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How To Grow A Decacorn

Christina & Jesse

Experts suspect that 2019 may be the year of decacorn IPOs from companies like Lyft, Airbnb, Slack and SpaceX. How did they get there? What challenges did they face? What lessons did they learn? Find out by tuning in weekly to “How to Grow a Decacorn...Show More
#4 - Solving The Conspiracy

1:34:37 | Feb 28th

Now that you’ve heard the major clues revealed in EP 3, join Jesse and Christina in their totally unprofessional and subjective analysis of the conspiracy. They break down who they think stole the $190 million US dollars and where they think it is no...Show More
#3 - Chasing The Conspiracy

1:07:25 | Feb 28th

If a CEO dies without a new leader in place, what underlying troubles could there be? Oh, you know, just psychological manipulation, concealed criminal pasts, romance, greed, revenge, betrayal, and murder. It turns out having a succession plan in pla...Show More
#1 - Selling Up, Not Out

40:08 | Feb 4th

We've all been there. One company buys another and then everyone is miserable. Christina and Jesse share M&A lessons learned, including the one secret to success that few companies know how to achieve.
#6 - Working at Kraken

1:56:14 | Mar 27th

How nice would it be to know what it’s like to work at a company before actually working there? Get ready because Jesse and Christina are here to spill the tea. Hear the good, bad and ugly of what it’s like to work at Kraken. Will you want to be one ...Show More
#5 - Killing a Brand in 2 Weeks #deletecoinbase

1:26:05 | Mar 7th

It can take years to build a brand and yet only 2 weeks to kill it. Join Christina and Jesse as they analyze and discuss the case of #deletecoinbase. It turns out that when privacy, security and civil liberties are violated people get really angry, s...Show More
#2 - Bringing Home the Bacon

22:24 | Feb 4th

Christina & Jesse work at a company that just bought its fifth crypto company, this time in a nine-figure deal. To explain why the deal matters, they're going to need to talk about pork belly. Is your mouth watering, too?