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Outside Mental Health Preface Audiobook | Will Hall | Madness Radio

29:49 | Apr 22nd

What does it mean to be called “crazy” in a crazy world? Listen to the free audiobook of the Preface to Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness, written and read by Will Hall. Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness reveals ...Show More
Judaism Madness and Spirit | Caroline Mazel-Carlton | Madness Radio

56:53 | Mar 27th

Voice hearers, mystics, visionaries, and mad people are found throughout the scriptures of Judaism. What does Jewish theology have to teach us about madness and psychiatric diagnosis? How can modern Judaism show the way to new responses to extreme an...Show More
Soteria Alaska | Connor Tindall | Madness Radio

1:01:58 | Jan 9th

What are the key ingredients of alternative mental health programs – and what makes them different and successful? Connor Tindall followed his calling to become a a therapist after confronting mistreatment by a psychotherapist as a teen. He went on t...Show More
Second Story Hospital Alternative | Adrian Bernard | Madness Radio

47:08 | Dec 6th, 2018

Can the breakdown of psychosis show the way forward to spiritual breakthrough? Is there a path through the depths of mental health crisis independent of hospitals, doctors, and therapists? Adrian Bernard was labeled a chronic schizophrenic and spent ...Show More
Jungian Therapy for Psychosis | George Mecouch | Madness Radio

59:46 | Nov 4th, 2018

Has modern psychiatry lost its soul? How can dreams, storytelling, and imagination help people in emotional crisis – including psychosis and madness? What lessons can we learn from shamanism, the placebo effect, and the importance of the doctor’s “be...Show More
Compassionate Psychotherapy | Olga Runciman | Madness Radio

53:52 | Sep 28th, 2018

How is psychotherapy different when the therapist is also a survivor? What vital lessons must therapists learn from people who have experienced psychosis? If therapy is an imbalance of power between therapist and patient, how can therapists avoid the...Show More
Systems View of Life | Fritjof Capra | Madness Radio

58:05 | Sep 8th, 2018

What does healthcare become when science is limited by a mechanistic, machine view of reality? How does a mechanistic view shape concepts of mental health and illness – and deny the fundamental aliveness of human beings? What does the study of living...Show More
Sane Vegan Transition | Sabrina Louise | Madness Radio

58:37 | Aug 10th, 2018

Does a diet without animal products improve mental health? Why can changing to plant based nutrition be so hard to sustain? And are people’s food ethics a symptom of eating disorder or neglected self care? Sabrina Louise, a vegan educator, consultant...Show More
Life After Psych Meds | Laura Delano | Madness Radio

10:00 | May 28th, 2018

How can people come off psychiatric medications in the safest way? What are the key lessons and vital ingredients for leaving psychiatric care? Is there life after meds? Laura Delano spent 14 years as a psychiatric patient before she left behind her ...Show More
Queer Teen Pregnancy | Nina Packebush | Madness Radio

54:30 | Apr 20th, 2018

What’s it like to be a teenager in a psychiatric hospital? What’s it like to be a queer pregnant teenager? And is it true that friends do make the best medicine? Nina Packebush explores these questions and more in her groundbreaking debut young adult...Show More
Legacy of R.D. Laing | Michael Guy Thompson | Madness Radio

46:53 | Apr 13th, 2018

Is psychosis a journey and a breakthrough to somewhere more authentic? Should unhappy people be made to adjust to a mad society? Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing was a fierce critic of the mental health system, and saw madness as a rational adaptatio...Show More
Crazywise Film | Phil Borges | Madness Radio

57:52 | Dec 5th, 2017

Is madness breakdown or initiation into a spiritual calling? Crazywise is a documentary film that explores the meaning of psychosis from the perspective of traditional cultures and shamanism, following the stories of people struggling with extreme st...Show More
Traditional South African Healing | Gogo Ekhaya Esima | Madness Radio

55:37 | Oct 1st, 2017

How can seeing visions and hearing voices be transformed into a spiritual gift for healing? What does the initiation ordeal into becoming a shaman involve? Gogo Ekhaya Esima was diagnosed with psychosis and confined in psychiatric hospitals before sh...Show More
Hearing Voices | Lisa Forestell | Madness Radio

57:38 | Aug 12th, 2017

What is it like to hear voices — and are all voices harmful or can they also be helpers? What does voice hearing say about the human mind – and the society we live in? And how can we support people who hear voices? Lisa Forestell has heard voices sin...Show More
Meditation and Liberation | Nirali Shah | Madness Radio

58:56 | Mar 21st, 2017

Is mindfulness meditation about calming the mind and accepting things as they are? Or is it a force for social change and challenging oppression? Can meditation help us become intimate with our wild, primal and untamed creative force? Nirali Shah, ce...Show More
Audiobook: Coming Off Psychiatric Medications Harm Reduction Guide

2:03:07 | Feb 28th, 2017

Now available as an audiobook!  Based in more than 10 years work in the peer support movement,The Icarus Project and Freedom Center’s 52-page guide is used internationally by individuals, families, professionals, and organizations to support reducing...Show More
Refugees and Trauma | Khatera Aslami-Tamplen | Madness Radio

47:10 | Feb 1st, 2017

What is it like to flee a war-torn country as a child? What lasting psychological effects do refugees face? Can peer support and trauma informed care lead to lasting recovery? Khatera Aslami Tamplen, an Afghan-American and the Consumer Empowerment Ma...Show More
Borderlands Acupuncture | Herman Garcia – Ryan Bemis | Madness Radio

54:49 | Dec 8th, 2016

Are psychiatric treatments, experts, and medications the best way for traumatized communities to heal their mental health problems? Could indigenous practices, including traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, offer a different way forward — th...Show More
Geography of Madness | Frank Bures | Madness Radio

50:09 | Jun 28th, 2016

Are beliefs in witchcraft and “voodoo death” not real? Do magical explanations of disease mean people are primitive and less educated? Or are stories and beliefs at the heart of reality for all cultures – including yours? Frank Bures, author of The G...Show More
Human Rights in India | Bhargavi Davar | Madness Radio

56:58 | Jun 7th, 2016

How does the legacy of colonialism affect mental health in India? Are women’s rights, spiritual freedom, and ant-colonialism intertwined? Do women who choose a path of spiritual renunciation have the same freedom as men? Where are human rights more r...Show More
Intergenerational Trauma | Naas Siddiqui | Madness Radio

50:22 | Apr 15th, 2016

What if psychotic experiences express historical and intergenerational trauma? Does one person’s emotional crisis reach beyond their own individual mind? Could synchronicities and meaningful coincidences guide recovery instead of just being “symptoms...Show More
New Vision for Psychiatry | Jim van Os | Madness Radio

1:05:24 | Mar 22nd, 2016

What if psychiatry recognized that schizophrenia does not exist? How might diagnostic categories (left over from the asylum era) be replaced by spectrums of experience that show how psychotic experiences can also be normal? What if services were orie...Show More
Stop The Murphy Bill | Leah Harris | Madness Radio

