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What is the story behind Stagger Lee? Why would astronauts need a DJ? Join Mark and John as they explore everything from the president's record collection to the future of digital music in Stuff From The B-Side, a podcast from

27:30 | Dec 10th, 2009

Kraftwerk is a legendary German electronic music band that has actively influenced the development of modern popular music. In this episode, Mark and John trace the development of Kraftwerk, as well a...Show More

22:08 | Dec 8th, 2009

In 1895, Stagger Lee killed William Lyons in an argument. Usually, a crime like this would disappear into the footnotes of history, but this event was different. Learn the true story behind one of Ame...Show More
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17:27 | Dec 3rd, 2009

At over 380 years old, the Aedis Zildjian cymbal manufacturer is the world's oldest musical company. Learn more about this company -- and cymbals -- in this episode.

16:56 | Dec 1st, 2009

When American composer Harry Partch didn't enjoy the conventional 12-note scale, he created his own scale. He also built his own instruments upon which this scale could be played. Join Mark and John a...Show More

13:26 | Nov 26th, 2009

A standard vinyl record is between 120 to 140 grams, but audiophiles often think this is too flimsy -- why? Join John and Mark as they explore the eccentricities of vinyl records and determine whether...Show More
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