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Science Diction

Introvert: The Invention Of A Type

27:28 | Mar 16th

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In 2013, introverts staged their comeback. For decades, they’d been told to get out of their shells and *smile*, while those  showy, gregarious extroverts were held up as the American ideal. But when ...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 24th

Are “Introverts” vs “Extroverts” actually a thing and is there scientific backing behind it? Can you actually convert from being one to the other and these categories are just all in our heads? Super interesting.

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🤔 Thought-provoking

epekilis recommended:Mar 23rd

So validating. Sometimes our North American societal preference for extroverts can seem just so overwhelming and exhausting. Extroverts don’t understand because the social conventions are natural to them. The rest of us have to bridge and mask.

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💡 Educational
😏 Validating
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