56:20 | Jan 25th, 2016

The Families in Mental Health Crisis Act HR 2646 — The Murphy Bill — proposes drastic changes to US mental health policies. Will the Murphy Bill curb violence and improve care? Or will more forced treatment, medication, and hospitalization only enric...Show More
Economic Austerity and Mental Health | Mary O’Hara | Madness Radio

1:01:08 | Sep 5th, 2015

Is mental health about individual diseases, or the health of communities and countries as a whole? How do economic policies after the 2008 crisis impact disability rights, suicide rates, and community wellbeing? Are cuts in social spending really nec...Show More
Journey Through Mania | Oryx Cohen | Madness Radio

55:37 | Aug 29th, 2015

Psychiatric survivor leader Oryx Cohen was at a national conference when a seizure suddenly launched him out of his body and into a visionary state of madness. Avoiding medications or hospitalization, friends held a hotel room vigil for Oryx for many...Show More
Evolution of Mind | Maxine Sheets-Johnstone | Madness Radio

53:26 | Jun 1st, 2015

Is thinking a cognitive process of information input and output? Or do consciousness and emotion take place in our bodies – animated, moving, and responsive to the environment? And what would Darwin think of today’s focus on brains and neuroscience –...Show More
Lincoln’s Depression | Joshua Wolf Shenk | Madness Radio

53:56 | Jan 28th, 2015

Celebrated US President Abraham Lincoln also suffered from life-threatening depression. Did he view his “melancholy” as a treatable illness, as a punishment from God — or as a source of his gifts? How did Lincoln’s extraordinary leadership abilities ...Show More
Special Messages | Tim Dreby | Madness Radio

56:18 | Dec 31st, 2014

What if you were the only one seeing coded messages, covert realities, and elaborate plots all around you? Does that make you out of touch with reality, “paranoid” and “psychotic?” Or is it real — but you are just so upset that everyone thinks the pr...Show More
Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia | Bert Karon

52:45 | Nov 1st, 2014

In schizophrenia really an “incurable illness” — or a state of chronic terror? Are there ways for psychotherapy to reach people in different realities? And does Freudian psychoanalysis offer a humane and empowering approach? Bert Karon, psychoanalyst...Show More
Communicating With Psychosis | Dina Tyler

54:58 | Oct 9th, 2014

Are there ways to reach people in states of madness? How do talking with ghosts, hearing voices, and seeing visions — as well as enduring family turmoil — relate to psychotic crisis? When Dina Tyler discovered the meaning of life in an altered state,...Show More
Family Homes | Carina Håkansson

50:15 | Jul 2nd, 2014

What if ordinary families could provide care for people psychiatry has given up on? Is there a way out for people stuck long-term as mental patients? Can human relationships and living together be more effective than medications, diagnosis, and hospi...Show More
Healing Connection | Lauren Spiro

50:01 | Jun 1st, 2014

How do we recover from childhood violence? When Lauren Spiro was 14, her father was murdered. Eighteen months later, she began to have unusual spiritual experiences and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Today she works to promote peace and healing in...Show More
Redefining Research: Nev Jones

47:50 | Apr 1st, 2014

What if researchers collaborated with patients rather than treating them as “informants” and objects of study? Nev Jones survived her mother’s frightening extreme states — and then her own mind unravelled into different realities. She was herself dia...Show More
Risky Pills: David Healy

47:18 | Mar 1st, 2014

Adverse effects from prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in America. How can we know if the pills we take are actually safe? What can we do if they aren’t? Dr. David Healy, internationally renowned psychiatrist, whistleblower, and a...Show More
Medical Coercion: Tomi Gomory

48:29 | Jan 1st, 2014

If madness isn’t like other illnesses, what is it? Should psychiatry have the power of legal coercion? How can the legacy of Thomas Szasz inform new ways of helping people? Tomi Gomory, associate professor of social work at Florida State University a...Show More
Indian Country Psychology: David Walker

49:55 | Dec 1st, 2013

How is the legacy of colonialism impacting American Indian mental health today? Does the Indian Health Service meet the needs of the people on tribal land? Can Native peoples revitalize cultural traditions and reverse centuries of racism? David Walke...Show More
Psychology of Power: David Bedrick

50:16 | Nov 1st, 2013

Does psychotherapy cover up issues of power and social justice? Are talk show therapists providing help, or blaming individuals for their problems? David Bedrick, counselor, attorney, and author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream...Show More
Understanding Borderline Trauma: Rita Marshall

55:57 | Oct 1st, 2013

Why are so many trauma survivors, especially women, diagnosed “borderline?” Is the label useful — or sexist and degrading? How can people who live through intergenerational violence be understood and supported — instead of discounted and silenced? Ri...Show More
Effective Family Support: Krista MacKinnon

46:35 | Sep 1st, 2013

How can family members help a relative in extreme crisis — instead of worsening the situation? Is there a way out of treatment power struggles and arguments about “insight”? And what do families need to change about themselves? Psychiatric survivor K...Show More
Benzodiazepine Recovery: Matt Samet

50:52 | Aug 1st, 2013

Are Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan and other benzodiazepines really more addictive than heroin? How can these common drugs for anxiety actually worsen the symptoms they’re prescribed to treat? What are the dangers of protracted withdrawal? Matt Samet, forme...Show More
Elders and Forgetfulness: Stan Tomandl

50:11 | Jul 1st, 2013

Are elders living with forgetfulness, Alzheimer’s, and dementia unreachable? Are there parallels with states called psychotic? Can meaning be found in the confusion of brain injury and coma? Stan Tomandl, MA, DiplPW and author of Coma Care & Palliati...Show More
Unmaking Diagnosis: Gary Greenberg

50:17 | Jun 1st, 2013

Why did the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual become so controversial? Is it possible to alleviate human suffering without classifying it as a mental disorder? Gary Greenberg, psychotherapist, author of Manufacturing Depression and...Show More
Politics of Language: Sera Davidow

49:51 | May 1st, 2013

How do psychiatric labels shape our perceptions of others – and ourselves? Are there better ways to understand emotional distress? Does the “peer movement” offer real alternatives — or present new problems? Sera Davidow, psychiatric survivor, directo...Show More
Queer Poetry Inbetweenland: Jacks McNamara

49:51 | Apr 1st, 2013

Is trauma also a source of creative inspiration? Can sexual passion be a force for healing? And do we have to live in either/or boxes — or is there somewhere else? Artist and activist Jacks McNamara, co-founder of the Icarus Project radical support c...Show More
Meaning of Medications: David Cohen

52:06 | Feb 2nd, 2013

Why does the same psychiatric drug help one person – but harm another? Do psychiatric medications “work” by chemistry alone – or through expectation, placebo, and social factors? What is the difference between prescribed medications and mind altering...Show More
Breaking Barriers: Meaghan Buisson

