UK Confidential

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Martha Kearney, in conversation with former government ministers, reveals the truth behind the headlines of previously secret government files that have been released to the public
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27:41 | Jan 11th, 2016

Martha Kearney reviews secret government files from 1986 - the year of US air strikes against Libya, the Chernobyl disaster and a Royal wedding between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. She discusses ...Show More

56:44 | Jan 9th, 2015

Martha Kearney reviews today's release of secret government files from the mid 1980s. The year long miners' strike came to an end in 1985, but social unrest continued with riots in London leaving a p...Show More
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56:29 | Jan 10th, 2014

Martha Kearney uncovers the secrets within the Government files of 1984. Margaret Thatcher's government faced some formidable adversaries. The long-anticipated battle with the National Union of Minew...Show More

56:54 | Aug 1st, 2013

Martha Kearney uncovers the secrets within the government files of 1983 - who said what in Cabinet, and what did the Prime Minister really think about the issues of the day? It was the year that Comp...Show More

56:32 | Dec 28th, 2012

With unique access to secret government papers, Martha Kearney presents a look at the political events of 1982 as told through the Cabinet minutes, Prime Ministerial papers and Foreign and Commonwealt...Show More
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