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Podyssey Picks (Oct 18): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! We’re also excited to spotlight the podcast, TechBuzz China, by our new podcast network partner SupChina. From unpacking the rise of TikTok to exploring an online plastic surgery market, TechBuzz China is your guide to China’s global tech domination.

Your cocktails are so damn expensive because of...laws.

jspinelle recommended:Oct 15th

Interesting new show that explores alcohol policy. Some of the seem pretty crazy and like holdovers from previous eras that no one is incentivized to change.

Why Your Craft Cocktail Should Cost $4

by The Right to Drink

Listen to a playlist about booze with your cocktails:

All About Booze 3: Tokyo Drift

10 episodes

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This guy’s face keeps getting edited into Amazon product photos without his permission. His friends get to the bottom of it.

olivier recommended:Oct 15th

Such a fun episode! This episode is what happens when you find your photo was photoshopped with products on Amazon.

Amazon's Next Top Model

by Underunderstood

Her mother was murdered when she was four. She just found the killer.

Discrimination doesn’t end with racism. Indian tech workers face casteism in Silicon Valley.

suraj recommended:Oct 5th

A type of privilege that not most people would be aware of. A good explainer for the signaling used in conversations, hopefully starts a bigger conversation on caste in the US and India.

How To Be An Anti-Casteist

by Rough Translation

Too good to be true? A free Californian vacation turns into a huge land-banking scam targeting immigrants.

mm recommended:Oct 14th

One of these podcasts where you go: WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?!? POCs in California are being targeted to buy into a "land bank" with promises of riches when the land is developed. But of course, it's all a crazy scam. I love how the journalist paints a detailed visual of what she's seeing with her eye...Show More

Turning Desert Dust Into Gold

by California City

Workaholism is like alcoholism. Celebrity chef David Chang speaks out on his work addiction.

aliceko recommended:Oct 13th

A story I could relate to many times over: Asian tiger parents, the need to constantly achieve, the hidden irony of becoming your parents, conditional happiness based on achievements, workaholism, how to recover from workaholism... the list goes on and on. I have never respected David Chang more. Li...Show More

David Chang Wishes He Was Normal

by The Sporkful

Wildfires are everywhere. CBC documents the devastation and what we can do about it.

anitraparis recommended:Oct 11th

10/10. Hearing these first hand stories, the emotion and loss is palpable. A must listen. 🔥

EPISODE 1 -The Fear

by World on Fire

Vitamin D (aka sunlight) might be a key to battling COVID.

phocks recommended:Aug 2nd

A fascinating look at some tiny things that can help us fight pandemics. I especially was interested in the vitamin d. Feels like a must listen because it could save your life.

Invisible Allies

by Radiolab

Learn how to have a great memory from America’s memory champion.

Hollywood makeup artists and trainers are being scammed by a big name movie director.

jhawthorne recommended:Oct 13th

Feels like the next big thing in scamming since 'Nigerian Prince'

Chapter 1

by Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

For more scams, check out this playlist:


10 episodes

Curtis Flowers was tried six times for murder. He’s now free of charges. Hear him speak.

drcongo recommended:Oct 16th

You should definitely listen to the whole of S2, but this episode is ❤️

S2 E20: Curtis Flowers

by In the Dark

Two comedians try to get rich using apps that pay you for using them.

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: TechBuzz China

TechBuzz China is your guide to China’s global tech ascendancy. Dive deep into the companies, founders, and business models that are fueling the rise.

TechBuzz China by Pandaily



👉 Episode Feature: What makes TikTok so damn successful? Could it be its “Sorting Hat” algorithm? Learn why the app was well situated in coming out of China, and what the future ownership and trajectory of TikTok in the US might be.