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Standard Docking Procedure

Gavin Gaddis

Welcome to Pseudopolis station! Careful not to get on the head of station control's bad side or she'll spell out rude words with your flight plan. Join our ensemble cast of characters as they overcome such classic sci-fi problems like forgetting one...Show More

08:50 | May 23rd

You're in an elevator with a pregnant person, they go into labor... what do you do? Or, even better question, what does HUMPHREY do? Well, buckle up and find out as this minisode pits Humphrey against the impending doom of the miracle of birth. For...Show More

22:22 | May 2nd

We rejoin our heroes mere moments (and totally not five months) after the end of part one. Will Humphrey and Tiff come up with a plan to thwart the dastardly, some would even say rude Captain Widdershins and offload 39.9 tons of pre-cooked synth-stea...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

35:42 | Apr 25th

We're making the first episode of our new Patreon-exclusive sister show about the making of Standard Docking Procedure FREE! Also, don't worry, the new episode is coming out next week on Thursday, May 2nd! Join Jordan and Gavin as they sit down and ...Show More

03:40 | Feb 1st

Showrunner Gavin has locked himself away aboard the swanky cruise ship docked at Pseudopolis Station to get some writing done. Or... at least that's what he WANTS to do. For more information on Standard Docking Procedure and a link to our crowdfund...Show More

02:40 | Jan 13th

On this mini-adventure we hear the story of how Tiff's yearning for having food delivered instead of going to get it herself managed to crash the entire station's intranet. It involves trivia and a very frustrated April.

05:26 | Jan 6th

For the second of our four mini-sodes we find Reagan joining Carloni in a recording booth ready to record what's sure to be the viral ad of the century for Carloni's 3D Pizza. If only Carloni was also ready. This bite-sized bit of Pseudopolis fun...Show More

04:55 | Dec 29th, 2018

We join Humphrey waiting in line to get a new ID photo taken now that he's a resident of Pseudopolis station. He's never had a good ID photo before, and intends on changing that today. Tiff is also there, she's got chili fries and nothing better to d...Show More

18:19 | Dec 23rd, 2018

In the inaugural visit to Pseudopolis station we find station traffic controll clerk Tiff's work day is not going as planned. Instead of the usual boring routine of helping ships dock and undock she's got to figure out how to sell 40 tons of syntheti...Show More

04:16 | Dec 5th, 2018

Gavin's busy finishing up Pseudopolis station for the upcoming pilot, so to get a trailer out he invited friend of the show Wil Williams to drop by and have a look-see at the shopping district. It... needs a few more finishing touches to really shine...Show More