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10ish Podcast

Comedy podcast discussing and breaking down a Top 10ish List every week in real time. Highest grossing films ever, most popular U.S. presidents, deadliest animals, largest corporations, most visited websites, most prolific serial killers, and MUCH mo...Show More

1:04:37 | Feb 5th

Nick tries to guess the Top 10 Best Halftime Show Performances in Super Bowl History, as ranked by Variety.com.

1:01:40 | Jan 29th

It's time to review 2019 in film, with this ranking of the Top 10 Highest-Grossing Films at the Box Office for the year of 2019. - PLUS...what movie studio dominated the Top 10, trends at the box of...Show More
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1:16:25 | Jul 24th, 2019

SpongeBob. Johnny Bravo. Dragon Ball Z. Doug. What was the most popular cartoon series of the 1990s? Nick has a list of cartoon favorites using the votes from tens of thousands of people worldwide. Br...Show More

1:08:35 | Jan 22nd

What TV classics form the 1980s most captured the heart of American viewers? In this week's episode, Nick tries to guess Brandon's list of the Top 10 Most-Watched TV Shows of the 1980s, based on natio...Show More

1:06:18 | Jan 15th

Of all the billions of Google search queries in 2019, we looked at Google Trends' report for 2019 to find the most common/frequent Google searches that began with the phrase "WHAT IS...". In this epis...Show More
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