonic the Hedgehog porn… This podcast wouldn’t be the same without you!...Show More
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