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Solvable showcases the world’s most innovative thinkers and their proposed solutions to the world’s most daunting problems. The interviews, conducted by journalists like Malcolm Gladwell and Jacob Weisberg, will launch a dialogue that both acknowledg...Show More
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Political Demonization is Solvable

25:27 | Jun 12th

Anne Applebaum talks to Flavia Kleiner about how patriotic liberalism can beat xenophobic populists.
Fake News is Solvable

25:37 | Jul 10th

Anne Applebaum talks to Renee DiResta about building a more trustworthy Internet.
The Tech Gender Gap is Solvable

25:16 | Jul 3rd

Jacob Weisberg talks to Mariéme Jamme about teaching a million disadvantaged girls to code.
Food Waste is Solvable

26:33 | Jun 26th

Ahmed Ali Akbar talks to activist and author Tristram Stuart about using food scraps to eliminate waste. Watch "The Ugly Carrot" video here:
Refugee Poverty is Solvable

29:39 | Jun 19th

Jacob Weisberg talks to David Miliband about helping refugees stay in work and in school.
Homelessness is Solvable

33:56 | Jun 5th

Malcolm Gladwell talks to Rosanne Haggerty about ending homelessness for everyone. Forever.
Introducing: Solvable

03:28 | May 13th

Solvable will be a recurring showcase for the world’s most inspiring thinkers to propose solutions to the world’s most daunting problems.