40:32 | Jan 1st, 2013

Is a champion athlete more powerful than madness and psychiatric medications? When Meaghan Buisson said she wanted to break the world record for inline skating, her psychiatrist diagnosed her as psychotic. Two years later, she won the title — only to...Show More
Singing in the Dark | Susan McKeown on Madness Radio

51:08 | Dec 2nd, 2012

Is poetry the way to truly understand madness? Do rituals and music — such as Ireland’s tradition of keening — have the power to heal emotional suffering? Susan McKeown, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and folklorist, supported her partner thr...Show More
Beyond Biological Reductionism: Raymond Tallis

51:34 | Nov 1st, 2012

Can people’s behavior really be explained by neuroscience and our evolutionary needs as hunter-gatherers — or is this just a popular fad? Does understanding the brain really solve the mysteries of being human? Neurologist Dr. Raymond Tallis, philosop...Show More
Multiple Worlds: Anusuya StarBear

52:26 | Oct 1st, 2012

Is it possible to navigate the “multiple worlds” that emerge during psychotic experiences? Are voices and altered states also like a shamanic journey, needing guidance to find your way? Anusuya StarBear has heard voices and gone through altered state...Show More
Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall

53:03 | Sep 1st, 2012

What if people struggling with madness could explore their emotions in a supportive sanctuary? Do frightening ‘psychotic’ experiences have the power to transform and heal? Is breakdown also breakthrough? Michael Cornwall became a therapist after surv...Show More
Coming Off Psych Meds: Laura Delano

51:01 | Aug 1st, 2012

What do you do when medications for your emotional problems become worse than the problems themselves? Laura Delano went to a psychiatrist at age 18, and for the next decade was prescribed nineteen different psychiatric drugs. After devastating physi...Show More
Healing Sex: Staci Haines

53:58 | Jul 1st, 2012

Childhood sexual abuse is pervasive in our society, leaving lifelong wounds that affect men as well as women. Is it enough to hold perpetrators accountable, or are there deeper causes of abuse? Do police, courts, and child protection services help he...Show More
Meaning From Voices: Eleanor Longden

53:12 | Jun 1st, 2012

Hearing voices is strongly connected with traumatic experiences, but are voices a brain malfunction or a creative strategy for protection? UK psychologist Eleanor Longden survived a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and went on to be a leading rese...Show More
Ethical Therapy: Toby Watson

50:30 | Apr 1st, 2012

Can psychotherapy be a replacement for medication for psychosis and extreme states? Should therapists hospitalize suicidal clients against their will -- even when they could be traumatized by the very care intended to protect them? Dr. Toby Watson, c...Show More
Bipolar Children: Sharna Olfman

50:26 | Mar 6th, 2012

Why are so many children being diagnosed bipolar? Do medications treat disease - or just keep children under control? What else can parents do when faced with difficult behavioral problems? Sharna Olfman, Psychology Professor at Point Park Univer...Show More
Amazonian Healing: Metsa Niwue

49:56 | Feb 3rd, 2012

Shamans of the Amazon jungle heal the spirit by communicating with plants and singing people back to health. Can indigenous medicine, including the psychedelic ayahuasca, help anxiety, depression, and addiction? What do healers of Peru have to teach ...Show More
Chemical Crucifixion: Grainne Humphrys

41:33 | Jan 1st, 2012

Could a young man's overwhelming visions of Christ and apocalypse be a creative response to life trauma, rather than signs of paranoid schizophrenia? Does madness unfold differently depending on whether it is supported - or feared? Irish activist...Show More
Healing Veterans: Paula Caplan

51:35 | Dec 1st, 2011

How can we truly help combat veterans facing the aftermath of war? Is veteran trauma a sign of mental illness, or a healthy response to violent situations? Are medications and therapy the answer? Paula Caplan, author of When Johnny and Jane Come ...Show More
Dignity of Elders: Carole Hayes-Collier

46:27 | Nov 1st, 2011

Why are nearly a third of all elders in nursing homes given anti-psychotic drugs, despite life threatening side effects? Are medications being used as chemical restraints? Can nursing homes be places of dignity -- or should they be abolished? Car...Show More
Talking About Suicidal Feelings: David Webb

50:25 | Sep 1st, 2011

How common are suicidal feelings? Is a psychiatric illness behind suicidal despair -- or a meaningful and even spiritual life crisis? Does forced hospitalization really provide help? Suicide attempt survivor David Webb, author of Thinking About ...Show More
Physics, Dreaming and Extreme States: Arnold Mindell

53:16 | Mar 1st, 2011

What is reality? Why do people in extreme states feel connected to the universe, and experience uncanny and even supernatural events? Does quantum physics have something to teach us about madness? What if therapists were like indigenous tribal shaman...Show More
Exporting Mental Disorders: Ethan Watters

47:46 | Jan 2nd, 2011

How did pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline create "depression" in Japan -- and a billion dollar market for its anti-depressant drug Paxil? Why do people diagnosed with schizophrenia recover more in Tanzania than they do in the US? Can western-sty...Show More
Therapy for Psychosis: Daniel Mackler

49:47 | Dec 15th, 2010

Can therapy reach people in extreme states of "psychosis" -- without using medications? Do we need to give a diagnosis to help someone? Why are counselors afraid to listen to their "mad" clients? New York psychotherapist and filmmaker Daniel Mac...Show More
Meanings of Madness: Gail Hornstein

57:04 | Nov 3rd, 2010

Seamstress Agnes Richter was locked away in a mental asylum in the 1890s, and was so determined to have a voice that she embroidered her personal story onto the jacket she wore on the ward. What is the hidden history of people writing their own narra...Show More
Icarus Project: Sascha DuBrul

53:43 | Oct 4th, 2010

How did the New York underground of punk rock music, squatting, and homeless protest give rise to a thriving and innovative peer-run mental health community? Are there creative gifts to be found in the depths of madness? Does the future of Mad Pride ...Show More
Bipolar Medication Myths: Dr Joanna Moncrieff

51:41 | Aug 26th, 2010

Is bipolar disorder a disease? Can medications like lithium correct chemical imbalances and stabilize mood? Do psychiatric drugs act completely differently on the brain than recreational drugs? UK psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff, author of The ...Show More
Schizophrenia and Black Politics: Jonathan Metzl

52:03 | Jun 11th, 2010

How did the definition of schizophrenia change during the civil rights and Black Power era of the 1960s? Why did a disease primarily affecting withdrawn white housewives suddenly become focused on angry and "paranoid" African American men instead? ...Show More
Open Dialogue Alternative: Mary Olson

53:16 | Apr 19th, 2010

Is a 'psychotic' crisis inside one person's mind -- or does it happen between people, in their relationship? Can therapy untangle the web of madness by addressing the family, providers, and entire social network? Smith College social worker and F...Show More
Violent Voices: Erica van den Akker

48:28 | Apr 2nd, 2010

People who hear voices are no more violent than anyone else -- but what about the small number of voice hearers that do actually commit violent crimes? Are medications and locked wards the best way to help those who act on their aggressive "command h...Show More
Prison Mental Health: Terry Kupers

