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57:59 | Jul 9th

In a lighter turn, this week Ted grapples with the concept of time, then recounts his 4th of July highlighted by an actual dumpster fire! Then he gets into soccer by repeating the world 'nil' and celebrating unapologetic World Cup Champion Megan Rapi...Show More

1:02:37 | Jul 2nd

This 4 of July week Ted takes you into his American Pride/Bloodlust country-rap anthem Kiss Our American Ass! Ted breaks down the latest episode of "Who Wants to Be The President", aka the Democratic Debates and decides how much money Jeff Bezos can...Show More

1:09:20 | Jun 25th

Ted just returned from the middle east and already he's raising the dead (house plants). Hot off his trip to Qatar (however its pronounced) Ted takes you inside his experience on the base with the troops - you will feel the heat and the dripping inte...Show More

58:31 | Jun 18th

Ted brings you inside the Comedy Cellar, the Creek and the Cave, and his brother Rich's QED Show "Let's Talk About Mental Illness". In a Father's Day epistle Ted appreciates the men who do what needs to be done. Then Ted reports on the release show f...Show More

1:07:57 | Jun 11th

Ted ventures out into the world and stumbles upon a student teacher kickball game, evoking his days as a teacher as well as his own glory days in a student-teacher basketball game. Then Ted takes everything off the docket. turns the comedy brain off ...Show More

1:17:45 | Jun 4th

Ted takes in the sun & surf & leisure culture of California while thinking of push ups. In a moment of Seasoned Traveler Hubris, Ted has a scary moment all thanks to a blueberry scone at Au Bon Pain. Will he still be exit row material? In "NBA Roundu...Show More

1:04:07 | May 29th

The Alexandro clan descends on the Poconos for a Memorial Day vacation wherein Ted does his best not to mention how big his nieces and nephews have gotten since last year while joining his family in a military style obstacle course. In "What Are You...Show More

1:01:14 | May 21st

Ted takes in all the things he won't take in while playing Las Vegas, from gambling to late night Drake shows. From the comfort of his hotel, at a reasonable hour, Ted battles Alexa and chronicles his days working the Riviera, getting his balls buste...Show More

56:54 | May 14th

Ted's down south battling Garlic Night and getting served at every lunch counter in sight, which brings to mind the one summer weekend he spent in Boys State charming his drill sergeant while chanting and doing push ups. Then in a heartfelt Mother's ...Show More

1:07:43 | May 7th

This week Ted's on the road - namely the L.I.E. which hosts his high school and college alma maters, which he reminds Jim Gaffigan of every time they take it. While in Long Island, Ted deals with some highly verbal audiences. Then in his dressing roo...Show More

1:16:26 | Apr 30th

With his wife in Hawaii, Ted contemplates the gap between plans vs what we do. Then Ted struggles with his entertainment choices while Madalyn is away, contemplates taking steroids, indulges his obsession with singing Easy Lover and falls back in wi...Show More

1:05:10 | Apr 23rd

Ted copes with some alone time while his wife is in Hawaii without him and has lunch with his brother in law. Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted catches up on Game of Thrones and muses on who would qualify to be a Dame or a Sir amongst American act...Show More

50:38 | Apr 16th

Having just crossed 6000 miles on tour with Jim Gaffigan, Ted basks in the glow of late-night indulgent food decisions. After a Tiger Woods moment with the crowd at the airport, Ted once celebrates the life of a another young comedian gone too soon. ...Show More

59:58 | Apr 9th

Ted contemplates the big mysteries of self and other, subject and object, and completing circuit of creativity - and that's just the first few minutes! Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted realizes only too late that the English costume drama he's be...Show More

57:31 | Apr 2nd

This week Ted goes viral as his joke about basketball prodigy Zion Williamson burns up the internet. Then Ted gets heckled by the streets of New York themselves at West Village bar Madame X. Next Ted relates the story of comedian Kyle Grooms who rece...Show More

