SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective. SynTalk believes that all understanding lies on nodes, and it therefore brings tog...Show More
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#TIIP (The Ideas In Print) --- SynTalk

1:12:46 | Jun 1st

What would you have bought – an air pump, or a printing machine? What can you read? Does the idea of ‘writing’ automatically lead to the idea of ‘book’? Do you worship books? But, also immerse them in rivers? ‘Who’ has written the divine texts, & why...Show More
#TLFD (The Last Few Days) --- SynTalk

1:11:26 | May 11th

Have you ever touched the feet of a dead body? Who will you die in the company of? Where do dogs go to die? Do they grieve others’ death? Is fear of death universal? What causes delirium? What role does religion play in dying? When do children first ...Show More
#TSOE (The Suns On Earth) --- SynTalk

1:20:08 | May 4th

What came first – the nuclear power plant or the nuclear bomb? Do you fear nuclear power(s)? What was our experience of encountering coal? What is the relationship between energy consumption and well-being? What drives demand? Is more (always) better...Show More
#TMAA (The Mediators And Actors) --- SynTalk

1:17:48 | Mar 17th

Are ‘things’ (truly) suppressed? What does it mean to act? (How?) is the fan in your computer doing something to you? Are there many kinds of intentionalities in the world? Do animals and machines also act? Are language, metaphysics, politics, agency...Show More
#TCON (The Circuits Of Nomads) --- SynTalk

1:08:34 | Mar 9th

Are nomads free? Are nations stable? Do you take the ground for granted? Where are your ancestors from? Why did modern humans leave Africa? Are empires and nations products of circulatory processes? What circulates, & how? Have you heard of nomadic e...Show More
#TMMOF (The Many Manners Of Falling) --- SynTalk

1:21:26 | Feb 24th

Why is that body heading the other way? Do different objects fall differently? Is it a mystery why bodies attract each other? What is the ontology of gravity? Did Newton find his own idea of universal gravitation absurd? When was Space first believed...Show More
#TPPP (The Public Private Puzzles) --- SynTalk

1:08:08 | Feb 23rd

Can you do whatever you want at home? Do you own private property? Do you hold (private) opinions? ‘What’ do you care for? Why & how do boundaries shift between the private and public realms? Do you have a right to health (& to smoke?)? Does economic...Show More
#TAIU (The Animals In Us) --- SynTalk

1:17:56 | Jan 20th

Of what womb are you born? Are there good & bad animals? ‘Where’ is there no Law? Are the outlawed animal-like? Who gets to be a citizen of the polis? Are Pandavas princes in the forest? Are the freer nobler? Does the wolf look down upon the dog? Are...Show More
#TETH (The Euphoria The Humdrum) --- SynTalk

1:19:31 | Jan 13th

Are you in (deep) passionate love? Or, have passions calmed down? Do revolutions happen spontaneously, & what maintains them? How do we keep various commitments? Do you imagine yourself as an object? What bores you? Could we, sometimes, experience bo...Show More
#TIAU (The Infrequent And Unlikely) --- SynTalk

1:11:54 | Jan 12th

Could traits trend? What do you want to detect? Are there many more rare species than common species? When is the past representative of the future? Are all models wrong and precarious? What, then, is evidence? Can surprises be modeled? Do unlikely e...Show More
#TNAOT (The New And Old Together) --- SynTalk

1:15:39 | Jan 5th

Is repair a form of creation? When can the new and the old coexist? Is the idea of ‘new’ itself, human and, new? Is this understanding always subject/context dependent? Why don’t we sometimes notice the new? What’s new for the deer in the savannah? I...Show More
#TSAWM (The Strong And Weak Modes) --- SynTalk

1:19:21 | Dec 22nd, 2018

Is Earth one system? How stable is New York? What sort of a person are you? How does the structure of your networks change the way you behave? How do you find out if something is good? Are societies with (Royal Family-like) strong hubs bad for social...Show More
#TFOS (The Faculty Of Suffering) --- SynTalk

1:09:56 | Dec 15th, 2018

Is it nonsensical to think that suffering is a part of the ‘human condition’? Are you a passive victim? Can you easily be more or less of yourself? Who suffers? Do we suffer because we are highly (self) conscious creatures? Are you forced to engage w...Show More
#TNAN (The Neighbours And Neighbourhoods) --- SynTalk

