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Delta CEO Ed Bastian on why he's spending big on airports

21:48 | May 16th

We caught up with the airline executive as he stepped off a flight at LAX.
Lighting a fire under the FDA over e-cigarettes

06:42 | May 16th

With more tariff threats and a new tech ban, how could increased tensions between the U.S. and China affect investors long-term? A federal judge lights a fire under the FDA to speed up e-cigarette regulation. Plus, could there be another trade beef b...Show More
How Donald Trump might've just slowed down your 5G

06:52 | May 16th

The Trump administration's crackdown on Huawei continues. Walmart navigates the U.S.-China tariff troubles. Plus, can the tech industry or its innovative spirit save us from climate change? Today's show is sponsored by BitSight Technologies, Capital ...Show More
Lego addicts help fight fakes

06:35 | May 16th

From the BBC World Service... The Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has warned that President Trump's order to ban cooperation with some foreign communication networks will leave the U.S. lagging behind in 5G technology. How will turmoil in the Middle Ea...Show More
In a changing climate, we need tech to adapt

04:57 | May 16th

We continue our series on how tech can help us adapt to climate change, called "How We Survive." Tech solutions can involve a lot of things: transferring existing technologies to more vulnerable parts of the world, updating infrastructure, applying a...Show More
The economic anxieties of the 2020 Democrats

06:09 | May 15th

Retail sales in China and the U.S. show signs of slowing, and the trade war's not helping. President Trump could ban U.S. companies from doing business with certain Chinese tech firms. Plus, in a still-growing field of 22 Democratic candidates with v...Show More
The scale(s) of the black market pangolin trade

06:54 | May 15th

A federal labor agency rules workers in the gig economy can't unionize. There's a good reason the NBA Draft is left up to chance. Plus, we look at why the pangolin has become the world's most trafficked mammal, and it's about a lot more than their cu...Show More
What bosses can learn from actors

06:07 | May 15th

From the BBC World Service... Facebook says it will introduce new restrictions on users who post live content that violates its policies on hate speech. But can you police those dark corners of the internet? Then, China's president Xi Jinping has urg...Show More
Who pays for the tech to survive climate change?

05:46 | May 15th

Surviving climate change is not going to be cheap: The United Nations puts the total cost to society at $54 trillion (at least) by the end of the century. It's going to take private money and entrepreneurship to push forward the kinds of adaptation t...Show More
113: How to survive climate change

38:25 | May 14th

It may be too late to avoid the worst consequences of our warming planet. But we could still adapt to them.
The big TV networks are doing just fine

06:37 | May 14th

Markets rebound after Monday's trade talk sell-off. A new study finds preschool goes a long way later in life. Plus, despite falling viewership on traditional TV, the big networks are still doing big business. Today's show is sponsored by Bitsight Te...Show More
Why millennials are fond of the state right now

06:33 | May 14th

China's retaliatory tariffs mean U.S. liquefied natural gas exports could take a hit. What does SCOTUS's Monday decision against the Apple Store's "monopoly" means for the greater tech industry? Plus, millennials' economic outlook is generally rosy, ...Show More
Why angry shareholders are targeting Germany

06:20 | May 14th

From the BBC World Service... Cybersecurity experts have warned WhatsApp users to update the messaging app as soon as possible following the discovery of a flaw. We examine why shareholders are demanding change in corporate Germany. Plus, we look at ...Show More
Climate intelligence has to come before climate tech

05:13 | May 14th

To adapt to a changing climate, we have to understand the scope of the problem in order to better predict what might happen, and when. Collecting climate data on the scale of the entire globe is a job for NASA. And in this installment of “How We Surv...Show More
In Georgia, the storm has passed but not the impasse

06:22 | May 13th

As President Trump and his main economic adviser try get on the same page regarding tariffs, investors seem a bit nervous about trade. India looks to create 1 million jobs a month ahead of elections. Plus, delayed storm relief in Georgia is making it...Show More
The street justice of "pothole vigilantes"

06:46 | May 13th

Forty-four states are suing drug companies, accusing them of colluding to hike up prices on generic prescriptions. Delta floats free wifi in the air. Plus, we take a look at how "pothole vigilantes" are taking the fight against crumbling infrastructu...Show More
Solving India's jobs crisis

06:11 | May 13th

From the BBC World Service... India is the world’s fastest growing major economy. But unemployment is at its highest in more than four decades. So why isn’t India creating enough jobs for its massive workforce? Anu Anand reports from New Delhi. Today...Show More
In a changing climate, how can tech help us survive?

05:47 | May 13th

Our new series "How We Survive" looks at how technology can help us adapt to climate change. In this opening conversation, we look at the need to adopt an adaptation mindset. Given the faster and more serious timeline laid out by the UN around major ...Show More
AI is just doing it

06:36 | May 10th

President Trump appears to be very comfortable with long-term tariffs. AI might help you order the right-sized Nikes online. Plus, with the U.S.'s gradual economic and political egress from the Middle East, Russia is finding an opportunity to fill th...Show More
Moscow fuel

07:01 | May 10th

Talks are continuing following the U.S. announcement that it's officially raising tariffs on Chinese goods, and more threats from President Trump keep coming, but China is already saying it will hit back. Plus, with the U,S.'s gradual economic and po...Show More
China shoulders doubling of U.S. imposed tariffs

06:24 | May 10th

From the BBC World Service... The U.S. has triggered the doubling of tariffs on imported Chinese goods, as the trade war escalates between the two countries. The oldest toy retailer in the world Hamleys has been bought by India's richest man. We hear...Show More
Nobel economist Paul Romer says the path to tech privacy may be taxes

06:58 | May 10th

This week, Google showed off lots of new privacy-oriented tools and products and user agreements at its big developer conference, Google I/O. Apple is marketing privacy, Facebook is promising privacy, eventually. Federal regulators are still trying t...Show More
Could the trade war trigger a recession?

06:43 | May 9th

Could failed trade talks with China trigger a recession in the U.S.? Britain goes one week without coal-powered electricity since 1882. Plus, as U.S. unemployment claims keep falling, states are scaling back on benefits and making it harder to get th...Show More
The China-Uber connection

06:51 | May 9th

Tenuous trade talks with China have some big implications for Uber, and his has little to do with cars. President Trump's budget gets graded. Amazon's smart speaker for children is under scrutiny. Plus, we look at the centuries-old guild of "compagno...Show More
Why more Americans aren't retiring

25:17 | May 1st

More and more Americans are working well past retirement age. For some, it’s a matter of necessity. For others, it’s a matter of choice — and the distinction is class-based. Today, we talk with some of those working seniors. Plus, the Fed's decision ...Show More
Building an oasis in a food desert

06:54 | May 1st

The official jobs numbers come out Friday, but private data already show what we've known for a while now: the job market is hot. With CVS's acquisition of health insurer Aetna, the drug store chain has moved towards providing health services in-hous...Show More
What to expect when you're expecting a royal

06:47 | May 1st

A new study finds that raising the minimum wage could prevent suicides. The U.S. will begin to implement largely ignored sanctions against Cuba. How will the island retaliate? Plus, we take a look at the booming business around soon-to-be parents Pri...Show More
Can U.S. sanctions cut Iranian oil exports to zero?

06:11 | May 1st

From the BBC World Service... Paris is bracing itself for a day of protests amid fears that the traditional May Day rally could turn violent. Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro has claimed victory over an attempted coup. Plus, the waivers that allo...Show More
Will virtual reality films ever go mainstream?

05:28 | May 1st

The Tribeca Film Festival, which is underway in New York, features more than 30 immersive movies, or as the term goes, "experiences." Virtual reality films are still far from mainstream. That’s partially because watching them involves a lot of stuff....Show More
'Everybody can get a job, but nobody can get a raise'

06:24 | Apr 30th

Government figures indicate it's not that hard to get a job these days, but it does take a little more work to get a raise. Cleveland and Ohio go the state's supreme court to decide the fate of the city's local hire ordinance, which the state says is...Show More
When even a paid staycation is out of the question

06:47 | Apr 30th

As the Trump administration preps for talks with Democrats on the country's crumbling infrastructure, we take a look at why public-private partnerships get complicated. A new survey suggest over a third of the people who can get paid vacation will ch...Show More
The end of an era in Japan

06:04 | Apr 30th

From the BBC World Service... Economic growth in Europe strengthened at the start of 2019, with both the eurozone and wider European Union expanding at a faster pace than expected. Also, a cross-party group of British politicians are backing a "Green...Show More
Apple might make its own modem chips to get to a 5G iPhone

05:38 | Apr 30th

Intel couldn’t deliver on making 5G modems for Apple, so Apple might make its own modem chips to get to a 5G iPhone. Host Molly Wood talked with Anshel Sag, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, who says all this drama is going down in... San Diego...Show More
Amazon and Google get into the (daily) mix

06:38 | Apr 29th

Consumers were spending a lot last month, according to new government data. An African swine flu epidemic is affecting China's food supply. Plus, Spotify faces stiff competition as Amazon and Google enter the streaming music business. Today's show is...Show More
Bayer beware

06:52 | Apr 29th

Shareholders of German agriculture and pharmaceutical conglomerate Bayer send a resounding rebuke against management stemming from the company's acquisition of Monsanto, whose Roundup weed killer has allegedly been linked to cancer. As fuel prices ri...Show More
Spanish socialists to form 'pro-European' government

06:13 | Apr 29th

From the BBC World Service... Spain's socialist party has won the most seats in the general election. We explain what it means for the Eurozone's fourth largest economy. Then, should the U.K. scrap the penny coin? Six out of ten copper coins in the U...Show More
Who protects you from making a bad purchase... on your smart speaker?

06:21 | Apr 29th

When we talk about the internet of things and a house full of smart speakers and fridges and TVs, we focus a lot on privacy concerns. But these devices are also for shopping, and that means commerce concerns. Think of smart devices in your home kind ...Show More
Are you Team Venmo or Team Zelle?

