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From Lea Thau, Peabody award-winning producer and creator of The Moth Podcast and The Moth Radio Hour, comes her new storytelling baby, Strangers. Each episode is an empathy shot in your arm, featuring true stories about the people we meet, the conne...Show More


35:20 | Aug 18th, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen: Jack, Part 2, in which there will be guns and fear and roses and magic. There will be frat boys and homeless ladies, sweet clowns, and sad selves. Above all, there will be Jack. ...Show More

34:21 | Aug 5th, 2017

A run-down trailer in small town Texas, Sunday mornings with Charlie Chaplin, heroine-dazed zombies, fighting off dragons, and narrowly escaping real life monsters — this was Jack’s life when she was ...Show More
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34:07 | Nov 11th, 2016

When you start to think your own child might have a propensity for violence, what do you do?
ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

06:22 | Aug 4th, 2018

A mini update from Lea, in which she has an anniversary and gets back in the closet. 
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