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Wag The Doug


A pop-up podcast about Doug Ford

38:54 | Aug 8th

While the public has loudly protested funding cuts to areas like education and autism support, cuts to arts and culture have gotten less attention. So how are the arts doing under the Ford Government? Where is this government cutting and what are the...Show More

41:37 | Jul 4th

With a new Cabinet in place and ongoing allegations of nepotism in the Ontario government, we present to you: The Doug Ford Guide to Management.   Plus, we play everyone's favourite political patronage game, "Guess The Relation."   If you like this s...Show More
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40:11 | Jun 6th

Tonight, we gather to honour the Doug Ford Government a year into their historic mandate. Our hosts hand out the much-coveted Douggie Awards to those who have shown tremendous achievements in spin, bootlicking and dramatically miming the hunt for bee...Show More

36:35 | May 16th

In the month since the budget was released, we've gotten a lot more details about the Ford Government’s cuts. The environment is one area that's been hit hard, with plans to murder some baby trees, make it easier to kill endangered species', and figh...Show More

29:49 | Apr 12th

The Ford Government's first budget is out. They call it "Protecting What Matters Most." We spend eight hours locked in a room with bureaucrats, reporters and cheap pizza to find out what exactly does matter most to Doug, once you put a dollar sign on...Show More

27:38 | Jan 23rd

Is the Ford Government trying to privatize healthcare? Plus, a list of things Doug Ford has broken.   Further reading: "The Secret Moves To Privatize Healthcare" in The Toronto Star

32:59 | Dec 7th, 2018

An old friend of the Ford family has been appointed to head the Ontario Provincial Police, a job many consider him to be under-qualified for. We look back to Doug's history with Ron Taverner, as well as the group of unofficial advisors who surrounded...Show More

26:07 | Sep 25th, 2018

We visit Ford Fest, where people wait for burgers and juice boxes in the dark as a white supremacist takes a selfie with the premier.

22:41 | Sep 12th, 2018

Doug Ford won't let some silly Charter get in his way! Just two and a half months in, he's poised to use a rare and extreme measure to win a petty legal battle.

21:10 | Aug 31st, 2018

Two months in, the Ford government just lost their first lawsuit. What makes it even more humiliating is they lost to Elon Musk.   There are many other legal battles in the works.

22:45 | Aug 1st, 2018

It's only been a month.   Queen's Park Today publisher Allison Smith follows every move Doug Ford makes. CANADALAND news editor Jonathan Goldsbie covered him for years as a City Hall reporter. They're here to make sense of the chaos of the new Ford e...Show More