07:06 | Apr 26th

Hispanic home ownership has been rising. The president of France wants his citizens to work more. Plus, are you are on Team Paypal or Team Zelle? Today's show is sponsored by WellFrame, the University of Florida Warrington College of Business and Br...Show More
Charlotte's aim to become a foodie hub

07:04 | Apr 26th

GDP numbers are out Friday, and it looks like growth for the first quarter of 2019 was right in the sweet spot -- not too big, not too small. The NRA shifts its marketing away from firearms towards its criticism of the Left. Plus, Charlotte, North Ca...Show More
China’s president addresses concerns about the Belt and Road project

06:33 | Apr 26th

From the BBC World Service… There’s been growing worry about China’s rising influence as it expands it international trade project. At the Belt and Road conference in Beijing today, China’s president tried to quell those concerns. Then, over the week...Show More
After Facebook's 15 months of "fresh hell," why is its business still so solid?

09:38 | Apr 26th

Despite the privacy scandals, the federal investigations and the accusations of destroying democracy, this week Facebook reported its advertising revenue and global users are growing. Marketplace’s Jack Stewart talked with Nicholas Thompson, editor-i...Show More
Amazon's primed for new markets

06:55 | Apr 25th

Amazon's first quarter figures are out Thursday, and though business appears to be going gangbusters in the U.S., it could be time to take offerings like Prime to other markets. As for GDP Q1 numbers, they're out Friday. Plus, it was revealed this we...Show More
Some farmers don't want seasonal workers, but it's not what you might think

07:16 | Apr 25th

Facebook releases positive financial first quarter data amid continued scrutiny over privacy violations. Meanwhile, Tesla reports it lost $700 million, but CEO Elon Musk says it's "crazy" to not buy one of his cars and talks about the company's foray...Show More
AI is as intelligent as… an earthworm

06:36 | Apr 25th

From the BBC World Service… The Royal Bank of Scotland's boss resigned today after more than five years at the helm. Who's next to lead the bank, which is still more than 60% owned by U.K. taxpayers? Then, we take a look at the U.K.'s role in China's...Show More
Online retail has all the advantages over brick-and-mortar stores, right?

05:20 | Apr 25th

Amazon has built its empire, in large part, on one transformative promise: Your stuff shows up in two days. This near-instant gratification was forecast to be a very large nail in the coffin for brick-and-mortar retail. But all those physical spaces ...Show More
Jane Rosenthal is a film producer with a side gig as a CEO of the Tribeca Film Festival

21:45 | Apr 24th

She talks about co-founding the festival with Robert De Niro and why she’s embracing disruption in the entertainment industry.
Nurses fight to staff up

07:16 | Apr 24th

The S&P hits a record high, another indicator of investor confidence. Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn asks to tweak an already tenuous deal to build a plant in Wisconsin after the governor criticizes the $4 billion in tax incentives the company received...Show More
A return to Kohl's

07:16 | Apr 24th

The fallout from two deadly Boeing plane crashes continues, as dozens of the company's 737-MAX aircraft remain on the tarmac and another scandal with a different model might be brewing. Kohl's sees its stock tick up following news of a deal with Amaz...Show More
When it comes to fonts, less is more business

06:52 | Apr 17th

Germany lowers its growth expectations, but is slowing in the European economy a forgone conclusion at this point? A new study finds all those work programs to get you to stay fit don't actually do much. Plus, we take a look at how some companies' em...Show More
Emporia strikes back

07:15 | Apr 17th

Apple and Qualcomm settle their lawsuits over patent royalties. Tobacco stocks surge after a pro-regulation FDA commissioner leaves the agency as companies turn to vaping. Plus, Emporia, Kansas -- once called the "best small town in America to escape...Show More
Jobs, economic growth top of mind for Indonesia voters

06:49 | Apr 17th

From the BBC World Service… China's economy grew faster than expected in the first quarter, but at a slower pace than it did a year ago. Is the world's second-biggest economy beginning to shake off the impact of its ongoing trade spat with the United...Show More
Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: cybersecurity is national security

05:15 | Apr 17th

In a new book, Janet Napolitano, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, says it is "impossible to overstate the urgency of improving our country's cybersecurity." She says we're vulnerable all over the place, from critical infrastruc...Show More
109: The future of work is anchor jobs and side hustles

34:40 | Apr 16th

A string of IPOs cements the gig economy as part of working life.
Moonshine enters the mainstream

07:26 | Apr 16th

It turns out fears of a global economic slowdown might have been overblown, at least as far as investors are concerned. After efforts to make visits to the mall "experiential," the former monuments to capitalism are still struggling to attract shoppe...Show More
Trademarking a name you can't say on the radio

07:13 | Apr 16th

For those lucky enough to get refunds this tax season, it might be time to attend to that medical issue they've been putting off. AT&T is selling its stake in Hulu, which is now valued at $15 billion. Plus, what happens when you try to trademark a bu...Show More
The cost of rebuilding Notre Dame

06:45 | Apr 16th

From the BBC World Service... It's still there: That’s the sentiment from Parisians waking up this morning and seeing the outline of the Notre Dame cathedral in the skyline after a fire raged through it overnight. But what happens next is complicated...Show More
Is video conferencing worth all the trouble?

05:50 | Apr 16th

Today, most video conference calls are full of pauses, delays, garbled audio and unusable interfaces. Last year a Gallup Poll found that 70% of employees around the world work remotely at least once a week, and more globalization means more remote of...Show More
The global economy's 'delicate moment'

06:35 | Apr 15th

The International Monetary Fund warns about a global slowdown. With Donald Trump's continued criticism of the Federal Reserve, European central bankers are concerned about its independence, warning U.S.-China trade tensions have prompted "a delicate ...Show More
On 'Tax Cuts Day,' many taxpayers see their refunds slashed

07:09 | Apr 15th

American Airlines and Southwest have extended their flight cancellations through August due to the grounding of its Boeing 737-MAX fleets. Staying very much on brand, the White House declares Monday "Tax Cuts Day." But the only thing slashed for the ...Show More
As 'Game of Thrones' draws to a close, how Northern Ireland tourism can evolve

06:26 | Apr 15th

From the BBC World Service… India's oldest private air carrier, Jet Airways, is trying to secure emergency funds to keep it in operation. Our correspondent outside the company's headquarters in Mumbai calls it a do or die moment not just for the airl...Show More
Tesla is moving ahead on driverless tech while others are slowing down

04:45 | Apr 15th

Tesla announced late last week that all its cars will now come with its semi-autonomous driving technology, called Autopilot, as a standard option. And Tesla is pushing hard toward fully self-driving cars. It will hold an autonomy investor day April ...Show More
Finding alternative sentences for drug offenders

06:36 | Apr 12th

Big banks are out with positive earnings reports just days after several CEOs faced off with lawmakers on The Hill. Jumia, Africa's answer to Amazon, begins trading on the NYSE (the jingle alone is worth the listen). Plus, we explore how prosecutors ...Show More
Get your 'North of the Wall' cocktail ready. Winter is finally here.

07:24 | Apr 12th

Ahead of Uber's forthcoming IPO, we take a look at the ride-hailing company's business model. One county in Virginia puts felons caught in the opioid crisis to work instead of in jail. Plus, winter has finally arrived, but marketing for the epic fina...Show More
Meet Africa's answer to Amazon

06:34 | Apr 12th

From the BBC World Service... Africa's largest e-commerce operator Jumia will begin trading today on the New York Stock Exchange. We introduce you to Africa's Amazon. Then, we hear from the World Bank's new president David Malpass. And do you think y...Show More
Your smart speaker may capture your voice-activated fails

05:57 | Apr 12th

Are you ever really alone when talking to your smart speaker? It turns out there might just be someone on the other side listening to you as part of the platforms' quality assurance measures. So says Anthonio Pettit, who's worked on Microsoft's Corta...Show More
We haven't had these jobless claims since 1969

06:55 | Apr 11th

Jobless claims drop to an almost-50-year low. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro finally agrees to let foreign aid into the country as his opposition clamors for his ouster. Plus, the Economist magazine puts out a statistical model called "Eagle" th...Show More
Foreclosures are at a 10-year low, but not everywhere

25:29 | Apr 11th

In several American cities, foreclosures are higher than pre-recession levels. But property values are rising, loan defaults are way down and the job market is still strong, so what's going on? Today we look into it. Plus, we check in on the Midwest'...Show More
À la golf carte: Why pimento cheese sandwiches are on the menu at the Masters

07:06 | Apr 11th

Bank CEOs face Congress for the first time since the Great Recession, and -- surprise -- they want legislators to ease up on capital requirements. A labor shortage in construction is prompting the rebranding of the industry to attract good candidates...Show More
E.U. agrees to another Brexit delay

06:33 | Apr 11th

From the BBC World Service... The United Kingdom has reached a compromise with E.U. leaders to avoid the country crashing out of the bloc without a deal on Friday. But what's next? Then, Venezuela's embattled president has finally agreed to allow hum...Show More
"Jini Jereser" is "This is Marketplace" in Dothraki

25:13 | Apr 10th

"Game of Thrones" is huge business for HBO, and Sunday is the beginning of the end. The show's spared no expense on costumes, sets and even whole languages. Today we talk with the linguist whose job it is to make them. Plus: What you need to know abo...Show More
RERUN: Jamie Dimon on what keeps him up at night

32:38 | Apr 10th

The CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. has new things on his mind.
How some American foster children become undocumented adults

06:12 | Apr 10th

Consumer prices tick up. There's a little-known, controversial piece of tax preparation software provided for free by the federal government, but it's made by private companies. Is that a conflict of interest? Plus, we look at how some foster childre...Show More
Crowdfunding for schools put in detention

07:00 | Apr 10th

President Donald Trump's nominee for head of the World Bank, a critic of the agency, starts his new gig. Walmart is rolling out its in-store robot army. Plus, despite teachers' continued reliance on crowdfunding sites to raise money for school suppli...Show More
Meet the people paid to attend Indian election rallies

06:36 | Apr 10th

From the BBC World Service... Turkey's finance minister has unveiled a new economic plan to revive the country's stricken economy. But will it work? Then, we bring you the latest from Brussels ahead of another crunch Brexit meeting. Also, voting in I...Show More
File your taxes by hand, we dare you

25:34 | Apr 9th

The tax-filing process is supposed to be simpler than ever, but most filers pay for software or an accountant to help. Today, we look at how fear, history and very effective marketing have kept Americans from going DIY on their tax returns. But first...Show More
108: The Explainathon strikes back

35:30 | Apr 9th

We've got 5G, Social Security and the dark web in our fifth Explainathon edition!
Getting in on the world's most profitable company

06:54 | Apr 9th

Investors want to get in on Saudi oil firm Aramco, the world's most profitable company, ahead of its giant bond offering. It turns out Netflix didn't kill the movie theater industry after all. Plus, we follow the tax drama unfolding for Chinese actre...Show More
The U.S.'s other tariff beef

06:42 | Apr 9th

Despite the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX planes due to safety concerns, the embattled company still has a lot of orders to fill. The U.S. proposes retaliatory tariffs on the European Union following the World Trade Organization's finding that the bloc...Show More
How space technology is changing healthcare

06:31 | Apr 9th

From the BBC World Service... Chinese and E.U. leaders meet in Brussels today for an annual summit that will be dominated by differences over trade and investment. We explain what to expect and how the latest U.S. tariff threats against the E.U. will...Show More
The internet without Google and Facebook

25:17 | Apr 8th

When you go online in China, you won't find tech giants like Facebook and Google, or news organizations like The New York Times and even the South China Morning Post. It's part of the country's strict regulation of speech, but China's internet is sti...Show More
Are principals the key to better schools?