52:29 | Mar 2nd, 2010

The US incarcerates more people than any country in the world - and 70% are people of color. Do we need better mental health care inside prisons -- or do prisons themselves cause trauma and madness? Psychiatrist and civil lawsuit expert witness D...Show More
Schizophrenia Psychotherapy: Catherine Penney

47:56 | Jan 21st, 2010

Can a severe, chronic case of "schizophrenia" ever recover? Is psychotherapy an alternative to medications? What role does trauma play in madness? Hear the inspiring story of how Catherine Penney, RN, was catatonic and locked in a hospital back w...Show More
Survivor Spoken Word: Leah Harris

52:14 | Dec 30th, 2009

Leah Harris was orphaned after both parents were diagnosed with schizophrenia and died from medication toxicity. Today she is a leading voice in survivor activism, and her powerful spoken word poetry, including "I Was A Teenage Mental Patient," has b...Show More
Ireland Voices: Brian Hartnett

50:13 | Dec 16th, 2009

Can recreational drugs be an opening to genuine spiritual awakening? Brian Hartnett's passion for rave dance music -- as well as alcohol and ecstasy -- cost him his career. Doctors labeled his paranoia, telepathy, and voices symptoms of schizophr...Show More
Recovery and Diagnosis: Lisa Darbyshire

47:01 | Dec 1st, 2009

How can a chaotic and oppressive family life lead to trauma and extreme states? Do medications and diagnosis provide help, or can they make things worse? Psychiatric abuse survivor Lisa Darbyshire, Massachusetts organizer with the Freedom Center ...Show More
Autism Self Advocacy: Ari Ne’eman

51:58 | Oct 14th, 2009

What does it mean to be autistic, have Asperger's, or be on the autism spectrum? Is autism a disease to be overcome, or a difference to be embraced? Is autism advocacy like mad pride activism? Ari Ne'eman, a person on the autism spectrum and dire...Show More
Conscience of Psychiatry: Peter Breggin

54:05 | Sep 16th, 2009

What do modern psychiatric drug treatments have in common with lobotomy? Is informed consent possible when patients' judgment is impaired by medication? Should psych drugs be banned? For more than 50 years Dr. Peter Breggin has been a leading cru...Show More
Beyond Belief: Tamasin Knight

48:25 | Sep 16th, 2009

How do we respond to bizarre beliefs like CIA brain chips, abduction by aliens, hearing voices, spirit possession, or telepathy? Is respect for a different reality "colluding" with a delusion? Or is there meaning in madness? Medical doctor Tamasi...Show More
Paxil On Trial: Alison Bass

51:47 | Aug 26th, 2009

When GlaxoSmithKline was caught lying about the risks of its blockbuster anti-depressant Paxil, it set off ongoing investigations. How did New York state take on one of the world's most powerful companies? Was NY Governor Eliot Spitzer driven out by...Show More
Mad Science Mad Pride: Bradley Lewis

56:59 | Aug 12th, 2009

What is the mad movement's best response to science? How is mad pride different from gay pride? Do we want to become equal with "normal" people -- or challenge the idea of normal itself? What about suffering and the risk of romanticizing madness? ...Show More
Our Daily Meds: Melody Petersen

51:12 | Jul 14th, 2009

More than 100,000 people die in the US each year from prescription drugs -- used as directed by their doctor. How did aggressive marketing make our health care system a cause of widespread sickness? Why haven't government regulation or medical resear...Show More
Art and Schizophrenia: Louis Sass

53:50 | Jun 30th, 2009

Does modern art, such as Artaud, Beckett, and Duchamp, parallel the mad frames of mind that get labeled "schizophrenia?" Is extreme sensitivity and inner self-consciousness behind artistic innovation and breaks with reality? Rutgers University ps...Show More
Hearing Voices Movement: Jacqui Dillon

51:04 | Jun 16th, 2009

What is it like to hear voices? How do people learn to live with their voices, and are voices sometimes positive and helpful? What is the connection between voices and trauma? Jacqui Dillon, voice hearer and director of the UK Hearing Voices Netw...Show More
School Bullying: Dawn Menken

51:51 | Jun 2nd, 2009

What are the lasting impacts of taunting, teasing, and physical harassment between children? Why are kids who are different singled out and picked on? What can parents do if their children are victims of bullies? Psychotherapist, parent, and proce...Show More
Electroshock Deception: Linda Andre

51:31 | May 12th, 2009

Why is ECT, electroconvulsive therapy or electroshock, so widely used today? How is the ECT industry manipulating research and public perceptions the way tobacco companies did about cigarettes? What are the real dangers of this lobotomy-era treatment...Show More
Transgender Spirituality: Miguel Mendias

51:15 | Apr 28th, 2009

Is madness part of a deeper calling? How is being transgender -- transitioning from one gender to another -- a spiritual process? Machete Mendias, female-to-male transgender activist and artist, discusses his life beyond the borders of gender ide...Show More
Alcohol Alternatives: Anne Fletcher

52:15 | Apr 15th, 2009

How can people recover from serious drinking problems? Are 12-step and Alcoholics Anonymous programs right for everyone? Anne Fletcher, author of Sober for Good: New Solutions for Drinking Problems, discusses how people successfully overcome alco...Show More
Sane Medication Policy: Robert Whitaker

51:25 | Mar 30th, 2009

Has society's embrace of psychiatric medications led to recovery -- or chronic disability? What would honest medical policy and treatment standards be if they were free of pharmaceutical company corruption? Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Whitaker,...Show More
Is Shyness a Disease? Christopher Lane

50:11 | Mar 11th, 2009

Do pharmaceutical companies control the social definition of normal? Can advertising and public relations campaigns turn acceptable personality differences into unacceptable disorders? British-American literary critic and historian Christopher Lan...Show More
Beyond Meds: Monica Cassani

56:09 | Feb 23rd, 2009

Blogger and former social worker Gianna Kali discusses her experience going into the mental health system after taking psychedelic drugs, spiritual emergence, decades of treatment with more than 30 different psychiatric medications, and the difficult...Show More
Mad Movement Strategies: Gabriella Coleman

49:14 | Feb 2nd, 2009

Psychiatric survivor activism is a vital force changing American mental health care, leading the way in human rights reforms and challenging pharmaceutical company corruption long before the scandals of today's headlines. What is this history of ...Show More
Schizophrenia Recovery: Rufus May

49:21 | Jan 19th, 2009

UK clinical psychologist Rufus May descended into madness -- convinced he was on a spy mission and that animals were robots, he even walked into a family gathering naked. How did Rufus find meaning in these experiences, learn to live without medic...Show More
Depression And Oppression: Alisha Ali

51:31 | Jan 7th, 2009

Is depression a result of poverty? How can community development and economic empowerment affect mental health? Psychology professor Alisha Ali discusses the dangers of turning social problems into medical disorders, including bias in diagnosis, l...Show More
Birth Trauma w/ Annie Robinson

