The Truth

The Decider

16:45 | Oct 25th, 2017

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What if a device could tell you exactly how satisfied you’d be with any decision? What if you could carry the future around in your pocket? What if you never had to say “what if” again? Performed by ...Show More


write2tg recommended:Aug 18th

I thought this episode was:

🥳 Entertaining
🤔 Thought-provoking
📝 Well-written

shelfaddiction recommended:Nov 27th, 2019

This was a fun episode to listen to... A "decider" toy of sorts. It's a novel idea, but it also makes you think about the downside of giving up control of your own choices to a computer program.

mmNov 27th, 2019

@shelfaddiction This episode was so much fun! Did not expect it. Also, why would anyone turn down a job where you just make listicles of delicious food in bowls all day?!? 🍜 Sheesh! 🤣

mmNov 27th, 2019

@shelfaddiction I also loved how they masterfully inserted the bit on how when she asks the decider whether she wants to be a professional writer, it says 100%, but when it comes to all the steps to go there, it gave low %s. It’s like saying how the destination is the ultimate desire and dream, but ...Show More

shelfaddictionNov 27th, 2019

@mm Nice. I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it. Very true. Basically nothing worth having comes easy.

basicallydan recommended:Nov 25th, 2019

Fantastic drama exploring the dangers of outsourcing your decision making to a device which knows how satisfying something will be to you. Really makes you think - excellent stuff!

mm recommended:Nov 23rd, 2019

I love this short audio drama on what happens if an "8 ball" decides what we should do with our life. What if something told us how happy we are for everything we do before we do it? Will we be happier or...?

magnus357 recommended:Feb 18th, 2018

the magic 8 ball updated

paigebets recommended:Mar 28th, 2018

Great episode to get you started!