06:18 | Apr 8th

We take a look ahead at the week for the financial markets following a promising jobs report last week. The World Health Organization is weighing in on the severity of a so-called, global video gaming "disorder". Plus, a new study suggests that a key...Show More
Miner threat

07:17 | Apr 8th

Donald Trump says the country is "full" and can no longer let immigrants into the U.S., but with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen raising the cap on much-requested temporary work visas for this summer as one of her last moves before stepp...Show More
Why Britain wants to regulate the internet

06:32 | Apr 8th

From the BBC World Service... British ministers claim a series of new laws will make the U.K. the safest place in the world to be online. But do the proposals go far enough? India's ruling party has published its election manifesto. Plus, is gentrifi...Show More
Now that states can make sports betting legal, venture capital wants in

07:32 | Apr 8th

Without naming basketball tournament names, it's safe to say there's a lot of sports betting happening today. In the future it's going to be a lot more… legal. A Supreme Court decision last spring opened the doors for betting on sports in all states,...Show More
The company town dealing with the Boeing fallout

06:46 | Apr 5th

The March jobs numbers are in they're fine, just fine. Erstwhile retail giant Sears was saved from bankruptcy earlier this year, but its new stores will be more pared down — much more. Plus, we go to the Puget Sound where Boeing makes most of its air...Show More
The cost of the crawl at the border

06:46 | Apr 5th

President Trump backed away from his threat to close the border with Mexico, but lines to cross back and forth have slowed to a costly crawl. Erstwhile retail giant Sears was saved from bankruptcy earlier this year, but its new stores will be more pa...Show More
Samsung profits nosedive as China competes

06:09 | Apr 5th

From the BBC World Service... Profits at tech giant Samsung took a nose dive at the beginning of 2019, thanks to lower prices for memory chips and display panels -- a sign of increased competition from China. Plus, we break down figures which seem to...Show More
The 'green' news deal

06:48 | Apr 4th

The number of people claiming unemployment in the U.S. is the lowest it's been since December of 1969. Broadcast news is doing a dismal job in covering climate change. Plus, what does the measure of GDP miss in its count? Today's show is sponsored b...Show More
The stakes of youth unemployment

07:06 | Apr 4th

Will a second month of lower job creation signal a slowing economy. What are the consequences youth unemployment? Plus, in the wake of the deadly mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, Australia becomes the first country to pass legislation that...Show More
Music artists break through streaming revenue barriers

06:24 | Apr 4th

From the BBC World Service… Ethiopian Airlines pilots followed proper safety protocols before a fatal crash last month, according to Ethiopia's transport minister who delivered the first official report on the disaster and recommended the flight cont...Show More
Denmark's 24-hour 'open libraries'

06:44 | Apr 3rd

The U.S. is still adding jobs, though not as many as anticipated. Brunei faces boycotts as it implements new, draconian sentences for crimes. Plus, we take a look at Denmark's 24-hour "open libraries". Today's show is sponsored by EquityZen, Wasabi ...Show More
When can companies ignore their shareholders?

06:56 | Apr 3rd

Exxon tells shareholders to buzz off. NATO turns 70 this week, but how much is there to celebrate, really? Plus, for accountants in the middle of tax season, the software they use to do their clients' taxes is proving to be less-than-perfect. Today'...Show More
Remind me: What’s the 1MDB scandal all about?

06:26 | Apr 3rd

From the BBC World Service… A trial linked to one of the world’s biggest financial scandals is officially underway in Malaysia today. But if you're scratching your head about what the 1MDB trial is all about, we'll refresh your memory of who, what, w...Show More
One small business Amazon is actually helping

06:41 | Apr 2nd

A new survey finds younger women are pushing back against unequal pay by being more transparent about what they’re earning. Plus, we look at one paper mill that is open thanks to Amazon. Today's show is sponsored by Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Port...Show More
Can the U.K. replace most of its E.U. imports?

06:28 | Apr 2nd

From the BBC World Service...  As the U.K. prepares to leave the European Union, one pro-Brexit pub  chain boss insists that over 90 percent of goods imported to the U.K. from the E.U. can be easily found outside the E.U.. And in Tokyo, lawyers for f...Show More
Google Plus goes the way of Myspace

06:58 | Apr 2nd

A $13.5-billion disaster aid bills gets stalled in Congress over Puerto Rico. Google Plus goes dark. Plus, can a toxic accidents database help improve emergency planning? Today's show is sponsored by Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Portfolio Group.
The cost of a plastic ban

06:47 | Apr 1st

The European economy appears to be contracting, but good news out of China kept markets there and stateside optimistic. New York becomes the second state to ban plastic bags. Plus, we take a look a pastor dealing with opioid crisis in his Virginia co...Show More
A view of the opioid epidemic from the bench

06:55 | Apr 1st

The Turkish president's party loses in the capital. A Virginia judge gives us a view of the opioid epidemic from the bench. Floods in the Midwest force farmers to push back planting season. Plus, how did Bluetooth technology get its name? Today's sh...Show More
What's next for Turkey’s economy as president's party loses grip on power?

06:25 | Apr 1st

From the BBC World Service… The Turkish president's ruling party lost control of the country's capital in regional elections this weekend, leading to a major setback in his 16-year rule. So what does it mean for the future of the country's economy, w...Show More
Targeting misinformation for the 2020 census

07:18 | Mar 29th

It's the end of the first financial quarter of the year. How's it going so far? The Census Bureau is asking big tech companies like Facebook to target misinformation ahead of the big count next year. Plus, Brexit uncertainty is taking its toll on the...Show More
Assessing risk in a brothel

07:29 | Mar 29th

Wells Fargo's CEO steps down. Lyft goes public, though it seems to be losing money. Plus, we talk to the author of "An Economist Walks Into a Brothel" about how people assess risk. Today's show is sponsored by the Alliance for Lifetime Income, Wasab...Show More
Lilly Singh and the changing face of late night

25:32 | Mar 15th

Seventeen years after NBC hired Carson Daly to host its 1:30 a.m. late show, it's now turned to Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh to replace him. We look at what that means. Plus, we'll explore a few contradictions: Solar is roaring back amid ba...Show More
How a hotel in Copenhagen is helping recovering drug addicts

06:46 | Mar 15th

Now that earnings season is over, what are investors focusing on? Two big names depart at Facebook. Seven states have legalized sports gambling, but they shouldn't expect a windfall this March Madness. Volkswagen is in hot water with the SEC over its...Show More
Russia's dirty laundry

07:07 | Mar 15th

The British parliament has voted to postpone the March 29 Brexit deadline. Will the European Union agree to the extension, and what happens either way? Tesla reveals its Model Y SUV. Plus, we take a look at the Russian financial fraud scheme known as...Show More
Boeing's grounded 737 Max 8 jets exacerbate fare spikes in India

06:28 | Mar 15th

From the BBC World Service… China's National People's Congress passes new legislation aimed at easing trade tensions with the U.S. Then, the grounding of Boeing's 737 Max 8 jets have had ripple impacts all around the world. In India, the world's fast...Show More
After deadly crashes, added scrutiny for Boeing 737 software

04:14 | Mar 15th

The fatal crashes of two Boeing 737 Max 8s within the past six months have prompted a global grounding of the aircraft and questions about design. Demand for Boeing aircraft has put pressure on the Chicago-based aviation giant to churn out about 50 p...Show More
Forget a no-deal Brexit, it's a no-Brexit Brexit

25:21 | Mar 14th

The United Kingdom Parliament just voted to delay Brexit after previously voting down Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union. Today we look at how the 27 other European countries will fare whenever this thing finally goes throu...Show More
The diabetes epidemic along the southern border

07:00 | Mar 14th

What's at stake for Boeing now that the U.S. has joined other countries in grounding their popular line of aircraft following two deadly crashes? What does the uptick in durable goods orders tell us about the prospects for the future economy amid mul...Show More
The many motivations behind birth tourism from China

07:13 | Mar 14th

After aviation regulators worldwide grounded Boeing's MAX airliners following a second devastating crash in Ethiopia, the FAA decided to follow suit. What took so long? JPMorgan Chase is opening about 90 new branches as other banks are closing locati...Show More
Juan Guaido dismisses accusations he's responsible for Venezuela's power outage

06:31 | Mar 14th

From the BBC World Service… How the uncertainty over Brexit's future could impact wider European Parliament elections in May. Then, amid an ongoing crisis in Venezuela, we hear from Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared interim president Jua...Show More
Friend or Foe? Facebook and the rise and fall of Oculus

05:27 | Mar 14th

Back in 2014, the virtual reality company Oculus was poised to revolutionize VR for gaming. The Oculus Rift headset was for gamers, by gamers. End of story. But then Facebook bought the company for about $2 billion. Facebook had a much bigger vision ...Show More
How Duolingo's CEO harnessed our game addiction for good

13:31 | Mar 13th

First, he helped teach computers how to read newspapers. Now, he's helping the rest of us learn a new language.
No one really knows what goes into college admissions

25:27 | Mar 13th

Some 50 people, including college administrators, testing officials and celebrities, were charged this week with attempting to scam the admissions process at selective schools. But that process itself is something of a black box. Will this scandal in...Show More
A go-to doctor for 'birth tourists'

07:01 | Mar 13th

Boeing faces further backlash over its Max-8 aircraft following a recent crash in Ethiopia, including the prospect of compensating airlines for the grounding of their planes. Dick's Sporting Goods announces it will stop selling guns in 125 more store...Show More
Desperate school bribes

07:40 | Mar 13th

Dozens of prominent figures have been caught up in a massive, college admissions bribery scheme. But how is that different from the legal ways rich people get their children into elite institutions, really? Regulators issue a damning statement agains...Show More
U.K. rejects E.U.-negotiated Brexit deal. Now what?