1:11:44 | Mar 26th

Ted brings you into deep the life of a career comedian as he can't help but be Uncle Buzzkill during March Madness. Then Ted celebrates his record of doing 8 shows in one night In new segment "Old Bits" Ted breaks out one of his classic bits and brin...Show More

59:52 | Mar 19th

Spring has sprung in NYC and for Ted that means birds and that means baseball! With spring training underway, Ted recalls the time he signed multiple autographs at Shea Stadium pretending to be a Mets rookie, his days of domicile-destructive wiffle b...Show More

1:20:14 | Mar 12th

Taking it to the streets of Minneapolis which Ted hits hard in order to escape his club-music saturated W Hotel room. Ted looks for coffee, talks International Women's Day, recounts a local run-in with a Prince collaborator, talks taping Jim Gaffiga...Show More

1:15:52 | Mar 5th

This week Ted gets an Uber ride from a member of the audience in Albany, stays busy in Poughkeepsie, and stays warm in the home of Bernie Sanders, Burlington, VT. Ted weighs in on not weighing in on presidential politics and recounts his time with Oc...Show More

1:26:31 | Feb 27th

Ted comes to you with a heavy heart in the aftermath of the suicide of comedian Brody Stevens. From his room at Foxwoods casino, Ted reminiscences about Brody while trying to process yet another loss to the comedy community. Then in "What Are You Re...Show More

1:11:59 | Feb 19th

Ted celebrates President’s day recounting his career as 5th grade class president. Then Ted ropes you into his experiences playing the San Antonio Rodeo. In "Cooking with Ted”, Ted whips up the vegan the meal of the year. In “Grading my Marriage” Ted...Show More

1:10:33 | Feb 13th

This week Ted feeds you a taste of the road, featuring his scooter ride through Baltimore. Then in "What Are You Watching?" Ted breaks down those Frye festival docs and the skateboarding documentary "Minding The Gap". Next, Ted's world is rocked as h...Show More

1:25:35 | Feb 7th

This week Ted takes you into the locker room of the comedian’s Super Bowl: late night TV spots. Ted brings you deep inside what it was like making it to the championship of stand-up. Then in a new section called “What are You Watching?” Ted he asks “...Show More

1:16:19 | Jan 30th

Join Ted as he celebrates his 50th birthday. Hear how his wife pulled the wool over Ted's easy-to-fool eyes for over two months to make his 50th birthday one for the ages. Go back with Ted as he relives the time he went to elementary school dressed l...Show More

1:20:59 | Jan 23rd

Join Ted for a special celebration of comedian and funk master William Stephenson who passed away at age 61. Ted relates the impact William had on his life and career. Featuring audio of some of Williams' shows Ted recalls his memories of making him...Show More

1:10:53 | Jan 15th

Get in the kitchen with Ted Alexandro! Hear him recall the special moment he shared with Robin Williams. Jim Gaffigan notices Ted's recent weight loss!. Ted explains the Astoria Borealis! Then Ted surprises comedian friend Ryan Hamilton with an unex...Show More

1:25:28 | Jan 8th

Celebrate brotherly love with New Years Ted as he and his brother Rich relive being booed off stage at the Apollo as  Brotherly Love, the 1st white rap group from Queens! Get inspired to delusional athletic aspirations as Ted recounts when he and his...Show More

1:14:46 | Jan 1st

Ring in 2019 with Ted in your head as he waves goodbye to 2018 in this New Year’s Day episode. This week Ted talks his big fat family Christmas, struggles to maintain personal grooming to his wife’s standards, gets inspired by old & infirm people at ...Show More

1:07:14 | Dec 23rd, 2018

This week Ted brings you into his life as he hosts his extended family for the holidays, starts a new tradition of watching classic and neo-classic Christmas Movies with his wife (Die Hard, It's a Wonderful Life, Love Actually), and copes with a Chri...Show More