Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Ali Wong

1:08:20 | Mar 2nd

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Comedian Ali Wong feels very new about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.   Ali and Conan sit down to talk about her father’s love of pajama pants, why travel is the hardest part of stand-up, the mys...Show More


jennx recommended:Aug 14th

LOL-ed so hard when Ali Wong was talking about her dad’s art of not giving a fck (wearing PJs and PJs only + farting loudly during classical symphonies). Also her parents have the most atypical Asian American parenting style: they got mad at her for not going to prom with a senior boy. Ah i love Ali...Show More

I thought this episode was:

😊 Delightful
😂 Funny
🤣 Absolutely hilarious

mmAug 14th

I still think that Nosebleed Ali Wong > PJ farting Father Wong 🤣

mm recommended:Aug 11th

I almost spat out my tea when Ali Wong described how she saw Conan for the first time at the beginning of the segment. The woman needs her own special!

I thought this episode was:

😍 Cute
😊 Delightful
🤣 Absolutely hilarious

aninatd recommended:Aug 10th

Love Ali Wong, this episode was great 😂

mmAug 10th

@aninatd I want an Ali Wong pod.

aninatdAug 10th


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