1:08:23 | Dec 8th, 2018

Are we neighbours? Do ghost authors write probabilistically? Could one build a house between your and your neighbour’s house? Can we draw a graph of the universe with colours of all the points in it? Do languages have distances from each other? How d...Show More
#TTOTS (The Traits Of The Searchable) --- SynTalk

1:18:39 | Dec 1st, 2018

What makes Ujjain searchable? When did you last use a thesaurus? Does all search presuppose a structure, & can this structure be implicit? Is labeling necessary; when? How can one say if a text is structured? Are we all unique; but are we all also se...Show More
#TSAM (The Still And Moving) --- SynTalk

1:21:12 | Nov 25th, 2018

How are you experiencing time now? Is everything moving? Is the Still merely an ‘extract’ from the flux? Do images constitute both matter and memory? Can a 3D representation be created from several 2D images? How is motion detected? Is the interrelat...Show More
#TIBR (The Irregular But Rendered) --- SynTalk

1:19:57 | Nov 25th, 2018

Can we avoid fractals if we want to? Are our fingers irregular? Is there thumb cancer? Or, toe cancer? Are all regular objects ‘algebraically’ representable? Are cones manifolds? Do cubes have an algebraic description? Can algebraic equations catch e...Show More
#TTTT (The Turns Technology Takes) --- SynTalk

1:18:07 | Oct 27th, 2018

Are you thinking of going back to paradise? Does technology exist, autonomously, without us? Is it the new vector ruling the world? Where did the idea of newness come from? Does technology come (more) from arts & crafts than science? Do both socialis...Show More
#TOOD (The Opposites Of Dry) --- SynTalk

1:15:54 | Oct 6th, 2018

Are bones dry? Is blood sticky? Are cells ‘rough’? Do dead cells dry up? Are stiffer (cancer) tumours more dangerous? Would stickiness on another planet be a tell-tale sign of the presence of Life? Does the act of adding and/or removing parts make th...Show More
#TVVS (The Very Very Slow) --- SynTalk

1:12:23 | Sep 30th, 2018

Are younger systems faster? Do elephants mate slowly? Is a plastic ruler always ageing? Is only glass glassy? Why are processes slow or fast, & how do they speed up or slow down? Do all systems have an internal clock? Is water fast because it acts li...Show More
#TMOTU (The Mapping Of The Unknown) --- SynTalk

1:15:16 | Sep 29th, 2018

Was the Earth ever flat? Do we live in a ‘flattish’ Universe? What did we first notice in the starry sky; & was anything fixed? How did the notion of the atom come to be? Have you heard accounts of maps/globes that do not exist anymore? Was the ‘Worl...Show More
#TCOTI (The Context Of The Implicit) --- SynTalk

1:12:24 | Sep 9th, 2018

What paints the scene for you? Do you often get carried away? How do we recall the mutable past? Is all implicitness context, time, politics, language, and subject dependent? Is our freest choice also controlled by culture? What makes something visib...Show More
#TMFF (The Markets For Farmers) --- SynTalk

1:19:05 | Aug 12th, 2018

Do you consume Garcinia? What does it mean to (not) own land or the forests? Do farms and forests lie on a continuum? Can forests themselves be farmed? Does wildlife conservation impact people for whom forests are a source of livelihood? Do we eat wh...Show More
#TPKT (The Places Knotted Together) --- SynTalk

1:18:30 | Jul 21st, 2018

How far are you? ‘What’ is a place? Are they a moment of ‘realized’ relationships? Are (say) air pollution, hospitals, hydraulic systems, temperature, diseases, real estate prices, and species distributed similarly spatially? Does it take a lot of wo...Show More
#TMBA (The Murmurs Before Arrival) --- SynTalk

1:18:43 | Jul 14th, 2018

Do you forget names and words? Are you going to get Alzheimer’s soon? Is any experience fundamentally conditioned by time? What cannot be anticipated? Can murmurs function like (unprocessed?) signs? Why are multi-parameter signals very difficult to ‘...Show More
#TJAG (The Just Almost Games) --- SynTalk

1:14:16 | Jun 30th, 2018

What’s your kill count? Do cats and dogs play to win? Do you like running and racing? Does play express freedom while pushing at the boundaries of reality, materials, & rules? Does normal life lend solidity to games, even though they may be interrupt...Show More
#TTAT (The Types And Tokens) --- SynTalk