06:49 | Mar 13th

From the BBC World Service… Uncertainty over Brexit reigns supreme in Britain after lawmakers last night rejected the prime minister's exit deal for the second time. With at least seven possible outcomes for Brexit and just 14 days to decide a plan, ...Show More
Oculus was supposed to bring virtual reality to the masses. What happened?

04:52 | Mar 13th

Virtual reality is the technology that keeps on promising. Over the last decade, the promise kept seeming so much closer. Facebook even dropped $2 billion on the VR technology company Oculus in 2014. Blake Harris is the author of "The History of the ...Show More
Will the U.S. ground Boeing?

25:19 | Mar 12th

China and the European Union have already kept Boeing 737 Max 8 planes out of the sky following this week's Ethiopian Airlines crash. But what about the United States? Plus, unintended consequences of a no-deal Brexit and the '80s software that's hel...Show More
Can having a daughter narrow the gender pay gap?

07:20 | Mar 12th

Inflation ticks up, but only a tiny bit. Congress revisits the issue of internet privacy. The U.S. is upset with Germany over Huawei. Plus, can the U.S. learn about narrowing the gender pay gap from Denmark? Today's show is sponsored by the Alliance ...Show More

07:17 | Mar 12th

The new head of the federal consumer watchdog faces lawmakers Tuesday as the agency eyes loosening payday lending regulations. Two weeks out from a vote deadline, there may be some flexibility in Brexit negotiations. That sounds better than it is. Pl...Show More
A 'new start' for the world's biggest car alliance

06:53 | Mar 12th

From the BBC World Service… Though the United States' aviation authority says Boeing 737-Max 8 planes are safe to fly, two countries this morning have gone a step further than others in the last 24 hours and banned the aircraft from flying over their...Show More
A Baltimore teen learns 3D printing through after-school technology workshops

05:13 | Mar 12th

Training for tech jobs isn’t happening across all demographics. Today, women and people of color are entering tech fields at lower rates than in the 1990s. But N’Dera Muhammad, a 16-year-old in Baltimore, was determined to learn some 3D printing skil...Show More
$40-billion worth of tinkering

07:01 | Mar 11th

January's retail sales numbers aren't as bad as they were in a very weak December, but they are still pretty bad. President Trump's new budget is out Monday, but it's more messaging than actual plan. Plus, how much value does innovative tinkering at ...Show More
How 'Captain Marvel' shielded against sexist trolls

07:10 | Mar 11th

Retail sales numbers back in December were terrible. Will the January numbers be any better? Fed chair Jerome Powell weighs in on why so many people in the U.S. remain without work. The national women's soccer team sues the United States Soccer Feder...Show More
Why the U.S. is pressuring India to stop buying Venezuelan oil

06:44 | Mar 11th

From the BBC World Service… China has grounded all Boeing 737-8 passenger planes indefinitely after an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 crashed on Sunday, killing nearly 160 people. Then, we take a look at why the United States is pressuring India to sto...Show More
The World Wide Web turns 30. How do we keep the magic alive?

06:04 | Mar 11th

Thirty years ago this month, computer scientist and engineer Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for how to link lots of information across lots of computers. That proposal for a global network of information that made the world a better place eventuall...Show More
A crude awakening in Texas

07:06 | Mar 8th

Forecasters overshot the number of new jobs for February by about 160,000. What gives?  On International Women's Day, there's some bad but unsurprising news about the global gender pay gap and health disparities for women. Plus, the port town Corpus ...Show More
Tax and snacks, overtime and 'prime' time

07:19 | Mar 8th

According to jobs figures out today, more people are working, and a lot of them are workers in their prime. The labor department floats making more low-wage workers eligible for overtime. Plus, for some workers lucky enough to get free snacks at work...Show More
The word of the day is "uncertainty"

25:39 | Mar 7th

Between the trade war, Brexit, North Korea, oil and more, the word “uncertainty” has appeared a lot in recent news. Today we talk about what it means and when you should be concerned. Plus, what to make of Facebook's "pivot to privacy" and a conversa...Show More
Why Sikhs are flocking to the trucking industry

06:58 | Mar 7th

In what may be a sign of things to come, the European central bank flips back to stimulus mode. Will corporate debt trigger the next financial crisis? Monthly jobs cuts reach an almost four-year high. Plus, we take a look at why trucking has become s...Show More
Make America grade again

07:14 | Mar 7th

Despite the litany of privacy complaints against Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg now says it's getting into the business of keeping your data private. Come again? The Fed will stop giving firms stress test grades. Plus, one of America's biggest business lo...Show More
Huawei is suing the U.S. government

06:56 | Mar 7th

From the BBC World Service... Chinese technology giant Huawei has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over a ban that restricts federal agencies from using its products. Then, we look ahead to the latest European Central Bank policy meeting, ...Show More
Who controls the future of AI?

25:39 | Mar 6th

It's in the way Netflix chooses the next show for you to binge on, and it's part of the technology that protects your credit card purchases. But if we let AI keep developing on its current course,  author Amy Webb says we probably won't like where it...Show More
Bonus: Why didn't any Wall Street CEO go to jail after the financial crisis?

41:05 | Mar 6th

Your regularly scheduled episode of Marketplace will be up this afternoon. Until then, let's take a look the question we received most throughout our reporting on the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis. Millions of people lost their homes, t...Show More
What the government pays for at the border

06:44 | Mar 6th

America's trade deficit, one of President Trump's favorite bugbears, is way up. Crossing into the U.S. across the southern border doubled form the same time last year, and officials say the money allocated to protect the border doesn't match the real...Show More
Why are there drug shortages in the U.S.?

07:00 | Mar 6th

The U.S. and China, The U.S and India, Brexit — there are a lot of factors contributing the global economic slowdown. A judge rejects the Trump administration's attempt to block disclosure rules regarding gender, race and pay at large companies. Plus...Show More
Why Avon's new model is changing the face of beauty

06:22 | Mar 6th

From the BBC World Service... The United Nations says the harvest in North Korea last year was the worst in more than a decade. Eleven million people are now at risk of malnutrition. We'll explain what's behind the numbers. Also, the Organisation for...Show More
U.S. users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says

05:20 | Mar 6th

All the bad press about Facebook might be catching up to the company. New numbers from Edison Research show an estimated 15 million fewer users in the United States compared to 2017. The biggest drop is in the very desirable 12- to 34-year-old group....Show More
103: Quantum computing for normals

37:52 | Mar 5th

What's the size of a refrigerator, prefers -460 degrees Farenheit and has nations racing to master it? Starts with Q ...
Graze economy

07:00 | Mar 5th

Google releases numbers on its gender pay gap. Turkey and India appear to be in President Trump's tariff cross-hairs. Plus, the federal government dropped grazing fees on public to the lowest amount allowed, but some ranchers wish they'd help with mu...Show More
With uptick in measles cases, the government is inoculating against anti-vaxxers

06:57 | Mar 5th

Medical experts are blaming the most recent outbreak of measles in the Pacific Northwest on vaccine skeptics, and the government's crusade against misinformation is in overdrive. Britain's central bank sets up an auction for euros ahead of Brexit. Fe...Show More
Washington opens up a trade spat with a strategic ally

06:16 | Mar 5th

After China, President Trump now appears to be starting a trade row with India. So what beef does Washington have with New Delhi? We'll also hear what's got people talking at the Geneva Motor Show. The global car industry is facing a number of challe...Show More
Do renters have the right to reject smart-home technology?

05:27 | Mar 5th

Smart homes full of connected devices aren't just for those who own their houses. And if you're a renter, you might get a smart apartment whether you want one or not. Back in January, security researcher and blogger Lesley Carhart got a letter from h...Show More
Splitting the mortgage check

06:31 | Mar 4th

Rumblings early Monday indicate negotiators might be closing in on a U.S.-China tariff deal. China kicks off its big government meeting this week to tackle everything from slowing growth to a new foreign investment law and, of course, the aforementio...Show More
The big sort

06:57 | Mar 4th

We take a look at two schools of thought on U.S. tariffs. Thirty years ago today, Time, Inc. announced it was buying Warner Communications, creating the largest media company. Plus, who knew Legos were worth so much?  Today's show is sponsored by Kro...Show More
Optimism around US China trade war

06:17 | Mar 4th

From the BBC World Service… The U.S. and China are reportedly close to reaching an agreement over trade. Meanwhile, China prepares to host the biggest political event of the year in Beijing. We'll hear what's on the agenda. Also, move over, quinoa. W...Show More
The crackdown on YouTube user comments: It's complicated

07:42 | Mar 4th

YouTube announced Thursday that it has turned off the comments feature on tens of millions of videos that feature young children. This is after a bunch of advertisers pulled out of YouTube because of pedophiles flooding the comments sections on video...Show More
Tesla's 'cheap,' $35K car

08:48 | Mar 1st

Trade talks with China are going great, or there might be a long way to go; the White House can't seem to get its narratives straight. It now looks like inflation fears might have been overblown. Plus, Tesla finally comes out with it's $35,000 Model ...Show More
Old Navy's new outfit

07:04 | Mar 1st

The Gap lets go of Old Navy. SpaceX heads to the International Space Station over the weekend in the hopes of eventually getting Americans back into space in U.S.-made spacecraft. Your airline ticket to Hawaii may get cheaper thanks to Southwest. To...Show More
North Korea's US talks are high stakes for South Korea

06:45 | Mar 1st

From the BBC World Service… A day after talks of denuclearization broke down between the U.S. and North Korea, South Korea's president gave a speech insisting meaningful progress was, in fact, made during the two-day talks. We'll explore why the coun...Show More
Cybersecurity is still really hard. Full stop.

