Fake Heiress

Ep 1. Fake Heiress

27:22 | Dec 16th, 2019

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Reporting by Vicky Baker Drama by Chloe Moss Anna Delvey was due to come into a trust fund of $67m on her 26th birthday. She was on her way to establishing the Anna Delvey Foundation, a multi-million...Show More


cgkelly recommended:Mar 30th

This show is awesome. @mm I feel like you told me about it last year

mmMar 30th

@cgkelly I think I told you that I wanted someone to make this story and @vickybaker actually made it! We also did a behind-the-scenes AMA with Vicky if you're interested here: https://podyssey.fm/discussion/id5

aliceko recommended:Dec 24th, 2019

I easily binged on this entire 6-part series. I don’t know why I was fascinated by this scam... but this series confirmed other people were too. I just cannot believe that Anna was able to get away with SO much right now - what happened to internal controls!?! bank overdrafts, writing cheques, getti...Show More

mm recommended:Dec 22nd, 2019

I binged on this entire series. It was really interesting and innovative, because it's 30% investigative reporting with testimonials and 70% audio fiction (re-enactments). Lots of new information I haven't heard of regarding Anna Delvey. Would recommend to anyone who love white-collar scams.


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