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07:15 | Dec 12th, 2019

Earlier this week, Steph Korey resigned as CEO of the trendy luggage company Away after a report on the company’s toxic workplace culture. Recently, there have been several negative stories about fema...Show More

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Interesting conversation on whether females CEOs get called out more than male CEOs for toxic work cultures.

07:05 | Jan 20th

Microsoft promises to erase its carbon footprint by 2050. Plus, climate change is the big item on the docket for Davos 2020.
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07:25 | Jan 20th

How is Trump’s economy doing three years in? Unionizing the video game industry. Plus, the longest-running strike in France is coming to an end.

06:45 | Jan 20th

From the BBC World Service… British investment in Africa. An end to the longest-running strike in French history. Plus, how much could Harry and Meghan make from their royal split?

06:00 | Jan 20th

This year’s census is going digital — the first one in history to be available to complete online, instead of on paper. That’s fitting in a world that’s much more connected, compared to 10 years ago, ...Show More
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