1:21:33 | Jun 9th, 2018

Are you unique, even though you are of a certain type? What kind of a tree is the tree of life? Are all organisms, languages, and substances in the world distinct? 'Can' languages be genetically interpreted? How do we know if we have an origin common...Show More
#TCAO (The Chaotic And Orderly) --- SynTalk

1:10:54 | Jun 2nd, 2018

Which side of the separatrix are you? Does self-interaction make systems chaotic? Have you ever experienced turbulence? Do you have an intuition for chaotic behaviour in various realms? Is chaos always fecund? However, can chaos also be ‘produced’? I...Show More
#TUUC (The Ultimate Ultimate Causes) --- SynTalk

1:11:45 | May 26th, 2018

Do we die ‘because’ we stop breathing? Is it possible to say how ‘a’ cancer is caused? Do causes exist? Are they (always) universal, uniform, & a priori? Are all phenomena eventually multi-causal and probabilistic? Might cause be a feature of the min...Show More
#TCAOS (The Closed And Open Systems) --- SynTalk

1:09:35 | Apr 21st, 2018

Can the ocean be boiled? Is the aquarium a closed system? Is the Universe an open system? Are all systems conceptual (& arbitrary?)? Do systems always have components? Can an individual body have a temperature? Why does the temperature not change ‘du...Show More
#TSTP (The Survival To Posterity) --- SynTalk

1:13:45 | Apr 15th, 2018

What’s posterity ever done for you? What survives in the long run? How did (public) museums come to be from private collections? Who owns the past? Do we transact with the invisible sacral world via these accumulations? How is the integrity of (say) ...Show More
#TGAM (The Gestures And Movements) --- SynTalk

1:09:40 | Mar 31st, 2018

Does your neck hurt? Do you allow yourself to be moved? What is your relationship with gravity? Are ‘bodies moving in space’ the fundamental units of meaning? Do we shape the space around us geometrically? Is dance a way of generating numbers from th...Show More
#TIOP (The Implications Of Poverty) --- SynTalk

1:11:23 | Feb 17th, 2018

Can inequality kill you? Are poorer brains smaller? Is poverty (= inequality + deprivation) the mother of all diseases? Do the rich lead shorter lives in unequal countries? (Why) does Law, with its attempted neutrality, often criminalize poverty? How...Show More
#TWOC (The Workings Of Clocks) --- SynTalk

1:12:55 | Feb 3rd, 2018

Do pilots experience jet lag? Why are there different types of rhythms? What does your heart beat ‘to’? Is all of life periodic (because of the sun)? Is there a master clock to everything, & are all clocks analogous? Does each cell have its own (gene...Show More
#TMOC (The Matter Of Cities) --- SynTalk

1:12:12 | Jan 20th, 2018

Do villages grow up to be cities? Do you have piped water? Is your city your home? Do you feel free? Or, abandoned? Or, anonymous? Why do people come together and cohabit in large numbers? Does this itself create new possibilities (& externalities)? ...Show More
#THOTT (The Higher Order Thought Tools)--- SynTalk

1:12:09 | Jan 7th, 2018

What’s a thought? Could that chair have been water? Does perception precede production? What does it mean to know a language? How & why did humans end up acquiring the very complex (& ‘discontinuous’) linguistic capacity? How do we carry meaning deta...Show More
#TEMM (The En Masse Media) --- SynTalk

1:09:46 | Jan 6th, 2018

Are you looking at a small screen now? Do you like following news ‘stories’ and soap operas? Why are the processes of media production always getting homogenized? Is the content often ‘more of the same’ – why? Is media a creature of the market? Are h...Show More
#TDAC (The Discrete And Continuous) --- SynTalk

1:17:25 | Dec 23rd, 2017

Is grey ‘real’? Is all discretization perspectival? Can there be absolute notions of discreteness and continuity? Is time eternal? Is the world continuous but we perceive it as discrete? Are micro and macro objects continuous, but the meso discrete? ...Show More
#TCOD (The Constraints Of Diagrams) --- SynTalk

1:14:08 | Dec 10th, 2017

Imagine taking a step forward, then a step to the right, & then a step back – where are you now? Do you have to reason for this, & how ‘far’ can you go? How are diagrammatic reasoning and representation different? Are diagrams for domains that can be...Show More
#TAAF (The Alienation And Freedom) --- SynTalk

1:18:28 | Dec 9th, 2017

Are you free if thoughts just occur to you? Is alienation – as loss of a sense of belonging and subjectivity – a phenomenon of modernity? Is freedom contra-causal and spontaneous? Is it truly in human nature to be free? Are people ‘already’ free? Do ...Show More
#TFOT (The Fantasy Of Translation) --- SynTalk

