The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow

Episode 3: The Wire

38:14 | Dec 10th, 2019

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In 2015, Ambra Gutierrez agreed to do something that terrified her. A day after she told police that Harvey Weinstein had assaulted her, she decided to participate in a sting operation designed to ext...Show More


jnk recommended:Feb 25th

What is so chilling about the HW audio clip is how ordinary his words are - "Don't embarrass me." It's insidious.

mmFeb 25th

@jnkay And who’s the one who ended up embarrassing himself at the end of the day...? 😒

jnkFeb 26th

@mm Did you ever see the movie "The Lovely Bones? This HW audio clip reminded me of that character who is the killer and tells the girl, "be polite!" We are taught to not make a scene, and predators know that and manipulate it, and that's what's so remarkable about what Gutierrez was able to do in t...Show More

mmFeb 26th

@jnkay I haven’t seen the movie but yes, I understand the teachings to girls to “be polite, be nice” and the consequences of that in situations like this :(

danny recommended:Dec 16th, 2019

I hope the rest of Podyssey is listening to this. It's a great podcast

hummingbird95Feb 25th

@danny I just finished it the other day. It was great!

dannyFeb 25th

@hummingbird95 😁. Hope he continues making podcasts

hummingbird95Feb 25th

@danny Agreed. I do too.

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