43 Years in Biscuitville

25:45 | Dec 10th, 2019

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A small town fights for internet justice by boycotting biscuits. 2:23 - LulaRoe Defective Fail on Facebook 3:29 - Biscuitville page on Wikipedia 4:51 - Petition: BRING ABED HASSAN BACK on Change....Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 10th

This episode is about a community rallying when a Lebanese immigrant got fired from his job. It really goes against the stereotype of the South as being all racism all the time. Really heartwarming!

mm recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

There's a place called Biscuitville. A man who worked there for 43 years get fired without severance or pension. Some guy who "unleashes unit growth" takes over. The internet seeks justice. This was a terrific episode about food, internet, labour, and evil corporations. If you love Reply All, you'l...Show More

mmDec 23rd, 2019

@olivier @podplace @mcu @danny @ian If you love Reply All, you'll love this podcast.

olivierDec 23rd, 2019

@mm thanks for sharing. Downloaded. Really excited to have a listen

mmDec 23rd, 2019

@olivier Let me know what you think! There’s also a fantastic one on the mystery of the unstirred McFlurry that’s really good. I also just recommended it.

jhawthorne recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

Friends investigate interesting questions by doing advanced internet searches and reporting. I like the back and forth of the hosts and how they build stories out of little topics like cereal size and fast food managers.

mmDec 23rd, 2019

This was so good @jhawthorne!!! It's like Reply All, but with food. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for recommending.