1:11:50 | Nov 25th, 2017

Do you trust your translator? How can ‘worlds’ be translated? Where is Tamil when a novelist writes in English about Tamil speaking characters? Are all translations interpretations (judgment?)? Can one ‘read’ Nature? Can mathematics be translated int...Show More
#TEAE (The Eras And Epochs) --- SynTalk

1:18:46 | Nov 19th, 2017

Can you be a revolutionary? Might concrete events have causes, but not history? What drives the world? Does history develop (or progress?) in stages? Is the end there at the beginning? Are we moving from ‘less free’ to ‘more free’? Are eras and epoch...Show More
#TCOA (The Coordination Of Affairs) --- SynTalk

1:11:50 | Nov 4th, 2017

Are more than a third of you crooks; could you arrive at a consensus? When do we need to work together? Can introducing uncertainty (or randomness?) get rid of certain equilibria? Is coordination necessary for resource access by multiple agents? Is b...Show More
#TROI (The Role Of Interfaces) --- SynTalk

1:14:05 | Sep 24th, 2017

What is on that side? Where does identity crisis happen? Is interface a neighborhood concept? Can there be interfaces without fences? Are there non-membrane bound life forms? How do we connect computers or networks? How does the human brain communica...Show More
#TKOP (The Kinds Of Pain) --- SynTalk

1:07:20 | Sep 16th, 2017

Do you have a pain of 9? Do you malinger? 'Where' does it hurt, & when? Do you want to be admitted to a hospital? Do you want attention? Are you suffering from loneliness? Do you need morphine? Is pain subjective, & always multidimensional? Is the br...Show More
#TFOC (The Faces Of Connectedness) --- SynTalk

1:07:00 | Aug 19th, 2017

Are you very well known? Do you live in a ‘small world’? Can connectedness be measured? How did/do books, knowledge, money, voice, & commodities circulate? What is the topological structure of the internet? Is everything connected a network? Do we tr...Show More
#TPAC (The Paradoxes And Contradictions) --- SynTalk

1:11:46 | Aug 18th, 2017

How does your tongue taste? What do you take for granted? Can you create randomness? Do you act in the continuum? Can you then reason about racing a tortoise ahead of you? Is there something common to most paradoxes? Can all paradoxes be ‘stated’? Do...Show More
#TPAV (The Price And Value) --- SynTalk

1:18:13 | Aug 6th, 2017

Do people bet on horses when they bet on horses? What does money 'do'? Does money fundamentally deal with the future? Why don't we have a market in people anymore? Isn’t Market an elaborate barter system? How do different things commensurate with eac...Show More
#TNAC (The Norms And Conventions) --- SynTalk

1:08:21 | Aug 5th, 2017

Do you tip in restaurants you are unlikely to revisit? Why (not)? Have you violated a norm or a 'rule' lately? Do norms (for collective action) and conventions (for coordination) solve different kinds of social problems? Are norms constraints? Are co...Show More
#SynToy_World --- SynTalk

03:00 | Jul 30th, 2017

]] __begin__ [[ Welcome to SynToy ]] [[ Context. Concepts. Categories. Conversations. Chance ]] Eternity in 180 seconds. Bird songs. #SynToy_World. Shuffle. Chatter. Incoherente. Questions. Ideas. SynTalkrs. Organic. Many many. Talk. An object is. Ep...Show More
#TIIH (The Invisible Invisible Hand) --- SynTalk

1:17:00 | Jul 29th, 2017

Are you civil? When do you put your self interest aside? Does it depend on the ‘evolutionary game’ you are playing? Is justice fairness? Is a fair world impossible? What do markets promote? Is 'price' the magic wand? Can price take all the externalit...Show More
#TSAS (The Saying And Showing) --- SynTalk

1:12:06 | Jul 15th, 2017

Why don’t we misunderstand the number 3? Do you have a private photograph? Is most of perception ineffable? Do propositions capture reality? What cannot be shown? Or, said? How does one describe touch? Or disgust? What/how do you understand if you wa...Show More
#TLGAG (The Local Global And Glocal) --- SynTalk

1:13:40 | Jul 8th, 2017

Does the Indonesian (?) in you love idlis? Are we all (universal) human beings? But, does society narrow our experience of the world? Must we then be spatiotemporally-bound? But, do universal ideas also come from situatedness? Is local, however, also...Show More
#TKAK (The Kith And Kin) --- SynTalk

