One crime, four suspects, 20 million fans, can you SOLVE the case?

34:11 | Feb 10th

A gang of bank robbers realize mid-heist that someone in their crew has tipped off the cops, leading to the gang leader being killed in an epic shootout with police. After narrowly escaping to their s...Show More

33:05 | Feb 3rd

When five people go underwater in an eccentric billionaire’s private submarine, only four come back alive. With an ambitious Ph.D student found stabbed to death, can you solve who killed Ruth Tanner a...Show More
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33:01 | Jan 27th

High school senior, Hazel Blackwell, was applying to her dream college when she uncovered an underground ring of admissions fraud. Who found out about Hazel’s intentions to tell, and killed her before...Show More

29:39 | Jan 20th

Environmentalist couple, Natalia and Javier, devoted their lives to protecting the Amazon rainforest. So when they’re gunned down during a protest, the police quickly zone in on a handful of political...Show More

30:42 | Jan 13th

The morning after she arrived in Los Angeles, famous influencer, Eloise Pham, was found floating in the pool of the historic Old Hollywood Hotel. Now it’s up to you to interrogate her family, friends ...Show More
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