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Interviews on personal experiences of "madness" and extreme states of consciousness, bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, depression and more, from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments, as well as authors, advocates, and activist...Show More

1:18:49 | Nov 30th, 2019

Jyl Ion hears voices, but she refuses to view these non-ordinary experiences as a sign of mental illness. Instead Jyl came off 16 years of multiple toxic medications, talks to her ancestor spirits and...Show More

1:02:44 | Nov 2nd, 2019

Do bipolar and psychosis have a healing potential blocked by suppression, medications, and avoidance? What if we could help people safely and intentionally explore, express, and understand these frigh...Show More
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1:01:22 | Oct 2nd, 2019

Do early psychosis programs serve healing – or function as surveillance and control? Are treatments for paranoia actually themselves forms of paranoia, based on scientific racism and white supremacy? ...Show More

1:02:27 | Aug 10th, 2019

After taking the psychedelic drug ayahuasca Martha Sneyd went into an extended altered state diagnosed as psychotic. Her terrifying ordeal ignited a spiritual initiation that eventually brought gifts ...Show More

51:40 | Aug 8th, 2019

What is at the root of world violence? How does psychiatry re-create dynamics of humiliation and shame that drive people crazy? Is there a just and equitable way out of the spirals of attack and count...Show More
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