1:15:05 | Jun 24th, 2017

Why don’t you help all your relatives? Why do people marry? Do you know your pedigree? Can relatedness be measured or recognized with precision? Are close relatives the best organ donors? Who guarantees your loans? Who can the closest relative be? Do...Show More
#TPOE (The Properties Of Events) --- SynTalk

1:13:05 | Jun 17th, 2017

Did H. M. lead an eventless life? How was your last beach holiday? How do languages make events granular? Can events in texts be ‘inferred’ computationally? Do events always occur in the past? Is evental time modal? Are events objects? Are places fac...Show More
#TDOD (The Dynamics Of Dominance) --- SynTalk

1:13:24 | May 27th, 2017

Do chimpanzees play politics? Why do we act spitefully or ‘altruistically’? Is one human being equal to another? Is power without hegemony possible? Is there always an established social order? Is competition for resources scrambles or contests? Is n...Show More
#TSAP (The Separations And Partitions) --- SynTalk

1:12:20 | May 13th, 2017

Have you ever received a partly garbled email? Might mixtures be made of mixtures? Are you a separate being? Do you stand ‘in’ history? How is coming-together different from mixing? Is it possible to separate out the constituents from a mixture witho...Show More
#TCOE (The Conundrums Of Embodiment) --- SynTalk

1:08:40 | Apr 29th, 2017

Do you despise your body? Can the body be a source of transcendence? Can one, however, have nothing but only the body? Are we embedded in this world as bodies with other objects, texts, rituals, spectators, and bodies? Is everybody also a biological,...Show More
#TGOI (The Grounds Of Introspection) --- SynTalk

1:09:17 | Mar 26th, 2017

Do we often misunderstand ourselves? Can we be aware of everything? Is introspective knowledge reliable? Can we be mistaken about being hungry? Might the gap between successive thoughts be increased until there is complete thoughtlessness; can this b...Show More
#THOE (The Habits Of Experience) --- SynTalk

1:07:19 | Mar 25th, 2017

Observe. Which colour do you see? Is blueness in there? Which languages do you speak? Does experience tell us anything by itself? Would language make any sense without it? What is it to be grounded in experience? Does some of our reasoning depend upo...Show More
#TBOE (The Beginnings Of Ethics) --- SynTalk

1:11:18 | Mar 19th, 2017

Do you live without regrets? Do you spontaneously follow rules? How did we first know if something is right or wrong? Does moral reasoning always progress in stages? Is this process always culture-relative? Can ethics, then, ever be universal? Must a...Show More
#TFOP (The Future Of Prediction) --- SynTalk

1:14:20 | Mar 18th, 2017

How unpredictable are we? Do our desires and constraints make us more detectable? Is data collection (somehow) always human? What’s not predictable? Can terrorist behaviour be predicted with consistency? Must data be balanced? Are cheats (terrorists,...Show More
#TDSS (The Dreamy Sleepy States) --- SynTalk

1:13:59 | Feb 19th, 2017

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Can one dream while sleep walking? What/when/how do we express to ourselves via our dreams? Can painting be dream-like? Do we understand the mechanisms underlying imagination, dreams, and fantasy? Are (conscious) sign...Show More
#TSFC (The Strategies For Comparison) --- SynTalk

1:07:36 | Jan 29th, 2017

Is anything isolated? Is comparison essential? Does the entire cosmos consist of a structure of relationships? When comparing, must we think in terms of similarity rather than difference? Is comparison a fundamental way of dealing with complexity in ...Show More
#TLOS (The Lure Of Suicide) --- SynTalk

1:05:31 | Jan 22nd, 2017

Is life precious? Whose property is it? Is the final act of suicide narratable? Can you tolerate frustration? Rage? Shame? Could one commit suicide without any conscious reason? Is suicide alluring? Do we instinctively long to unite with some deep in...Show More
#TCOC (The Cusps Of Creativity) --- SynTalk

1:12:30 | Jan 15th, 2017

Can you be creative consciously? Can verification of an idea be fully worked out in the unconscious state itself? Does P equal NP; & is proving computationally more intensive than verifying? Can a system be called creative if it explores all possibil...Show More
#TSAF (The Shapes And Forms) --- SynTalk

