The City

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The City tells true stories of how power works in urban America. Season 1 begins in Chicago, 1990.Winter is turning into spring, and in Chicago, that means construction season. After years of disinvestment, highways are rebuilt, old buildings demolis...Show More

49:17 | Oct 29th

In a changing Reno, city boosters concoct a plan to force strip clubs out of downtown.

28:32 | Sep 24th, 2018

Chicago, 1990. A guy with a loud sweater, manicured nails and connections to some very powerful people idles in a limousine near a vacant lot. A fleet of dump trucks unloads literal tons of busted concrete—and keep coming back. Neighborhood residents...Show More
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54:18 | Nov 5th

Big-game hunters in town for a convention go to the Wild Orchid looking to let loose, but city police have other plans.

49:41 | Oct 29th

A secret report on strip clubs is revealed, but it’s no smoking gun. As Midtown changes, residents of a weekly hotel make their fury known to a council that says they’re just pawns in Kamy's game.

03:49 | Oct 8th

Season 2 of The City looks at the battle over the aging strip clubs of Reno, Nevada.
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