Financial Crime Matters

Kieran Beer (ACAMS)

In his new podcast, Kieran Beer (Chief Analyst at ACAMS) interviews the movers and shakers of the anti-financial crime world. Listen for fast-paced conversations about the latest financial scandal to hit newsstands, and insights on trending Financi...Show More

10:29 | Nov 6th

At 20, Timea Nagy was forced into sex slavery. But her story didn't end there. Her memoir 'Out of the Shadows' describes a vulnerable girl, tricked and manipulated by traffickers, who - once she escapes - becomes a key player in putting away the ba...Show More

15:35 | Oct 18th

Jeffrey Robinson introduced stories of money laundering to the masses with his 1995 global best seller 'The Laundrymen'. Poised to release a completely revised edition 'The New Laundrymen' next year, Jeffrey gives Kieran a behind-the-scenes glimpse o...Show More
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18:43 | Sep 23rd

FATF spoke...and Canada listened. Jacqueline Shinfield of Blake, Cassels & Graydon walks Kieran Beer through the sweeping changes that Canada is making to its AML and Anti-Financial Crime legislative landscape. From regulating virtual currencies,...Show More

17:38 | Sep 18th

'We're now treating the Financiers just as seriously as the Terrorists themselves...that's a Gamechanger'. In this expansive chat about the financing of global terrorism, Celina Realuyo tells Kieran Beer about the defeat of ISIS, the rise and reach...Show More

11:14 | Aug 16th

"Data Protection is not an obstacle to fight money-laundering" : Alexandra Jour-Schroeder of the European Commission In this episode, Kieran Beer hosts a fast-paced discussion with Alexandra Jour-Schroeder about the European Union's efforts to fight...Show More
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