EP. 1: Moaning

30:03 | Oct 9th, 2019

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The story begins with a moan.


cesarm recommended:Oct 9th, 2019

The Audio drama usually have a genre hook. True crime, supernatural or Sci-fi. Moonface is a different kind of audio drama. It is a very personal story of a second-generation Korean-American struggling to come out to her mother that doesn’t speak English very well. The complete six episode story was...Show More

mmOct 15th, 2019

@cesarm Thanks for this recommendation! I definitely cried my eyes out at the last episode. Are other audio dramas not as great as this? Am I now spoiled?

cesarmOct 16th, 2019

@mm Other audio dramas have make me cry before but most of them are really genre pieces. But I will recommend Vancouver's own The Big Loop. All the episodes are self contained stories so you can listen in any order. Paul Bae knows how to write dialogue. Also Ellie and the Wave is fantastic. It just...Show More

jhawthorne recommended:Oct 21st, 2019

Loved some of the sound design and the realistic story. It felt like an Audio memoir. There were some meta points about podcasting that took me out of it, but otherwise I liked it.

mmOct 21st, 2019

@jhawthorne Yea, I agree about the meta podcasting portion. I’m waiting for an audio drama that has not reference to podcasting or recording anything, but just uses sound to let you imagine.

jhawthorneOct 21st, 2019

@mm I think that will be a sign of the genre maturing. Carrier and Passenger List come closer, but I'd like to see a HISTORY audio drama

mmOct 22nd, 2019

@jhawthorne I find it a bit odd because it’s not like audio dramas are new since they were/are on radio. Yes, Passenger List is closer depending on the episode’s writer, but I remembered it had a bit of “recording” in the first few episodes and there are still a lot of phone calls in the episodes. H...Show More

mmOct 22nd, 2019

@jhawthorne And yes, I would love to hear a period piece too!

mm recommended:Oct 15th, 2019

This audio drama about a young gay Korean man who is struggling with his own identity was so beautifully produced. I balled at the last episode. The sound design was 👌👌👌 I loved how they designed the sound of “the past”. One thing that annoys me about most fiction podcasts is that they always a...Show More

dannyOct 15th, 2019

nice review btw! Added to my queue.

mmOct 15th, 2019

@kimberleylw I think you will love this podcast.