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Financial Crime Matters

Kieran Beer (ACAMS)


In his new podcast, Kieran Beer (Chief Analyst at ACAMS) interviews the movers and shakers of the anti-financial crime world. Listen for fast-paced conversations about the latest financial scandal to hit newsstands, and insights on trending Financi...Show More


17:01 | May 15th

Michael Sachs talks to Kieran Beer about the cutting-edge work that the Manhattan District Attorney's office is doing to take down cybercrime. From scams involving Michael Jordan sneakers and black ma...Show More

30:58 | Apr 17th

'These tools make it harder, costlier and riskier [for rogue actors] to move money around the world.' In this episode, Juan Zarate explains why sanctions shouldn’t be treated like a light switch, wh...Show More
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17:15 | Apr 1st

‘We can continue to see them as an adversary or threat…and [still] negotiate an end to their nuclear program’. In this episode, recorded in February before the scale of the global COVID-19 outbreak ...Show More

14:07 | Mar 16th

In the first episode of Financial Crime Matters Season 2, Anton Moiseienko and Kayla Izenman of RUSI talk to Kieran Beer about their recent report on money laundering in the online gaming world (Fortn...Show More

16:19 | Jan 16th

In Vancouver there are many high-end apartments where the lights never go on... In 2018/2019, Professor Maureen Maloney led an expert panel investigating Money Laundering in British Columbia's real e...Show More
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