1:03:50 | Jan 8th, 2017

Why is your shape what it is? Are shadows 2D? Is matter potentiality, and form actuality? What do shapes mean at different scales? Do shapes evolve? Are only regular 3D shapes stable? Is (the shape of, say) quartz stable, & can equilibrium shapes be ...Show More
#TAOD (The Agency Of Design) --- SynTalk

1:09:02 | Dec 18th, 2016

Are you proud of your buckets and combs? Is a cup culture-specific? What's typical? Are objects a part of your identity? Can empathy be created? Can buildings foster (multidimensional) equity? What is bad design? Do the best designs (try to) do many ...Show More
#TPAD (The Patterns And Distributions) --- SynTalk

1:09:30 | Dec 17th, 2016

Is 29 absolutely prime? Are the 26 letters of the English alphabet arbitrary? Can you learn a word in isolation? How are children able to learn languages without being taught? Why are there patterns at all, & which are more likely? Do objects with mo...Show More
#TMOM (The Magic Of Making) --- SynTalk

1:10:47 | Dec 4th, 2016

Is all making curating? Is the location of a maker a fiction? Are there always rules to making? Is any expression preceded by an act of repression? How, then, is black magic different from magic? Is alchemy possible? Why can’t every molecule be made?...Show More
#TDAL (The Darkness Around Light) --- SynTalk

1:05:05 | Nov 27th, 2016

What does a bee see? Do we see light? What are we blind to? Is the universe dark? Does darkness have a physical basis? Is light a wave or a particle or both or something else? Does this depend on the nature of the detector? Is light (like a) photon f...Show More
#TDOG (The Decisions Of Groups) --- SynTalk

1:05:08 | Nov 6th, 2016

Do you have a default tendency to say: ‘Yes’? When do you abandon your own information and follow the herd? Can herds form because of individual selfish interests? How do bee colonies decide? Are all social animals herd animals? Is there no good way ...Show More
#TLOM (The Limits Of Mathematics) - - - SynTalk

1:13:00 | Oct 30th, 2016

Is Nature logical? Is uncertainty hardwired into Nature? Where do the paradoxes or aporia lie? Might paradoxes exist in the object (& not in the thinking)? What is the ontological status of mathematical objects? Are laws of Nature really written in t...Show More
#TTOT (The Tricks Of Transmission) - - - SynTalk

1:02:34 | Oct 23rd, 2016

How is an entity able to copy itself? How do the four DNA base (A, T, C, G) molecules function like ‘symbols’ leading to the entire genetic code? Why can’t a neuron be treated as a symbol? Are genetic and linguistic codes analogous to each other, wit...Show More
#TVOP (The Varieties Of Punishments) --- SynTalk

1:05:28 | Oct 23rd, 2016

Are we trustworthy? Are you being watched; by whom? How is punishment in the personal sphere different from that imposed by Law? Does Law reason, & permit discretion? Is re-offence rampant? Is punishment a necessity (& a utility?) in a social ordered...Show More
#TGATJ (The Garden And The Jungle) --- SynTalk

1:08:10 | Oct 8th, 2016

Is dingo in danger? What are forests and gardens 'for'? Is the wilderness a place where humans are absent? What is the history of the conception of wilderness? Can nature be sculpted? Are gardens a space on a continuum between the city and the jungle...Show More
#TPDP (The Path Dependent Paths) --- SynTalk

1:05:00 | Oct 3rd, 2016

Are you using a QWERTY keyboard? Why do all clocks go clockwise? Can some systems get locked into sub-optimal states? Why are some processes path dependent and some not? Does the number of variables or the ‘direction’ of change matter? Can future be ...Show More
#TMFC (The Models For Consciousness) --- SynTalk

1:07:00 | Oct 1st, 2016

'What' gives rise to conscious experience? How can we know if consciousness is fundamental, and if can we model it? Why aren't sticks and stones, & tables and chairs, manifestly 'conscious'? Do we really know? Is consciousness the capacity of a syste...Show More
#TNTW (The Need To Work) --- SynTalk

1:04:44 | Sep 4th, 2016

Do you have others working for you? Is the need to work a curse? Or, is work life? Does work establish the relationship between the ‘body’ and nature, economy & society? Do we realize and socialize ourselves via work? Are work and leisure complementa...Show More
#TFOD (The Fate Of Diseases) --- SynTalk