48:56 | Dec 17th, 2008

Labor doula and Icarus Project student organizer Annie Robinson talks about her experience in the mental health system as an adolescent, and how it led to her interest in changing medical birthing procedures and becoming a doula. Annie discusses t...Show More
Psychologist and Survivor: Author Ronald Bassman

53:05 | Dec 16th, 2008

Internationally known advocate, psychiatric abuse survivor organizer, and clinical psychologist Ronald Bassman discusses and reads from his new book, A Fight To Be: A Psychologist's Experience From Both Sides of the Locked Door. Ron was diagnosed ...Show More
Homelessness And Mental Health w/ Marykate Connor

53:08 | Dec 10th, 2008

Marykate Connor, founder of Caduceus Outreach Services in San Francisco, talks about her innovative work helping homeless people with mental health problems. She discusses the criminal justice system, the decline of services since the 1970s, medicati...Show More
Holistic Drug Alternatives: Gracelyn Guyol

55:30 | Dec 4th, 2008

Grace Guyol, diagnosed with bipolar disorder and author of Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs: Inspiring Stories of Restoring Mental Health Through Natural Therapies, discusses nutrition, supplements, and holistic health care for h...Show More
Hoarding Stuff w/ Randy Frost

52:36 | Nov 26th, 2008

Psychology professor Randy Frost, author of Buried In Treasures, discusses his work on hoarding, people who collect so much stuff excessively that it disrupts their lives or creates a health or fire hazard, including how to help people without riskin...Show More
Live Through This Anthology: Sabrina Chapadjiev

51:36 | Sep 10th, 2008

Editor Sabrina Chapadjiev discusses the new Seven Stories Press anthology Live Through This: On Creativity and Self Destruction, a rich collection of women artists sharing intimate accounts of cutting, alcoholism, suicide, abuse, madness and other se...Show More
Reinventing Bipolar: Steven Morgan

50:09 | Aug 27th, 2008

Advocate and bipolar survivor Steven Morgan talks about his experiences with spirituality and meditation, including healing through dream work. Listen to the recent profile the New York Times did of Steven, check out Steven's writing at http://www...Show More
Madness and Technology: Jeffrey Goins

52:52 | Aug 20th, 2008

Long time Icarus Project organizer, open source computer software architect, and graduate doctoral student Jeffrey Goins discusses his psychiatric experiences and insights from the world of technology applied to the world of madness. Topics includ...Show More
Cognitive Therapy: Ron Unger

52:06 | Jul 16th, 2008

Oregon Mental health counselor Ron Unger discusses his experiences with altered states of consciousness, and how cognitive behavioral therapy can be a useful alternative to medication and mainstream psychiatric treatment. Ron is a longtime organizer ...Show More
Spiritual Emergence: David Lukoff

49:48 | Jul 2nd, 2008

Clinical Psychologist David Lukoff talks about his madness experience and the spiritual transformation it triggered. David went on to become a leading figure in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and works to bring greater spiritual awareness into...Show More
Evolving Minds: Mel Gunasena

47:09 | Jun 25th, 2008

UK video activist and writer Mel Gunasena on her mystical experiences and forced psychiatric hospitalization. Mel is the director of Evolving Minds, a documentary film about spiritual experiences and what gets labeled "psychosis" by the mental health...Show More
Misled Youth: Michael Gennarelli

49:00 | Jun 4th, 2008

Community organizer and writer Michael Gennarelli talks about his 8 years of psychiatric treatment as a child and his stays at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Michael reads his poetry about these painful experiences and discusses his activism, in...Show More
Buddhist Meditation and Schizophrenia: Ed Knight

52:47 | May 28th, 2008

Recovery leader and survivor Ed Knight talks about Zen, Insight, and Christian meditation and "schizophrenia," including discrimination against people with psychiatric labels at meditation retreats, the link between spiritual awakening and madness, a...Show More
Wounded States of Consciousness: Bogna Szymkiewicz

52:03 | May 21st, 2008

Warsaw Poland psychologist Bogna Szymkiewicz discusses "wounded states of consciousness," what the mind and body do when trauma is activated, as well as how trauma affects our relationships and what we can do to recover.   [Read more...]
Black Mental Health UK: Philip Morgan

51:24 | May 14th, 2008

Blacks in the UK are much more likely than white people to be locked up, put on drugs, and mistreated in the mental health system. Social scientist Philip Morgan of London's Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Mental Health Organization (THACMHO)...Show More
Genetic Predispositions? Jay Joseph

51:09 | May 7th, 2008

Clinical psychologist Jay Joseph details medical science's 30-year failed quest to find any link between genetics and diagnoses of mental disorders, and debunks widely held beliefs in the psychiatric profession, including the idea of "genetic predisp...Show More
Psych Diagnosis Bias: Paula Caplan

56:31 | Apr 30th, 2008

Harvard University faculty Paula Caplan, author of They Say You're Crazy: How The World's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal and editor of Bias In Psychiatric Diagnosis. Paula was on one of the writing committees for the DSM and offers a...Show More
Process Oriented Counseling with Joe Goodbread

52:47 | Apr 23rd, 2008

Counselor and researcher Joe Goodbread discusses his more than 25 years experience working with madness and extreme states using Process Oriented Psychology, an innovative approach based in the work of Carl Jung and developed by Arnold Mindell. Joe d...Show More
Forced Drugging and Treatment with Journalist Philip Dawdy

54:40 | Apr 10th, 2008

Award-winning journalist Philip Dawdy, formerly a writer with the Seattle Weekly newspaper, discusses how forced psychiatric treatment and drugging are ineffective responses to violent crime and the so-called "dangerous mentally ill." Philip is the w...Show More
Queer Writer and Educator Jessica Max Stein

52:06 | Apr 3rd, 2008

Queer writer, educator, and Icarus Project organizer Jessica Max Stein talks about homophobia, mental health, and our broken educational system. She recently won an award from Poets & Writers magazine, and had a poem published in the Sun magazine. Sh...Show More
Environmental Insanity w/ Author Derrick Jensen

53:01 | Mar 26th, 2008

Visionary writer and thought-provoking environmentalist Derrick Jensen talks about the human-caused ecological collapse of the natural world, family trauma, technological brainwashing, indigenous societies, Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing, and the i...Show More
Comfortably Numb: Author Charles Barber

53:07 | Mar 19th, 2008

Author Charles Barber talks about his new book Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry is Medicating a Nation, a history of the rise of psychiatric drug marketing from "mother's little helper" to today's 200 million plus anti-depressant prescriptions.   [Re...Show More
South Africa Activism: Moosa Salie

50:41 | Mar 12th, 2008

Capetown South Africa survivor activist Moosa Salie talks about mental health organizing in Africa and beyond, and work to establish the Ubuntu Center for alternative support. Check out Moosa's blog and the World Network of Uses and Survivors of ...Show More
Survivor Songwriter Vara Adams

