Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

Unresolved: The Techonomic Cold War With China

53:15 | Mar 8th, 2019

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With Ian Bremmer, Michèle Flournoy, Yasheng Huang, Parag Khanna, and Susan ThorntonPresident Xi Jinping has made it clear: When it comes to big data, advanced weaponry, and other innovations in tech a...Show More


aliceko recommended:Jun 22nd, 2019

I LOVE THIS DEBATE CONCEPT! I look forward to listening to more debates on this newly discovered podcast. I agree both countries will lose the trade war. Still thinking about the other questions: "Will China be the next Silicon Valley?" and "Is the Belt and Road initiative a trillion dollar blunder?...Show More

mm recommended:Jun 17th, 2019

This was a great overview in debate format on some of the big question about China relative to the US and the common arguments for and against. e.g. Is China going to be the next Silicon Valley? Will the One Belt One Road initiative be a success or failure?

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