1:04:06 | Aug 28th, 2016

Is your disease human? Are you infected? Do you have an orphan or a rare disease? Has (the) polio (virus) been eradicated? ‘Can’ vaccines be made for all infectious diseases, & is eradication for ever? Why was there an epidemic of measles after the c...Show More
#TNAM (The Niches And Monopolies) --- SynTalk

1:04:45 | Jul 24th, 2016

Can one stay in a hole through one's entire life? Is a system always embedded in another? How large can (or should) the smaller system be? Is the market a free floating entity? Is it difficult to understand when a system has been monopolized? Do almo...Show More
#TTOM (The Transience Of Memories) --- SynTalk

1:09:45 | Jul 17th, 2016

Is your name on the top of your mind? Are the preconscious or the unconscious merely the regions far away from the centre of the field of attention? Why are memories transient? Can there be a memory molecule, or are all memories synthesized? Are memo...Show More
#TROAR (The Recipe Of A Renaissance) --- SynTalk

1:03:45 | Jul 17th, 2016

Why don’t we let the past be? What do we do when there is a crisis? What do we see when we look back? What is imitated? Is a renaissance a rebirth: but of something totally new (as a non identical repetition)? What is renaissance ‘about’? Is it celeb...Show More
#TFAF (The Friends And Foes) --- SynTalk

1:08:45 | Jul 11th, 2016

Did Buddha have friends? Did Gandhi have enemies? Can you renounce friends? Is friendship universal? Do we ‘need’ enemies? Is competition ever with enemies? Why is there ‘narcissism of small differences’? Can rivals be friends? How are enemies, adver...Show More
#THOT (The How Of Terror) --- SynTalk

1:11:00 | Jul 9th, 2016

Can suicide bombers be farmed? Who is a terrorist? How are terrorists recruited, trained and incentivized? Do terrorists run out of weapons? What role does leadership play in the success of terrorist groups? What happens when a terrorist group is dec...Show More
#TAOK (The Appearances Of Knowledge) --- SynTalk

1:13:00 | Jul 3rd, 2016

Do you know that you are ignorant? How do you understand clouds? What would total knowledge do; could you create the entire universe then? Is the process of acquiring knowledge an iterative tussle with ignorance? Does every new knowledge also produce...Show More
#TAAL (The Abstractions At Large) --- SynTalk

1:08:00 | May 15th, 2016

What cannot be abstracted? What was Grothendieck up to? Does abstraction exist all around us; as notions of (say) numbers, distance, money, & more? Further, is there a way of abstracting the notion of distance across different kinds of geometries? Is...Show More
#TTAGU (The Things About Growing Up) --- SynTalk

1:05:30 | Apr 24th, 2016

Do kids understand adults? Does foetus feel pain and pleasure? What does the world look like from the crib? Is the new born infant alert, aware & awake, & not confused? What are kids pre-wired for, & is pre-wiring largely genetic? Do we learn fear? D...Show More
#TROTO (The Reality Of The Original) --- SynTalk

1:09:09 | Apr 3rd, 2016

Is Colin McKenzie for real? What cannot be faked? Are fakes lies? Can copies be more valuable than the original? What is the test of something being original? Is originality a fact? Is it culturally determined? What are the ethics and aesthetics of f...Show More
#TEOP (The Exile Of Poets) --- SynTalk

1:09:58 | Mar 6th, 2016

Are there happy poets? Can one write poetry without having suffered (some) exile? Why has there been deep pessimism about poets, & might poets cause wars and genocide? How is deeply personal poetry dangerous? Does poetry represent perfect, universal ...Show More
#TIOE (The Instability Of Equilibria) --- SynTalk

1:07:43 | Feb 21st, 2016

How does rate of change change? Is equilibrium balance, & what happens when there is no balance? Is equilibrium attained when fast processes have done their job, and the slow processes have not started? Do all systems tend towards equilibrium? How ar...Show More
#TMOL (The Medley Of Languages) --- SynTalk

1:06:57 | Feb 6th, 2016

Is babble the beginning? Are languages pure, or were they originally mixed? Was Shakespeare writing in English? Are languages negotiated like in a bazaar, & where then does the power lie? Are there areas & languages where mixing is flaunted, & some w...Show More
#TMOA (The Metaness Of Algorithms) --- SynTalk

1:06:47 | Jan 24th, 2016

What is a (hard) problem? Can we know which problems do not have solutions? Is scheduling flights a hard problem? Is assembling cars an easy problem? Theoretically, are there more problems (uncountable) than solutions (countably many)? Are algorithms...Show More
#TELR (The Everyday Life Revue) --- SynTalk