51:40 | Jan 31st, 2008

Vara Adams survived forced hospitalization, drugging, and multiple electroshocks as a teen in Melbourne Australia. She went on to become a heavy metal-influenced songwriter about her experiences as part of the healing process. Show includes several o...Show More
Rights Organizing: Celia Brown

52:10 | Jan 24th, 2008

Psychiatric abuse survivor and human rights activist Celia Brown discusses working for change in the mental health system, including her ownn experiences and creating "supported decision-making" for people in distress. Celia is President of Mindf...Show More
Sexual Abuse: Searching for Angela Shelton

54:36 | Dec 27th, 2007

Angela Shelton is an award-winning Hollywood actress and filmmaker, who traveled across the US meeting other women named Angela Shelton and discovering how widespread sexual abuse is in our society. She discusses her film Searching for Angela Shelton...Show More
Colonialism and Native Mental Health: Stella Montour

51:11 | Dec 20th, 2007

First Nations Ojibway activist and psychiatric abuse survivor Stella Montour of Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada talks about colonialism and racism against native people, how they affect mental health, and her work for change.   [Read more...]
Our Crazy Economy: Catherine Austin Fitts

55:56 | Dec 12th, 2007

A money insider's view of how crazy and corrupt our US-led world economic system really is, including drug money, mlitary spending, and the housing crisis. Catherine Austin Fitts was Assistant Secretary of Housing - Federal Housing Commissioner u...Show More
Psychiatric Abuse: Activist Angela Bischoff and Shock Survivor Wayne Lax

51:20 | Dec 5th, 2007

Two interviews on psychiatric abuse: Angela Bischoff's husband Tooker Gomberg died in a suicide after taking anti-depressants; both were prominent Toronto environmental and peace activists. Wayne Lax survived 80 shock treatments and multiple hospital...Show More
Portland Police Training w/ Julie Diamond

57:15 | Nov 28th, 2007

After James Chasse, a man with a schizophrenia diagnosis, was killed by Portland police in 2006, reforms included improved police training. Julie Diamond discusses efforts to help teach police better de-escalation and conflict resolution techniques a...Show More
America’s Depression Epidemic: Bruce Levine

54:51 | Nov 21st, 2007

Clinical psychologist Bruce Levine discusses his new book Surviving America's Depression Epidemic: How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy, an insightful exploration of the social and political causes of depression and how to ...Show More
Human Rights in Argentina with Mental Disability Rights International

49:38 | Nov 14th, 2007

Latin America Program Director Alison Hillman of Mental Disability Rights International talks with Will Hall in Buenos Aires Argentina about the campaign to reform the country's brutally abusive mental health system, and the work she and Will have be...Show More
Virginia Tech Icarus Project Dialog

51:36 | Oct 31st, 2007

Icarus Project organizers Madigan Shive, Molly Sprengelmeyer, Will Hall, Neil Gong, and Sascha DuBrul visit Virginia Tech, site of the violent tragedy, and discuss campus mental health issues with students.   [Read more...]
Youth Suicide with Leah Harris

51:36 | Oct 24th, 2007

Psychiatric survivor and leading advocate Leah Harris reads her powerful poem "I Was a Teenage Mental Patient" and discusses how communities can work to prevent suicide by looking beyong mainstream approaches and rethinking our alienating school syst...Show More
Men and Trauma with Oryx Cohen

52:22 | Oct 7th, 2007

Freedom Center co-founder Oryx Cohen talks about how men can recover and heal from trauma, and creating a trauma-informed mental health system. Oryx also discusses the creation of the new Recovery Learning Community in Western MA.   [Read more...]
What Is Psychosis? Matthew Morsey

54:55 | Sep 19th, 2007

Psychotherapist and MindFreedom activist Matthew Morrissey discusses the deeper meaning of "psychosis," his own healing journey, and his past work at a unique center that focused on facilitating recovery from what are classified as "major mental diso...Show More
Jamaican Dub Music and Recovery: John Rice

52:50 | Sep 19th, 2007

Phenix City, Alabama mobile DJ John Rice describes how he spent decades on neuroleptic drugs after being dragged into the psych system in the Deep South, and his discovery of Jamaican dub reggae music as a pathway to recovery and spiritual connection...Show More
Patricia Deegan: Personal Medicine

56:50 | Sep 12th, 2007

Longtime consumer-survivor movement leader and pioneer in recovery education Pat Deegan talks about her story surviving a schizophrenia diagnosis, empowered medication decisions, and her development of innovative assisstive technology.   [Read more.....Show More
Medical Cannabis w/ Dr. Mitch Earleywine

55:54 | Aug 29th, 2007

Psychologist and advocate with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and the Marijuana Policy project, Mitch Earleywine discusses medical marijuana, dangers and uses, and the relationship between marijuana and psychosis. ...Show More
Escape from Psychiatry Bed Push

55:19 | Aug 22nd, 2007

July 2007: psychiatric survivors from the Freedom Center in Northampton MA pushed a bed across town and held a rally and speakout against local mental health mistreatment, including at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and ServiceNet. With activists Molly Hu...Show More
Pharma Corruption: Evelyn Pringle

52:57 | Aug 15th, 2007

Independent journalist Evelyn Pringle writes extensively on Big Pharma corruption and the role the mainstream media plays in covering it up.   [Read more...]
Hurricane Katrina + Mental Health

46:01 | Aug 9th, 2007

Hurricane Katrina special, with Aby Adams and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discussing their trip to New Orleans to do volunteer relief work, and the questionable role of the mainstream mental health industry in recovery efforts. Check out their...Show More
Manufacturing Depression: Gary Greenberg

51:47 | Aug 8th, 2007

Gary Greenberg, journalist for Harpers, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone and others, discusses being a subject in a clinical drug trial, how depression is manipulated by advertising and Big Pharma, and the social medicalizing of experience.   [Read more...Show More
Lamictal Near Fatality + Bipolar Knitting

33:58 | Aug 1st, 2007

Two topics: A Northampton, Massachusetts woman talks about her near-fatal drug reaction to an off label prescription of Lamictal, and Brooklynne Michelle discusses the Mosh Knit podcast -- about knitting and bipolar.   [Read more...]
Bonfire Madigan: Visionary Musician

51:15 | Jul 25th, 2007

Riot Grrl instigator Bonfire Madigan Shive talks about her family, the mental health system, living outside the mainstream and her creative inspiration as a visionary musician.   [Read more...]
Madness Survivor Voices with Gail Hornstein

53:29 | Jul 18th, 2007

Longtime Freedom Center ally Mt. Holyoke College Professor Gail Hornstein discusses first-person accounts of people who have lived through madness, and previews her upcoming book Agnes's Jacket.   [Read more...]
Globalization of Psychiatry: Philip Thomas Post-Psychiatry