05:04 | Mar 1st

On Monday the RSA cybersecurity conference kicks off in San Francisco. Lots of security vendors will be there offering solutions for keeping businesses safe from hacking. The number of huge security breaches in recent years might make it seem like th...Show More
It's all about the Benjamins lately

07:00 | Feb 28th

Tariffs take a toll on the GDP. President Trump "walks away" during the North Korea summit. Plus, there are a lot more $100 bills in circulation, and the reason might be less nefarious than you might think. Today's show is sponsored by Ling Ling Asi...Show More
Are you 'experienced'?

07:19 | Feb 28th

The rate of farm loan delinquencies is at a 9-year high, due, in part, to President Trump's tariffs and low crop prices. The attention humanitarian crises get in the media is impacting the amount of aid going to troubled zones. Plus, as it competes w...Show More
Sometimes you have to walk away

06:40 | Feb 28th

From the BBC World Service… President Trump's second summit with North Korea's leader ends early and without a deal. The news sent ructions through South Korea's financial markets. Then, economic repercussions of the escalation in tensions between In...Show More
As Uber eyes an IPO, what's its plan for profits?

05:36 | Feb 28th

Ride-sharing platforms Lyft and Uber are speeding toward initial public offerings this year. Both companies offer rides and increasingly bike and scooter rentals, but there are some big differences. Uber has all kinds of other spinoffs, like Uber Eat...Show More
Marie Kondo is sparking joy at the thrift shop

06:58 | Feb 27th

We're at the end of earnings season, and the news was good, for the most part. But is this the calm before the storm? French carmaker Peugeot says it's coming back stateside. Plus, Marie Kondo's popular downsizing movement could work out great for th...Show More
Help wanted: will pay off student loans

07:17 | Feb 27th

By most accounts, the U.S. economy is doing well, except when we're talking about farmers. Spotify launches in India, a country with 400 million mobile phone users. Plus, some companies are now offering student loan repayment benefits to attract qual...Show More
Spotify hopes premium will help it stand out in India

06:48 | Feb 27th

From the BBC World Service… Ahead of President Trump's dinner with Kim Jong Un, Boeing announced deals totaling $16 billion with two Vietnamese aircraft carriers. Then, with less than 10 percent of users in Asia, Spotify has just launched its streami...Show More
Some tech employees don't want their work used by the military

06:59 | Feb 27th

A group of Microsoft employees have published an open letter to that company's leaders titled “HoloLens for Good, Not War.” HoloLens is Microsoft's augmented reality headset. The company has signed a nearly $500 million contract with the U.S. Army to...Show More
102: The 2020 election will be all about socialism

33:12 | Feb 26th

NPR's Sam Sanders on democratic socialism and his time reporting on Sen. Bernie Sanders (no relation).
What happens when the government just hands people money?

07:03 | Feb 8th

What happens when you hand struggling people money? A study on Finland's universal basic income experiment concludes that not much, for the economy at least. We take a look at the mysteriously falling benchmark interest rate. America's liquefied natu...Show More
Medicare forestalled

07:01 | Feb 8th

Will Congress be able to pass legislation to sue the international oil cartel OPEC? Walgreens is put on notice for selling tobacco to minors, and in one case, for selling tobacco, period. Plus, as the idea of Medicare-for-all seems to gain traction, ...Show More
Instagram boss bars content promoting self-harm

06:21 | Feb 8th

From the BBC World Service… There's been a flurry of attention in the U.K. over how social media platforms regulate content promoting self-harm. We'll hear from Instagram's boss about new changes coming to the platform to give more oversight to graph...Show More
Was this the week Fortnite went from video game to social network of the future?

09:21 | Feb 8th

The video game Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that has the whole entertainment industry on notice. Last weekend it took a step toward becoming an even bigger social platform, when it held a live, in-game concert with the electronic music DJ Marshm...Show More
Copper wire worth a pretty penny to thieves

06:50 | Feb 7th

Video game companies and content creators like Netflix are taking the "L" on the global phenomenon knows as Fortnite. Does the U.S. economy need a new stimulus to fend off a recession? Plus, copper is a valuable commodity readily available to thieves...Show More
A bear in bull's clothing

06:52 | Feb 7th

The federal consumer watchdog looks to roll back regulations on payday lenders. How is the American toy industry doing after Toys"R"Us pulled the plug? Plus, financial markets seem to be correcting following a slight downturn late last year, but one ...Show More
How British citizens in Spain are preparing for Brexit

06:20 | Feb 7th

From the BBC World Service… We have the latest developments in Venezuela's political power struggle. Then, as British Prime Minister Theresa May heads to Brussels today to try and reopen Brexit negotiations with the E.U., we head to Spain to find out...Show More
Behind every great cloud is a whole bunch of expensive computers

07:28 | Feb 7th

As we saw in tech company earnings over the last couple of weeks, tech giants are making a lot of money in cloud computing. Amazon, Google and Microsoft rent out computer storage and computing power to smaller companies for lots of profit, and they s...Show More
'Miracle' on First St.

06:39 | Feb 6th

We're parsing out some of those jobs numbers President Trump dropped during Tuesday's State of the Union address. What's the real threat to the president's touted "economic miracle." Plus, a new study finds one quarter of Americans in poverty eligibl...Show More
The State of the Union and a border state

07:14 | Feb 6th

The border dominated President Donald Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday, in which he said immigration by undocumented people hurts the "working class" in the U.S. We dig into his claim and hear about those whose livelihoods depend on crossin...Show More
UK consumer watchdog cracks down on hotel-booking sites for misleading consumers

06:20 | Feb 6th

From the BBC World Service… Entry of international aid coordinated by Venezuela's opposition has been blocked by the country's military, which supports President Nicolás Maduro. Then, booking a hotel online is no longer as simple as finding one in yo...Show More
Wisconsin may not get the high-tech jobs it expected

04:00 | Feb 6th

In June, President Donald Trump stuck a gold-colored shovel in a Wisconsin field, breaking ground on an enormous factory for the Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn. The company negotiated nearly $4 billion in tax incentives in exchange for creating 13,000 ...Show More
What's the World Bank do again?

25:24 | Feb 5th

Once President Donald Trump gets his big speech out of the way this evening, he's expected to nominate David Malpass to lead the World Bank — and shake it up. We start today's show with a primer on what the bank does and how that's changed. Then: The...Show More
99: When memes are moneymakers

29:51 | Feb 5th

It's our dankest episode yet.
Every week is infrastructure week

06:51 | Feb 5th

President Trump will address the country Tuesday evening, and infrastructure, like last year, is sure to be on top of his list of topics. Will all the rhetoric finally turn into bipartisan action in 2019? The threat of hyperinflation grips Zimbabwe a...Show More
'Lucky money' 2.0

06:59 | Feb 5th

President Donald Trump floats a World Bank critic as its new head. The workplace messaging system Slack announced plans to go public, but how exactly does the company make money? Chinese New Year celebrations begin Tuesday, and they involve a lot of ...Show More
Finland's free money experiment

06:23 | Feb 5th

Bread prices have reportedly jumped 70 percent overnight in Zimbabwe. We bring you the latest from a country still struggling after years of hyperinflation. Then, underlying profits at BP have doubled. Almost nine years after the Deepwater Horizon oi...Show More
Yet another plan to save the media with technology

05:35 | Feb 5th

In the last week alone, digital media outlets have laid off hundreds of people. The publishers of USA Today are fighting off a takeover attempt. The Washington Post ran a Super Bowl ad about how important journalism is. But subscriptions don't make e...Show More
Why is corn syrup in beer anyway?

25:30 | Feb 4th

You might have heard during the Super Bowl last night that Bud Light is brewed without corn syrup. You might have said, "OK?" We'll tell you why it's such a common ingredient in many foods, including beer. But first: For Republican lawmakers in distr...Show More
Cup of Joe versus the volcano

06:36 | Feb 4th

Are the markets and the Federal Reserve finally on the same page over this ever-impending recession? Australian banks are in crisis mode after an official inquiry into misconduct found systemic failings, which included levying fees on dead customers....Show More
The call for change to the FDA's opioid approvals is coming from inside the building

07:36 | Feb 4th

As the political chaos continues in Venezuela, the question remains as to who will get to take control of the country's valuable oil resources and all the dollars they generate. The FDA's opioid advisory committee says the agency is putting the inter...Show More
Venezuelan crisis deepens as European nations back opposition leader

06:23 | Feb 4th

From the BBC World Service… Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has ignored a deadline from the European Union to call fresh elections. Now, European heavyweights, including the U.K., France and Spain, have said they recognize opposition leader Juan ...Show More
Investors are hungry for meat-replacement technologies

05:21 | Feb 4th

Today the Impossible Burger 2.0 arrives in restaurants around the country. The company Impossible Foods won all kinds of "best of CES" awards at the big tech show in Las Vegas last month for creating a plant-based meat replacement that smells, tastes...Show More
Why Americans are (finally) getting a raise

26:09 | Feb 1st

This morning's jobs report showed that wages have grown for six straight months. On today's show, we look at the economic forces at work. Then: Amazon is trying to move into new markets like India. But can its competitive pricing model scale internat...Show More
The colas went down to Georgia

06:51 | Feb 1st

The January jobs numbers are out, and they show a strong but tightening job market. Big oil earnings beat forecasts, encouraging investors. And as thousands descend on Atlanta for Sunday's Big Game, a war is waging between Super Bowl sponsor Pepsi an...Show More
Cutting out the med middleman

07:25 | Feb 1st

What will the jobs numbers tell us about a tumultuous January? The White House is trying to lower drug prices for consumers by curbing the influence of pharmacy benefit managers. The polar vortex continues to wreak havoc on infrastructure across the ...Show More
Japan, EU toast new free trade arrangement

06:43 | Feb 1st

From the BBC World Service… As the U.S. and China struggle on trade talks, Japan and the E.U. are cheering a new trade arrangement between them that starts today. It creates one of the world's biggest free trade areas covering nearly a third of globa...Show More
Facebook seems to be doing everything wrong, but it's working for them...

06:02 | Feb 1st

A busy week in Facebook news: One report said it was paying people to use a research app that sucked up basically all the activities on their phone. That got Facebook in huge trouble with Apple. Meanwhile, two senators were demanding answers about ki...Show More
'Furloughed' or 'unemployed'?

