Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman

This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.


22:49 | Apr 17th, 2019

In this episode, I am VERY excited to have on Austen Allred, CEO of Lambda School. In this action packed 25 minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground. Some of the questions Austen answers are: - W...Show More
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37:36 | Mar 18th

Kyle is the co-founder and CEO of Punch List. Punch List makes it easy for contractors and homeowners to work together.

1:07:05 | Mar 17th

Will gives us a glimpse into the struggles the events industry is going through right now, as well as shares how he is pivoting his own company to meet the new demand for virtual events.

43:50 | Mar 16th

In this episode, you get to overhear a real founder-investor conversation. Mariam El Sheikha and Adin Roemer, cofounders of neXST Rehab are talking to Elizabeth Yin from Hustle Fund for the first time...Show More
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