51:01 | Jul 11th, 2007

UK psychiatrist Philip Thomas discusses the globalization of psychiatry and pharmaceutical company expansion world-wide, including how community empowerment and traditional ways of care can challenge western individualism based medical model of menta...Show More
John Horgan: “The Undiscovered Mind”

56:59 | Jul 4th, 2007

John Horgan, who has written for Scientific American, Discover, and the New York Times, talks about neuroscience, genetics, the placebo effect psychedelic drugs, and more. John is the author of The Undiscovered Mind: How The Human Brain Defies Re...Show More
“Madness of George W Bush” w/ Paul Levy

50:10 | Jun 27th, 2007

Paul Levy, who went through psych hospitalizations as part of a spiritual emergence process and became a Buddhist teacher, discusses his book The Madness Of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis.   [Read more...]
Rocky Caravelli: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine

57:12 | Jun 20th, 2007

Rocky Caravelli talks about his recovery from 25 years of methamphetamine and heroin addition and a bipolar diagnosis through treatment with Ibogaine, a visionary plant medicine from indigenous people in West Africa, and his work helping many others ...Show More
Chaya Grossberg: Madness Spirituality

50:56 | Jun 6th, 2007

Long time Freedom Center organizer Chaya Grossberg talks about her experiences with madness, medications, her explorations of spirituality, being a client at Windhorse Associates, and how her healing path has brought her to be a teacher of local yoga...Show More
Richard DeGrandpre: Cult of Pharmacology

55:35 | Jun 6th, 2007

Richard DeGrandpre, former editor of Adbusters magazine and author of Ritalin Nation, discusses his new book, The Cult of Pharmacology, and how the popular conception of "addiction" behind the War On Drugs is scientifically inaccurate: social context...Show More
Keely Malone: Active Bystandership

52:36 | May 30th, 2007

Keely Malone, organizer with Freedom Center, and Arise for Social Justice, talks about her work with Quabbin Mediation training people in "Active Bystandership," teaching how to not passively witness harm such as bullying, violence, or crisis, but to...Show More
Philip Dawdy: Furious Seasons Blog

1:02:50 | May 27th, 2007

Award winning journalist Philip Dawdy, former Seattle Weekly writer, discusses his research on pharmaceutical companies and mental heath. Philip is the writer of the excellent blog Furious Seasons.   [Read more...]
Child Lockup / Holocaust / Vikki Gilbert

54:40 | May 23rd, 2007

17 year old Sonia Peterson speaks with great insight about being locked up and forced to take drugs at age 12 and living with a bipolar diagnosis. Plus a short documentaty produced by Darbey Penney and Peter Stastny on Nazi killings of psychiatric pa...Show More
Krista MacKinnon: Family Advocacy

51:29 | May 16th, 2007

Psychiatric Survivor Krista MacKinnon talks about her experiences with extreme states and spirituality, and her current work as a family advocate with Toronto, Canada's Family Outreach and Response Program, an innovative way of helping families from ...Show More
Pat Bracken: Post-Psychiatry, PTSD & Community Development

57:19 | May 9th, 2007

Dr. Pat Bracken, Irish psychiatrist, philosopher and co-author of the book Post-Psychiatry: Mental Health in a Post-Modern World, discusses community development as an alternative to individualistic and harmful Western mental health care world wide, ...Show More
Mina: Madness & Mysticism: Portland Icarus Project

57:02 | Apr 14th, 2007

Mina, a main organizer with the Portand Icarus Project, discusses her experiences diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder schizophrenia - bipolar type, coming off meds, homelessness, mysticism, and helping people through psychotic crisis, as well as ...Show More
Ed Knight: Recovery and Transformation

52:36 | Apr 14th, 2007

Ed Knight, schizophrenia and homelessness survivor, has become one of the leading advocates of a recovery-based approach in mental health, and is one of the main organizers of the consumer-survivor movement. Ed is the Steward of The Healing Circl...Show More
Peter Stastny: Dissident Psychiatrist

51:34 | Apr 11th, 2007

Psychiatrist Peter Stastny talks about his decades-long work as an anti-psychiatrist psychiatrist, problems with the hospital system and medications, and the international movement to create alternatives. Peter is one of the main organizers of IN...Show More
International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery – INTAR

59:30 | Mar 21st, 2007

INTAR -- the International Network Towards Alternatives and Recovery -- had a 2005 gathering of people from around the world working on ways to help people with schizophrenia, bipolar and other diagnoses without the medical model. This hour-long show...Show More
Restorative Justice w/ Rockdove Collective

1:00:00 | Mar 14th, 2007

Danielle, who works with a New York City policy NGO and is part of the activist Rockdove Collective, discusses the international Restorative Justice movement, creating effective mediation and community dialog as alternatives to the punitive prison-in...Show More
Michael Perlin: International Mental Health Rights

55:59 | Feb 14th, 2007

Leading legal scholar Michael Perlin discusses psychiatric rights around the world and the political uses of forced treatment, at the 2006 NARPA conference.   [Read more...]
Police Violence: Jim Chasse, Portland Oregon

56:11 | Feb 7th, 2007

Portland Oregon police were exonerated after they beat and killed without provocation or cause Jim Chasse, a man labeled with schizophrenia.   [Read more...]
Zyprexa Memos Scandal: Update

1:00:33 | Jan 17th, 2007

Zyprexa manufacturer Eli-Lilly covered up criminal conduct and drug risks, leaked documents show, and is using a court gag order to keep survivor activists, including Freedom Center organizer Will Hall, quiet.   [Read more...]
Kalle Lasn: Adbusters Founder

29:25 | Dec 15th, 2006

Culture jammer and anti-consumerist publisher of Adbusters magazine Kalle Lasn talks about the mental environment, brands, organizing for change and how toxic culture causes emotional distress.   [Read more...]
Sex Work w/ Caty Simon and Maryse

52:55 | Dec 6th, 2006

Sex workers Caty Simon and Maryse discuss social standards of normal and acceptable sexuality and how it affects mental wellbeing, from the point of view of sex workers rights.   [Read more...]
Voyce Hendrix: Inside Soteria House

49:06 | Dec 6th, 2006

Inside Soteria House with Voyce Hendrix, original clinical director who worked closely with Loren Mosher. Soteria House was a non-medication, non-diagnostic label and voluntary residence treating severe psychotic breakdown. Recovery rates were much h...Show More
Poet Shaman Eddie Bartok-Baratta / Samana

55:22 | Nov 9th, 2006

Visionary writer, musician, and sculptor Eddie Bartok-Baratta performs his powerful poetry, plays flute, and discusses his amazing life, trauma and violence, and his creativity.   [Read more...]
Prescription Suicide? Documentary w/ Director Robert Manciero

42:04 | Nov 2nd, 2006

A harrowing film of six families devastated by the dangerous violence-causing effects of anti-depressant drugs.   [Read more...]
Julie Spooner: Urban Shamanism