06:58 | Jan 31st

The January jobs numbers are due Friday morning. How will they reflect all those federal workers who were told to stay home during the partial government shutdown? What does the Fed easing on raising interest rates mean moving forward? Plus, we hear ...Show More
'Crosscurrent' affair

07:15 | Jan 31st

The Fed goes back on its plans to keep raising interest rates, deciding to instead be "patient" with markets. Amazon is king when it comes to cloud computing, but competitors are nipping at their heels. Plus, we hear from one federal contract worker ...Show More
How a European payments channel to Iran to circumvent sanctions could work

06:41 | Jan 31st

From the BBC World Service… The European Union's three biggest member states have reportedly set up a payment channel to allow business transactions with Iran and circumvent U.S. sanctions. What will it mean for relations between the U.S. and Europe?...Show More
5G networks could pose a cybersecurity risk. Who's in charge of making sure they don't?

05:34 | Jan 31st

The United States and several other countries have made it clear that they don't want hardware from Chinese telecom giant Huawei to be part of future fifth-generation wireless networks. They're worried that Huawei could install back doors in a 5G net...Show More
Cloud of insurance fears hangs over The Sunshine State

07:08 | Jan 30th

Aircraft maker Boeing tops $100 billion in sales for the first time, a sign the global economy is doing pretty well. Congress hears from those hurt by high drug prices. Plus, homeowners in hurricane-prone Florida are finding fewer options to protect ...Show More
The heat is on

07:08 | Jan 30th

How will the polar vortex and subsequent heating costs affect Midwesterners' pocketbooks? Apple is facing the reality that people in China and India are not too keen on spending $1,000 for an iPhone. Plus, we take a look at how elder care agencies ar...Show More
Detained motor tycoon cites 'deception' by rivals

06:39 | Jan 30th

From the BBC World Service... In his first media interview since being detained by Tokyo authorities, automotive tycoon Carlos Ghosn says he was the target of deception and conspiracy from rivals in Japan who took note of his power at Nissan. Brazil'...Show More
What might help Apple sell more iPhones? Cheaper iPhones

05:42 | Jan 30th

Apple released its earnings Tuesday afternoon, and although it met its lowered expectations, revenue from iPhones was down 15 percent over the same quarter last year, and the future trend is still down. For years, Apple's smartphone strategy has been...Show More
Examining the staying power of flu season

06:43 | Jan 8th

It looks like tax refunds will still be coming, no matter how long the partial government shutdown drags on. Why the change, after tax refunds were declared a non-essential government activity? Then we turn to the upcoming flu season. The last one le...Show More
China looks to Serbian steel to help offset growth slowdown

06:24 | Jan 8th

From the BBC World Service … Embattled former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn got his day in court today after being held in a Tokyo detention center for nearly 50 days. We’ll hear from his attorney and our correspondent who describes a gaunt but determine...Show More
When Big Tech embeds staffers in political campaigns

09:29 | Jan 8th

If there's one thing that's clear from the 2016 election, it's that the internet and social media have a huge influence on the political process. These days if you want to run a successful campaign, you need an effective digital strategy. Fortunately...Show More
You can't manage what you can't measure

25:49 | Jan 7th

With the government shutdown in its third week, the U.S. Census Bureau is still closed, leaving businesses and investors without valuable economic data. We'll look at what they're missing and talk with a hog farmer about how he's affected by the impa...Show More
The cost of loans for energy efficiency might not be worth it

07:01 | Jan 7th

First, we take a look at the markets this Monday with economist Julia Coronado following what was an intriguing week. Then, we look at the roughly 68,000 jobs at risk if Sears and Kmart end up failing. We check in to see if a potential rescue plan by...Show More
The gender pay discussion heads to the symphony

06:58 | Jan 7th

The U.S. and China have agreed to “positive and constructive” trade dialogue as they resume talks Monday in Beijing. Andrew Walker with the BBC told us more. Also, the partial government shutdown might start messing with your tax refund, as the IRS i...Show More
Tesla breaks ground in Shanghai as China, U.S. trade talks resume

06:18 | Jan 7th

From the BBC World Service … As the U.S. and China resurrect trade talks Monday, Elon Musk’s Tesla broke ground on a new facility in Shanghai that’ll allow the electric carmaker to build its autos locally and offset price hikes of imported models tha...Show More
Tech can sift through video evidence...but can it avoid bias?

04:50 | Jan 7th

Hardly anything happens these days that isn't caught on video. Cell phones, security cameras, drones, even doorbells have cameras built in these days. All of that video would seem to be evidence galore for law enforcement, except for a few problems. ...Show More
It's been a weird week

25:51 | Jan 4th

Among the federal employees still working during the government shutdown are those at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They put out this morning's jobs report, and it's better than anyone expected: 312,000 new jobs. We'll talk about what that does (an...Show More
Domestic workers, as seen through the lens of 'Roma'

07:15 | Jan 4th

The Department of Labor announced that 312,000 jobs were added in December to U.S. businesses. Unemployment also went up, but that’s partially tied to the increased labor participation rate. Then we look at car sales, which still look strong despite ...Show More
Hospitals now have to post prices online. Is that a good thing?

07:41 | Jan 4th

For the fifth time in a year, the People’s Bank of China has cut down on the amount of cash banks have to keep in reserve. It’s another way China is combatting a decrease in growth. Also, the arrival of 2019 brings new rules for hospitals: They now h...Show More
Politicians, journalists caught up in Germany’s biggest personal-data leak

06:32 | Jan 4th

From the BBC World Service … Germany has seen its biggest personal-data leak with information on hundreds of politicians – reportedly including Chancellor Angela Merkel – and journalists surfacing online. Then, global markets are taking on a bit of o...Show More
CES trade show is not just about the gadgets anymore

03:51 | Jan 4th

If you live in a city with a lot of tech companies, expect that city to be pretty empty next week. That's because tens of thousands of people are headed to Las Vegas for the annual tech trade show, CES. It's the place where companies roll out their n...Show More
How "affordable" Cleveland is witnessing a rise in renting

06:37 | Jan 3rd

People are now wondering what an economic slowdown in China might mean for the rest of the world after Apple’s downgraded revenue forecast pointed to slowing iPhone sales in the country. Also, the Department of Labor is trying to fix its visa applica...Show More
The shutdown is now putting economic data on hold

07:09 | Jan 3rd

Apple’s Wednesday announcement of weaker iPhone sales in China affecting its revenue forecast has made an impact on the global markets. Shaun Rein of the China Market Research Group walks us through the news. Then, we look at the effects of the parti...Show More
Is China’s economy or the iPhone itself hitting Apple hardest?

06:31 | Jan 3rd

From the BBC World Service … Apple’s warning that China’s economic slowdown is hitting iPhone sales has spooked markets around the world. We’ll get the latest reaction from an economist in Hong Kong who says slowing sales has more to do with Apple’s ...Show More
Is more tech regulation coming in 2019?

03:43 | Jan 3rd

This week we're looking ahead at what to expect in tech and business in 2019. Today we're diving into tech policy and regulation. There’s the possibility of federal privacy legislation, net neutrality is still on the table, tons of state laws are in ...Show More
Kai visits the dark web

26:19 | Jan 2nd

When a company like Target or Yahoo gets hacked, where does the stolen personal information end up? A lot of times, it is up for sale on the dark web. Cybersecurity researcher Stephen Cobb gives Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal a tour of the dark web and...Show More
How a group is fighting Richmond, Virginia's eviction rate

06:52 | Jan 2nd

We check in with Susan Schmidt of Aviva Investors to talk about the activity on the markets, which face the same issues they did at the start of the holidays, but now there’s data indicating a slowdown of global growth. We also check in on how charit...Show More
Sprint and T-Mobile's proposed merger could reshape Sprint's home town

07:29 | Jan 2nd

Oil prices have been falling for the past 12 months, with the president taking credit for it on social media. However, there are a variety of other factors in play. Then, we head to the movies, where 2018 proved to be a banner year for ticket sales, ...Show More
New Year, new Brazil?

06:45 | Jan 2nd

From the BBC World Service ... The new year ushers in a new president for Brazil, as Jair Bolsonaro is sworn in. We look at the why the far-right former army captain has received positive reviews from the Brazilian business community. Unifying Taiwan...Show More
U.S. space economy set to blast off in 2019

03:47 | Jan 2nd

All this week, we're looking ahead to 2019 and what's likely to be big in business and technology. This year, expect the space economy to really take off. According to Space Angels, an investment firm that specializes in aerospace, private investment...Show More
Don't say we didn't warn you

26:08 | Jan 1st

Last year was full of major economic events, and 2019 looks like it will be too. We'll talk about what we're watching in the global economy and what to expect from trade, Brexit and government spending. Speaking of global economies, six Pacific-Rim n...Show More
A New Year's resolution to the government shutdown?

07:21 | Jan 1st

As we hit the 11th day of the partial government shutdown, House Democrats are planning to introduce legislation later this week that would end it. We'll talk to New York Times reporter Emily Cochrane about what these measures are and whether they'll...Show More
The book is dead, long live the book!

