Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman

This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.

22:49 | Apr 17th, 2019

In this episode, I am VERY excited to have on Austen Allred, CEO of Lambda School. In this action packed 25 minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground. Some of the questions Austen answers are: - W...Show More
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55:19 | Feb 19th

In this episode, we go deep into the neurology of the brain and get an insight into what it's like being a student and remote team. Hope you enjoy this episode of Forward Thinking Founders.

53:42 | Feb 16th

In this episode, John and I jam on all things design, freelancing, and future of work/gig economy. I also enjoyed this because Plato reminded me a lot of PubLoft! Hope you like it :)

48:49 | Feb 9th

In this episode, Ammon and I jam on all things Triplebyte, a hush hush new product launch, and we cover a variety of topics around homeschooling and credentials!
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