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Imagine being arrested for taking pictures of a farm, harassed for reading a storybook to children, or jailed for displaying a photograph in a museum. Censorship like this seems unimaginable, but it’s real and happens every day. Bleeped tells these s...Show More
3: Terms of Service

25:22 | Jul 16th

John Palmer bought a Christmas gift for his wife Jen from KlearGear.com, but the gifts never arrived. So the Palmers left the company a bad review. KlearGear then fined them $3,500. That's how everything started.
4: Felony Disenfranchisement

30:04 | Jul 30th

Before a jury convicted Alfonzo Tucker of a felony, he had never voted in an election. Then, while incarcerated, he read books about civil rights leaders who lost their lives fighting for the rights of African American's to vote and became inspired. ...Show More
5: Dylan's New Dress

31:28 | Aug 13th

When Santana Pilar Andrews was asked to read at Lafayette, Louisiana's first-ever Drag Queen Story Time, Santana thought it would be an excellent opportunity to help children learn to accept others for who they are. But many in Lafayette didn't agree...Show More
2: There's No Sin in Cincinnati

29:16 | Jul 2nd

Cincinnati prided itself on being a clean town that's free of pornography and vice, but in 1990, a museum tried to exhibit a collection of Robert Mapplethorpe photographs depicting homoerotic S&M. The city wanted to stop them.
1: Riviera Beach

30:36 | Jun 18th

The City of Riviera Beach sought to use eminent domain to take away 5,500 people's homes. Fane Lozman tried to stop them.
Introducing Bleeped - Coming June 18th

01:13 | May 29th

Bleeped is a new podcast about censorship and the people who stand up to it. Coming June 18th