07:15 | Jan 1st

Today marks both a new year and the 25th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump's pushed for a new trade deal, but controversy over NAFTA is nothing new. We'll look back at some of the criticism the trade deal faced when it was...Show More
In 2019, your smartphone will no longer be king

03:39 | Jan 1st

Hey, happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to Marketplace Tech 2019 edition! The future looks about the same as yesterday, right? This week, we've been looking at what the near future of this year might look like in business and technology. Today, we’ve ...Show More
Resolutions abound … here’s what’s likely to stick

06:45 | Jan 1st

From the BBC World Service … As you make your New Year’s resolutions, so are big businesses. We’ll tell you what the big predictions are for 2019. Then, a trip to India where some business owners say there are too many official holidays that make it ...Show More
New year, same shutdown

26:47 | Dec 31st, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors are going into the new year without pay as the government shutdown stretches into 2019. But a new year also means a new Congress. We'll talk about how lawmakers plan on tackling the spending bi...Show More
Talking the TPP, global economy and star animals on social media

07:06 | Dec 31st, 2018

(Markets Edition) We discuss the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, the newest version of which went into effect Monday and is helping six countries cut up to 90 percent of tariffs. Then, economist Julia Coronado s...Show More
China's factory activity loses steam

06:45 | Dec 31st, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... China’s factory activity contracts for the first time in two years. As the world's second-biggest economy continues to slow, how much of the U.S.-China trade war is dragging on growth? Bangladesh’s lead...Show More
Partial government shutdown reaches 10 days

07:28 | Dec 31st, 2018

(U.S. Edition) The partial government shutdown has reached 10 days, with hundreds of thousands of government employees working without pay. The main sticking point behind the shutdown remains about funding for heightened security along the U.S. borde...Show More
Goodbye, 2018 — a year of data and privacy scandals

04:02 | Dec 31st, 2018

It is New Year's Eve, and that means we made it to the end of 2018, which was by any account a huge year in the world of business and technology. It was a year of gigantic data and privacy scandals, Amazon's search for a second headquarters and Movie...Show More
95.2: The problem with platforms

19:29 | Dec 31st, 2018

As a year of social media scandals ends, let's revisit our talk with internet law professor Kate Klonick.
Now's a good time to start thinking about taxes

26:21 | Dec 28th, 2018

It was a crazy week in economic news. Luckily we have the Weekly Wrap to review what went down. We're joined by Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine and Rachel Abrams from the New York Times to unpack the last five days in stock market and shutdown ...Show More
E-scooters are now popping up in the Motor City

07:05 | Dec 28th, 2018

(Markets Edition) This Friday isn’t only the seventh day of the partial government shutdown, it’s also the last pay day for hundreds of thousands of federal workers on furlough. If the shutdown lingers, this might be the last paycheck they see for we...Show More
2019 will mean a rise in minimum wage for many

07:32 | Dec 28th, 2018

(U.S. Edition) While the ongoing government shutdown has multitudes of federal workers concerned about their next paycheck, some workers could get some relief in the new year. Twenty states and more than 20 cities across the country will be raising m...Show More
Huawei expects $109B in sales despite Western backlash

06:44 | Dec 28th, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... Chinese technology giant Huawei is staying optimistic even as it faces bans in several Western countries over fears their equipment poses a national security risk. Voters in the Democratic Republic of C...Show More
Are computers racist? No, but people still are. (Replay)

04:03 | Dec 28th, 2018

Facial recognition software has made huge advancements in accuracy, but it has a long way to go — specifically when it comes to recognizing people of color. Commercially available software can tell the gender of a person using a photograph. According...Show More
Closed indefinitely

26:26 | Dec 27th, 2018

The federal government is still shut down and is set to remain that way until the new year. For hundreds of thousands of federal workers, that means more time without pay. On today's show, government employees and contractors share stories about how ...Show More
Toy-lending libraries are making their return

07:01 | Dec 27th, 2018

(Markets Edition) We start out with unpacking the down-and-up market activity this week, with U.S. markets opening down Thursday. This comes after a week of swings, where we witnessed the worst Christmas Eve since the recession, only for a 1,000-poin...Show More
California wildfire recovery brings renewed attention to home fireproofing

07:32 | Dec 27th, 2018

(U.S. Edition) New data out of China on Thursday morning took note of an apparent lesser demand for Chinese goods from both consumers and foreign buyers. Chinese officials are also stating that face-to-face meetings with the U.S. regarding the ongoin...Show More
Amazon and Walmart face tough new rules in India

06:46 | Dec 27th, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service ... India has unveiled a new law aimed at protecting local retailers from e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart. The U.K.'s second-largest airport, London Gatwick, has been bought by a French infrastruc...Show More
One problem with fake news? It really, really works (Replay)

04:02 | Dec 27th, 2018

Fake news is enemy No. 1 right now. Companies and governments are trying to figure out who should be in charge of spotting misinformation and getting rid of it. MIT researcher Sinan Aral has found that the not-true stuff, what he calls “false news,” ...Show More
*cues "We're in the Money"*

26:32 | Dec 26th, 2018

Our retirement savings are looking a little healthier today. The markets rebounded, and after weeks of losses and volatility, we'll have the latest on what's happening on Wall Street. Meanwhile, the partial government shutdown drama continues. We'll ...Show More
When the markets are down, but the economy is up

06:50 | Dec 26th, 2018

Today is the first day of trading after a very sharp fall in markets — it was the worst Christmas Eve ever for several indices. But several economic indicators related to consumer spending and unemployment are still strong. We'll explore why there's ...Show More
Santa didn't deliver an end to the government shutdown

07:18 | Dec 26th, 2018

Trump has yet to reach a compromise with Congress over his border wall plans, leaving the government in a partial shutdown. We'll discuss what the shutdown means for both workers and Wall Street. Afterwards, with tariffs and rising interest rates, we...Show More
It's beginning to look a lot like shutdown

26:44 | Dec 21st, 2018

As Congress anticipates a federal shutdown, some federal workers could face the holidays without a paycheck. We hear from employees and contractors about their concerns going into the holidays. Earlier this week, the Federal Reserve raised interest r...Show More
In the midnight hour

07:36 | Dec 21st, 2018

As the off-again, on-again partial government shutdown looms, we ask, "Who's 'essential,' and who's 'non-essential'?" Prognosticators say the U.S. GDP will shrink next year. Plus, Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood drops in to break down Facebook's rec...Show More
Drones disrupt a major UK airport

06:45 | Dec 21st, 2018

From the BBC World Service... Britain's second biggest airport, Gatwick, has reopened more than 30 hours after it was shut down by a rogue drone. The ensuing chaos threatened to ruin Christmas for more than 100,000 passengers on one of the busiest tr...Show More
2018 is not going quietly

26:05 | Dec 20th, 2018

Today was another keep-you-on-your-toes day in the stock market: Investors are buying, prices are going up and yields are going down. We talk about what that all means. Also: It’s the holiday season, and there are just a few days left until the kids ...Show More
How Spider-Man crashed the trade war

07:19 | Dec 20th, 2018

The chairman of the Fed "felt" the market when it decided to raise interest rates this week but not enough, it seems. China, an IRL superpower, lauds the late Stan Lee at a World Trade Organization meeting. Errant drones shut down a busy airport in L...Show More
Making good on that return policy

07:40 | Dec 20th, 2018

After the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates yesterday, we look at why — in such a strong economy with inflation so low — the hike was necessary. Plus, we’re wrapping up our Divided Decade coverage for the year. Today, we look at the not-so-lucky...Show More
Will France’s fresh budget soothe protesters’ concerns?

06:45 | Dec 20th, 2018

From the BBC World Service…Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn could soon be released on bail after a Japanese court rejected a request to extend his detention. Then, the French government will release its revised budget after Yellow Vest protests sp...Show More
A hawkish Fed? Or a doveish Fed?

26:08 | Dec 19th, 2018

Today the Fed announced that it would raise interest rates for the 4th time this year. Higher interest rates means Fed watchers on Wall Street are reacting. We break it all down. Then, how FedEx is a sort of bellwether for the economy. Later, we cove...Show More
Britain's "Garbage Queen"

07:24 | Dec 19th, 2018

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin blames recent market volatility on high-speed trading and the Volcker Rule, which bars banks from making risky bets with their money. FedEx stock dips after it voices concern over a global economic slowdown. All ...Show More
Mock it all you want. Blackberry has staying power.

07:36 | Dec 19th, 2018

On Wednesday, the Fed will decide on whether to raise the interest rate for the fourth time this year or take the president's suggestion and "feel the market," but what does either move mean for the average consumer? A decade after the subprime mortg...Show More
Pfizer, Glaxo team up in trans-Atlantic consumer health merger

06:47 | Dec 19th, 2018

From the BBC World Service… Merger mania in the pharmaceutical industry: Pfizer and Glaxo SmithKline agreed to combine their consumer health businesses into one company with sales of more than $12 billion. Then, the mobile unit of Softbank made histo...Show More
"Feel the market ..."

25:51 | Dec 18th, 2018

The president has some advice for the Federal Reserve ahead of the Fed's meeting on interest rates. We'll talk to Bloomberg’s Jeanna Smialek about the recent market volatility and what is causing uncertainty. Also, several new studies have found many...Show More
Harshing the mellow at the US-Canada border

07:23 | Dec 18th, 2018

Following a seemingly endless stream of scandals at Facebook, the NAACP is asking people to logout of the social media platform Tuesday. And despite low unemployment, a new HUD report shows homelessness rose this year. Plus, border patrol agents at t...Show More
Xi Jinping's 'China First' answer to Trump's 'America First' anthem

06:35 | Dec 18th, 2018

From the BBC World Service… China’s 40-year long march towards reform has transformed a once poor country into the world's second largest economy. President Xi Jinping has vowed to continue the march, but on Beijing's own terms. Will its trade war wi...Show More
Amazon's Alexa was a surprise hit, but what's its next play?

05:32 | Dec 18th, 2018

Voice-enabled smart speakers kind of came out of nowhere to become a huge deal in consumer electronics over just the last two years. Amazon launched the category with its Alexa devices, and the digital assistant is now showing up in cars, home entert...Show More
Retiring into recession

25:47 | Dec 17th, 2018

Many Americans were close to retiring when the financial crisis hit. As part of our series Divided Decade, we'll look at the long road to recovery for seniors. But first, what you need to know about that Affordable Care Act ruling. Then, we'll look a...Show More
Are your kids at a house party? No, not the scary kind

05:10 | Dec 17th, 2018

Teenagers have been over Facebook for years. They've migrated to Snapchat and Instagram, and about 20 million of them have headed over to Houseparty. It's a live video app where people drop in on each other to chat or leave video messages and hang ou...Show More
Ghosting jobs like bad Tinder dates

25:54 | Dec 14th, 2018

Have you ever left someone on read because you just didn't want to date them anymore? More and more people are doing that with their jobs. We talk to the Washington Post’s Danielle Paquette about the growing trend of workers "ghosting" their employer...Show More
Work like crazy, pull off the impossible, believe you're saving the world

05:27 | Dec 14th, 2018

At the beginning of 2018, who'd have thought that by mid-December, Tesla stock would be on the rise, the company would be churning out Model 3 cars to great reviews and Wall Street analysts would be predicting sustained profits for the company? That'...Show More
How is a 250-year-old encyclopedia company adapting to the digital age?

