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NOVA scienceNOW


Our podcast offers irreverent stories and introduces intriguing personalities from the world of science. For more content from the producers of NOVA scienceNOW -- and to watch our broadcast series online -- visit us at More


01:28 | Feb 8th, 2012

Marine biologist Colleen Reichmuth says that few mammals can match the vocal talents of the walrus. Produced by David Levin. Original interview by Doug Hamilton. Learn more at N...Show More

01:44 | Feb 1st, 2012

In this episode, biochemist Erika Ebbel describes how a mentor helped her transform into a scientist when she was 11 years old. Produced by David Levin and Rob Chapman. Original interview by Josh S...Show More
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06:12 | Jan 25th, 2012

NOVA scienceNOW's Dean Irwin discusses what he learned about this new computer technology while producing his story on digital art authentication. Podcast produced by David Levin. Music by Jeff All...Show More

05:28 | Dec 20th, 2011

In order to develop from an embryo, animals as different as fruit flies and humans call on a nearly identical set of genes. But how does this one common genetic toolkit create so many different specie...Show More

06:25 | Dec 13th, 2011

After Pluto was discovered in 1930, it enjoyed the title of planet for more than 75 years. But in 2006, that all changed. At a meeting in Prague, the International Astronomical Union adopted a new def...Show More
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