Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman

This is a podcast about startup founders, their visions for the future, and how the two collide.
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Austen Allred (CEO of Lambda School) on the Future of Education

22:49 | Apr 17th

In this episode, I am VERY excited to have on Austen Allred, CEO of Lambda School. In this action packed 25 minute conversation, we cover a lot of ground. Some of the questions Austen answers are: - What is Lambda School? - What is an ISA and how it ...Show More
009 - Alex Bouaziz (CEO of Deel) on the Future of Compliance With Freelancers

20:21 | May 22nd

This week, I jammed with Alex Bouazi, the CEO of Deel. Deel is a product that helps companies pay their freelancers in one click. They also handle compliance, which most remote companies aren't thinking about right now. In this episode, Alex and I ta...Show More
Tanya Breshears (CEO of Curious Fictions) on the Future of Storytelling

17:42 | Apr 29th

Today, I talked to the founder and CEO of Curious Fictions. Curious fictions is a way to discover new authors and readers who enjoying writing or consuming fiction.  What is Curious Fictions? The role of AI in the creative process Universal basic in...Show More
Leah Culver (CTO of Breaker) on the Future of Podcasting and Audio

31:11 | Apr 22nd

Today, we have Leah Culver, who is the cofounder and CTO of Breaker AND one of the authors of Oauth. Breaker is the best social podcasting app on the internet. Today on the podcast, we talk abut: What is Breaker? The future of audio and podcasting Th...Show More
Laura Behrens Wu (CEO of Shippo) on the future of Shipping & Logistics

21:40 | Apr 7th

In this episode with the insightful and thoughtful Laura Behrens Wu, CEO of Shippo, we talk about a varsity of far ranging topics. A few of them include: - The future of Logistics and Shipping - The evolution of a startup CEO - The API Economy - Mach...Show More
Jonathon Barkl (CEO of AirGarage) on the Future of Real Estate

32:49 | Mar 27th

In this insightful episode with the Jonathon Barkl, CEO and co-founder of AirGarage, a parking operating company built for the 21st century. In this episode, we talk about: - The difference between Phoenix and SF - Parking operating software - The fu...Show More
Cooper Harris (CEO of Klickly) on the Future of Online Shopping

25:15 | Mar 18th

Today, we talk with Cooper Harris (CEO of Klickly) about the future of online shopping, AI,  education, the sharing economy, and more! Listen into this insightful conversation from one of the smartest (and nicest) people i've ever talked to. I hope y...Show More
Andrew Parker (CEO of Papa) on the Future of Healthcare

21:03 | Mar 3rd

In this awesome episode with Andrew, we talk about his company, Papa, which he explains as Grandkids on demand. He wants to reimagine how elder care and general care is delivered...and he's starting with college students. Other than Papa, we dive int...Show More
Stacey Ferreira on the Future of Work

31:49 | Feb 24th

In the episode, we talk about everything from the future of work to different models of healthcare for freelance workers. I'm excited to bring you this awesome episode of Forward Thinking w/ Mat Sherman.