04:02 | Dec 13th, 2018

This week, Encyclopedia Britannica celebrates its 250th birthday. That's remarkable, but what may be more surprising is the simple fact that it's still around. The company went fully digital six years ago. No more tomes on shelves. That pivot is part...Show More
SpaceX's Gwynne Shotwell says we'll be on Mars within 10 years

13:48 | Dec 12th, 2018

We took a tour of the company's flagship manufacturing facility.
Sails made global shipping possible. Can they make it greener?

04:36 | Dec 12th, 2018

The United Nations’ International Maritime Organization is committed to cutting shipping emissions in half by 2050. That matters because shipping moves 90 percent of global trade. Right now, if shipping were a country, its emissions would rank sixth ...Show More
94: Bottomless fixations

33:01 | Dec 11th, 2018

China! Cults! Sex on the internet! And so much more!
China's livestreaming economy is huge, lucrative and kind of dystopian

10:12 | Dec 11th, 2018

In the United States, would-be internet stars turn to YouTube, Twitch or Instagram. In China, it's a livestreaming platform called YY, where creators sing or tell jokes to an audience that pays them directly in the form of digital gifts. Top streamer...Show More
Apple's got a problem in China

06:40 | Dec 10th, 2018

Qualcomm has won an injunction to block Apple from importing old iPhone models to China. It's the latest in a legal battle between the two tech giants over intellectual property. Then: A new solar energy rule in California that could make houses more...Show More
Researchers say wireless companies are slowing down video streams

05:34 | Dec 10th, 2018

It's been almost six months since the Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality rules. Today is the deadline for the House of Representatives to overturn that decision, although no one expects that to happen. But what has the repeal m...Show More
How your donation reaches people in need

25:56 | Dec 7th, 2018

After a devastating wildfire season in California, millions of dollars poured in for relief and rebuilding efforts. But how does that money actually get to people in need? We looked into it. But first, let's pull apart this morning's jobs report, whi...Show More
Self-driving cars are racing self-driving regulations to the streets

06:12 | Dec 7th, 2018

Earlier this week, Google's self-driving car spinoff, Waymo, launched a commercial self-driving taxi service in the Phoenix area. It's limited, but it's technically a public launch, not just testing. And this is a case where the tech moved faster tha...Show More
What happens when a company town loses the company

26:02 | Dec 6th, 2018

General Motors announced it will close plants in Maryland, Michigan, Ohio and a Toronto suburb called Oshawa. On today's show, we'll look at how the local economy there is trying to move past auto manufacturing. But first: everything you need to know...Show More
How rural America is turning into a digital desert

06:54 | Dec 6th, 2018

For a time it seemed like tech might free us from the bonds of geography. In theory, fast internet meant new economic opportunity in any city. And telecommuting and video conferencing meant we could work from anywhere. But in reality, the geographic ...Show More
The problem with scooters

25:29 | Dec 5th, 2018

The rise of electric scooters could benefit some low-income neighborhoods, where cities have struggled to provide dependable transportation. But first, they have to shake a serious image problem. Plus: OPEC gathers tomorrow in Vienna to discuss criti...Show More
Glassdoor CEO says where you work is one of the most important decisions of your life

15:45 | Dec 5th, 2018

Robert Hohman on the importance of transparency in employment.
Your landline might not be there for you when the power goes out

05:50 | Dec 5th, 2018

More than 40 percent of Americans still have a landline, at least according to a 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People keep them for convenience, reliability and emergencies so they can still make calls if the power ...Show More
The yield curve is acting up

25:49 | Dec 4th, 2018

... Which is to say, it's starting to point down. It's inverting. And that can be an important warning sign for the economy. We'll explain. And speaking of warning signs: The housing market is losing steam, but is that bad news? We'll talk about the ...Show More
The creator economy is turning to the sharing economy for camera gear

05:40 | Dec 4th, 2018

At the heart of the creator economy is video, whether it's YouTube videos in a home studio or online documentaries or social videos. And, at some point, everybody realizes you can only do so much on a phone. But high-end digital cameras and proper au...Show More
A trade armistice

25:50 | Dec 3rd, 2018

After this weekend’s G-20 summit, the upcoming U.S. tariff hikes on Chinese goods have been put on hold for a 90-day truce in the ongoing trade war. But some American businesses aren’t feeling optimistic. We'll hear from them and from our Shanghai co...Show More
The US-China trade war gets a bit colder

06:51 | Dec 3rd, 2018

The U.S. and China reached a 90-day truce in its trade war at the G20 Summit this past week, but the two countries still don't appear to be on the same page. Plus, a look at the life of late President George H.W. Bush, who passed away at the age of 9...Show More
What Qatar's exit means for OPEC's future

06:10 | Dec 3rd, 2018

From the BBC World Service… Days before a crucial meeting on future production, Qatar says it will quit OPEC. So, what's at stake and why is the smallest producer in the group making the decision to leave now? Then, talks at a climate meeting in Pola...Show More
To live in space, we have to build things in space

05:41 | Dec 3rd, 2018

We all had a party on Twitter last week when NASA landed a new probe on Mars. But for people to land or live on Mars, they'll have to survive in a hostile environment where you can't just run to the hardware store for new tools ... or a new satellite...Show More
What's greener: a fake Christmas tree or a real one?

26:24 | Nov 30th, 2018

If you celebrate Christmas, you might find yourself strapping a fresh tree to your car this week or heading to a big box store for some faux fir. You might be wondering what's better for the planet: a foreign-manufactured collection of plastic and me...Show More
Hackers check out 500 million Marriott guests

06:59 | Nov 30th, 2018

One of the Federal Reserve's branches suggests inflation is lower than thought, calling into question the chair's recent public assessment. The New York Attorney General is looking into a massive data breach at Marriott's Starwood hotels. And what wi...Show More
If you believe they put a man on the moon, believe once more

07:15 | Nov 30th, 2018

On the week of the G20 Summit and in the midst of a trade war between the U.S. and China, the head of the WTO says some countries are thinking of a "Plan B" if the international system is undermined. NASA has announced it's partnering with nine priva...Show More
Interpreting Brexit: How EU’s translators brace for UK exit

06:22 | Nov 30th, 2018

From the BBC World Service… China’s manufacturing sector grounded to a halt in November for the first time in two years. With an ongoing trade dispute with the U.S., is more stimulus on the way from the government for the economy? Then, with Brexit n...Show More
The U.S. government doesn't want 5G tech that’s made in China

06:39 | Nov 30th, 2018

Everybody wants 5G, the superfast next-generation wireless technology. And Huawei, the giant Chinese electronics maker, is the world's largest supplier of 5G networking equipment. But the U.S. government banned Huawei and Chinese company ZTE from its...Show More
How do you say "pumpkin spice latte" in sign language?

07:04 | Nov 29th, 2018

The new Fed chair seems to getting his "sea legs." Will presidents Trump and Jinping work through the U.S.-China trade beef at the G20 Summit in Argentina? And Starbucks pushes towards inclusivity by teaching employees American Sign Language. Today's...Show More
Shifting the economy into neutral

07:14 | Nov 29th, 2018

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's big speech Wednesday helped the markets rally, and he emphasized why it's desirable to keep interest rates neutral, but what does "neutral" mean, anyway. It's that time of the year again: when lawmakers decide on a budget...Show More
Germany's biggest bank hit by Panama Papers raid

06:31 | Nov 29th, 2018

From the BBC World Service… German prosecutors raid several Deutsche Bank offices over suspicions of money laundering, sending shares down. Then, with the U.S. and China locked in a trade war, can President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping reac...Show More
Can science fiction help us grapple with gene editing?

06:55 | Nov 29th, 2018

News broke this week about a Chinese scientist who says he edited the genes of twin girls while they were in the womb. The goal was to make the girls immune to HIV, but editing human genes at that level is ethically controversial and illegal in many ...Show More
Today the Fed said what you wanted to hear

25:55 | Nov 28th, 2018

That means different folks heard different things. Markets heard a potential end to interest rate hikes, but we'll go back over Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell's remarks and tell you what you need to know. Then: Home sales have fallen to their slowe...Show More
Using the knowledge of veteran PTSD treatment for civilians' mental health

06:55 | Nov 28th, 2018

The United States left the Paris Climate Agreement last year, but how are the countries still sticking to the deal faring? Global investors wait with bated breath as Fed Chair Jerome Powell prepares to deliver a highly anticipated speech Wednesday. P...Show More
Finances got you feeling anxious? There's a therapist for that

06:51 | Nov 28th, 2018

Ahead of the G20 summit in Argentina, China has opened up its tightly controlled financial sector to foreign players. What grade will the U.S. get on its new economic report card? Plus, a look at the field of financial therapy. Today's show is sponso...Show More
Locked in budget battle, Italy uses Brexit for leverage

06:19 | Nov 28th, 2018

From the BBC World Service…The European Union wants to be the first major economy to be climate neutral by 2050. It’s an initiative that could spur hundreds of billions in investment in clean energy technology, but does the plan go far enough? Then, ...Show More
Some of YouTube's biggest stars say their work is hurting their health

04:30 | Nov 28th, 2018

If you are a creator on YouTube, you live and die by the algorithm. It's the invisible technology that recommends videos on the trending page or in search results or suggestions all across the platform. No one but YouTube knows exactly how the algori...Show More
What companies did with their tax cuts

25:27 | Nov 27th, 2018

Last year's corporate tax cuts were meant to, ultimately, drive economic growth. Prominent Republicans argued, sometimes on this very show, that companies would use the money they saved to reinvest in new equipment, factories and, most importantly, j...Show More
How much would it cost to create a military Space Force?

04:04 | Nov 27th, 2018

President Trump has said repeatedly that he wants a Space Force. Congress denied the request for a new branch of the military in the latest funding bill, but some have started pricing it out, including the Center for Strategic and International Studi...Show More
Great deals on Monday, clogged streets by Wednesday

25:55 | Nov 26th, 2018

With the economy as strong as it is right now, retailers are expecting a big Cyber Monday. But whether those gifts are for yourself or someone else, they have to get to your door somehow, and that's contributing to holiday season gridlock. But first:...Show More