41:08 | Oct 18th, 2006

Urban Shamanism with Julie Spooner, licensed psychologist from Brooklyn New York. Julie discusses a spiritual healing approach to madness and psychosis, including journeying through visionary states into alternate dimensions and interacting with illn...Show More
Robert Whitaker: Violence and Madness

53:21 | Oct 11th, 2006

Violence and Madness with Robert Whitaker, Pulitzer-nominated author of "Mad In America," discussing the role of psychiatric drugs in causing violence, the history of coercive psychiatric treatments, and responses to the recent murder of prominent ps...Show More
Bruce Levine: “Commonsense Rebellion”

51:31 | Oct 4th, 2006

Commonsense Rebellion with Bruce Levine, dissident psychologist and author of Commonsense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy, discusses the social forces that drive people to depression, anxiety...Show More
Ruta Mazelis: Cutting Edge Self Injury

46:39 | Sep 27th, 2006

Self-injury and cutting with Ruta Mazelis, psychiatric abuse survivor and editor for 17+ years of the acclaimed newsletter "The Cutting Edge". Cutting, burning, head banging and other self-harm are discussed from the point of view of people doing the...Show More
Kate Bornstein: “Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide”

44:52 | Sep 20th, 2006

Transsexual writer and activist Kate Bornstein on her book Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws. Kate overturns the orthodox either-or labels of male / female and straight/gay/bi with her postmodern sexua...Show More
Delphine Brody: Policy Advocacy

48:29 | Sep 13th, 2006

Delphine Brody is a psych survivor and advocate with the California Network of Mental Health Clients who has years of experience working for substantial policy change on the local, state, and national level. Delphine also addresses efforts to stop...Show More
Coming Off Medications w/Oryx Cohen

48:53 | Aug 30th, 2006

Oryx Cohen and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discuss how to reduce and go off psychiatric drugs safely. Oryx is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Will with schizophrenia, and both are medication-free. They talk about their own experiences as w...Show More
Environmental Illness and Mental Health

53:02 | Aug 2nd, 2006

Reason, pseudonym of Valley Free Radio's Antidote Radio host, discusses multiple chemical sensitivity, environmental illness, toxins in our surroundings, food, and bodies, and how this affects our mental health and overall wellbeing. Your diagnosis m...Show More
David Oaks: Mindfreedom International

49:07 | Jul 19th, 2006

David Oaks, Director of Mindfreedom International, the leading psychiatric survivor human rights coalition, talks about his 30 years of experience as a movement activist, Mindfreedom's work, and strategies and visions for challenging corporate psychi...Show More
Barney Plisko: Life With Bipolar Diagnosis

51:51 | Jun 14th, 2006

Barney Plisko, longtime Freedom Center member who has struggled for years with extreme states of consciousness, discusses living with a bipolar diagnosis, dealing with the mental health system, efforts at recovery, and the different ways his conditio...Show More
Darby Penney: Willard Hospital Suitcase Exhibit

46:43 | May 4th, 2006

Leading survivor advocate Darby Penney on the exhibit created from suitcases found in the attic of the old Willard State Hospital asylum in New York, illustrating the forgotten lives of patients there.   [Read more...]
John Judge: Government Mind Control

51:17 | Apr 5th, 2006

John Judge was active in the 1970s psychiatric survivor movement and is now special assistant to Congressperson Cynthia KcKinney. John discusses MKULTRA and other US psychiatric mind control experiments, which involved torture of thousands of mental ...Show More
John McCarthy: Irish Mental Health Advocacy

57:12 | Mar 28th, 2006

Ireland Activist and Poet John McCarthy, Mindfreedom International representative to the United Nations, discusses being "normally mad," recovery, the UN Disability Convention, and challenging system abuses, in dialogue with Will Hall and co-host Ory...Show More
Paula Caplan: Deciding Who is Normal

50:41 | Mar 15th, 2006

Harvard University faculty Paula Caplan, author of They Say You're Crazy: How The World's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal and editor of Bias In Psychiatric Diagnosis. Paula was on one of the writing committees for the DSM and offe...Show More
Carey Lamprecht: Children and Forced Treatment

50:50 | Mar 1st, 2006

Activist Carey Lamprecht on her experiences as a staffperson in high security locked facilities with violent children and adolescents, and her creation of successful alternatives to restraints and coercion, alternatives that were blocked by facility ...Show More
Dr. Mike Smith, Lincoln Recovery: Acupuncture for Drug Detox

49:41 | Feb 15th, 2006

Dr. Mike Smith, Director of Lincoln Recovery drug detox center in the South Bronx NYC, discusses the use of acupuncture to treat addiction, the war on drugs, and the NADA ear acupuncture protocol, which is the protocol used in the Freedom Center acup...Show More
Judi Chamberlin: Psychiatric Survivor Movement

45:42 | Feb 8th, 2006

Judi Chamberlin is a leading organizer with the psychiatric survivors' movement and one of its earliest initiators. She is author of On Our Own: Patient Controlled Alternatives to the Mental Health System and staff with the National Empowerment Cente...Show More
Forced Drugging in Northampton MA: Jim Gottstein, Lee LePoutre

47:09 | Feb 1st, 2006

Louis Lee LePouttre, forced to take psych drugs as an outpatient in Northampton discusses his legal situation with Jim Gottstein of PsychRights. Louis, who has no history of violence, objects to drugging on religious and health grounds. When he fails...Show More
Sherry Mead: Peer Run Crisis Services

47:29 | Jan 25th, 2006

Recovery leader Sherry Mead discusses how peer-run crisis alternatives are leading the way to a transformed mental health system.   [Read more...]
Laurie Ahern: Mental Disability Rights International

33:56 | Jan 25th, 2006

Laurie Ahern, Associate Director of Mental Disability Rights International, on advocacy efforts to end human rights abuses in psychiatric facilities in Turkey, Romania, Paraguay, Kosovo, and world-wide. Check out their website at http://www.mdri....Show More
Peter Bullimore: Recovery from Voices, Paranoia Abuse

24:03 | Dec 24th, 2005

Peter Bullimore, of England's Hearing Voices Network, on his experiences with madness diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia, including violence and extreme deterioration. Peter discusses sexual abuse and how he worked with his voices to recover and...Show More
Evolving Minds: UK Mental Health Activism

12:41 | Dec 17th, 2005

Amy Sanderson, Rufus May, and Andrew Wood discuss Evolving Minds, a visionary public forum and activist group challenging traditional mental health care in England, including the 2005 cross-country Bed Push protest against coercive psychiatry.   [Rea...Show More
Tim Wise: Psychology Of Racism

58:22 | Nov 23rd, 2005

Tim Wise, internationally recognized writer and activist, on racism, white privilege, and the psychology of discrimination.   [Read more...]
Sharon Wise: Restraints and Seclusion

54:14 | Nov 9th, 2005

Sharon Wise, psychiatric survivor activist on her story as a psychiatric survivor and organizing efforts to end "restraints and seclusion," euphemisms for shackling and solitary confinement.   [Read more...]