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Explorations in the world of science.


26:57 | Aug 28th, 2017

Silicon is literally everywhere in both the natural and built environment, from the dominance of silicate rocks in the earth crust, to ubiquitous sand in building materials and as the basis for glass....Show More
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on the cosmic ubiquity of silicon, from building materials to electronics and perhaps.... alien life forms????

26:59 | May 8th, 2017

Synthetic biology, coming to a street near you. Engineers and biologists who hack the information circuits of living cells are already getting products to the market. Roland Pease meets the experts wh...Show More
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27:39 | May 18th

Andrea Sella, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University College London, celebrates the art and science of chemical elements. In this episode he looks at two elements we have valued for millennia ...Show More

50:36 | May 16th

Claudia Hammond and her panel of scientists and doctors analyse the latest science on the coronavirus and answer the audience’s questions on the impact of the pandemic. Dr Lucy van Dorp of UCL explo...Show More

27:10 | May 13th

Whilst most men become fathers, and men make up roughly half the parental population, the vast majority of scientific research has focused on the mother. But studies have started to reveal the impact...Show More
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