Invisible Allies

41:59 | Jul 31st

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As scientists have been scrambling to find new and better ways to treat covid-19, they’ve come across some unexpected allies. Invisible and primordial, these protectors have been with us all along. An...Show More


mm recommended:Oct 11th

Must listen for COVID times!!! Vitamin D/sunlight might help fight COVID and copper helps kills microbes! Also, that doctor to the politician -- ok yea systemic racism is a thing, but can we just get vitamin D to BIPOCs first because science and saving people? Politician: Nope, I'm just going to p...Show More

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mmOct 11th

@aliceko @serena @shopceremonie Must listen re: vitamin D + copper re: covid!

mo-toOct 12th

@mm Yes, say it again! 👏🏼

mo-to recommended:Oct 11th

Part1: What happens when two carbon atoms (proto-cholesterol) are hit with sunlight? 🤓 Well it turns out, we make Vitamin D - of course following a couple more steps in our physiology! Vitamin D generally helps regulate our immune system so for those who’ve been exposed to or are suffering from ...Show More

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mijustin recommended:Aug 13th

Fascinating to hear about the possible connection between Vitamin D and COVID symptoms.

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phocks recommended:Aug 2nd

A fascinating look at some tiny things that can help us fight pandemics. I especially was interested in the vitamin d. Feels like a must listen because it could save your life.

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