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When a brutal murder rocks a small Southern town, residents and police are shocked. Could the new guy in town be the one who who did it? Yes, the cops say, he is. Case solved. But then another murder happens. And another. In the end: four bodies, two...Show More

09:37 | Aug 2nd

More than eight years after DNA evidence revealed the state of Georgia sent the wrong man to prison for murder, Devonia Inman may finally have a chance to prove his innocence in court.

08:57 | Apr 23rd

We'd like to introduce you to Running from COPS -- a new podcast from our sister company Topic Studios and the team behind Missing Richard Simmons. COPS is the longest-running reality show in history. For 18 months, host Dan Taberski investigated ho...Show More
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25:05 | Jan 31st

After the new evidence comes to light, we look back at the investigation into the murder of Donna Brown.

35:37 | Jan 24th

The odds are stacked against Devonia Inman. But then new evidence comes to light, something the cops should have known about all along.

27:52 | Jan 17th

The Bennett and Browning killings bring up new questions about the Taco Bell and Patel murders. Will it be enough to help Devonia Inman?
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