1:09:50 | Jan 24th, 2016

Is your (everyday) life repetitive and mundane? Does squirming life lie just underneath the layer of banality? Is the everyday always laced with fantasy and/or skepticism? What is the place of mythology in this context? Can a polluted river be a sigh...Show More
#TDWB (The Difficulty With Believing) --- SynTalk

1:09:50 | Jan 18th, 2016

What do you believe ‘in’? Do you hold irrational beliefs? Why is it difficult to revise beliefs? Can it be beneficial to have false beliefs? Do you (objectively) believe that there is Heaven? Can beliefs be like axioms, or are they all (iteratively) ...Show More
#TMOT (The Modalities Of Traffic) --- SynTalk

1:07:48 | Jan 18th, 2016

Have you been stuck in a traffic jam? Is it ‘difficult’ to wear helmets? Can one conceive of one’s own death? Can traffic self organize? Is the ability to reverse, as in certain molecular motors, fundamental to the design of all efficient transportat...Show More
#TLAS (The Large And Small) --- SynTalk

1:04:48 | Jan 9th, 2016

Why aren’t there ant sized elephants? Or, why aren’t there elephant sized ants? What is small, large or infinite? Are there theoretical limits to size for living & physical bodies? Was the Universe infinite in size even at Big Bang, & how? Is there a...Show More
#TRON (The Revaluation Of Nature) --- SynTalk

1:04:50 | Jan 2nd, 2016

What are tigers worth? Why is diamond more valuable than water? What is Nature’s role in economic value? Is non-use value also a part of total value? Is valuation always the same as measurement in terms of money? Is value fundamentally a (human) welf...Show More
#TCOP (The Cause Of Probability) --- SynTalk

1:07:43 | Dec 20th, 2015

Are you here by chance? Does probability exist? Can we decide if the world is deterministic? Is probability an outcome of our ignorance, & are we ‘forced’ to model using probabilities? Is there a trade-off between hardness and randomness? How did sta...Show More
#TMAG (The Many Addiction Games) --- SynTalk

1:04:39 | Dec 19th, 2015

Are you addicted to snake poison? Or gambling? Are you an alcoholic? Have you quit smoking? Why are cigarettes so popular? Why are slot machines more addictive than games of skill? Why are we addicted to anything? Is there a threshold? Are some of us...Show More
#TPOD (The Process Of Decay) --- SynTalk

1:06:45 | Nov 22nd, 2015

Is 100% memory loss possible? Is the past ‘preserved by itself, automatically’? Is the notion of decay linked intimately to the concepts of order and memory? Does life grow towards order, even as physical systems go towards disorder? Does maintenance...Show More
#THOF (The Having Of Fun) --- SynTalk

1:05:31 | Nov 8th, 2015

Does Mowgli have fun? Why do we crack jokes? Why are spoofs enjoyable, & is having fun, fundamentally, an act of subversion? Does having fun require us to be innocent ‘fools’? Is fun the basic objective of human existence? What is it, then, not to ha...Show More
#TRAI (The Recognition And Identification) --- SynTalk

1:09:26 | Oct 11th, 2015

How do chicks fly back to Africa on their own? Is recognition merely re-cognition? What are the different mechanisms for differentiation? How do (say) most new-born insects recognize objects without any social support? How, besides sight and sound, o...Show More
#TSOT (The Structure Of Truth) --- SynTalk

1:05:14 | Oct 5th, 2015

Is 2+2 inevitably 4? Is it grue? Is it true? Is it true that facts do not live on their own? What is The Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages? How logic chases truth up the tree of grammar? Is truth the same across languages? If we used different...Show More
#TROH (The Return Of Home) --- SynTalk

1:05:32 | Oct 5th, 2015

Do you feel at home? What is the other of home – the world? We think of home variously as culture, a memory, an identity, a language, a terrain of materiality, a landscape, the zone of affect, an idea, a gharana, & a family? How the sense of belongin...Show More
#TVFB (The View From Below) --- SynTalk

1:00:49 | Aug 2nd, 2015

Do you hate beggars? Can one think of the above-below topography using both perspective as well as relationality? Is there an invisibilisation and dispersal of the hegemons? What does it mean to be at the very bottom? Is there a social responsibility...Show More
#TMOV (The Mystery Of Violence) --- SynTalk

1:05:00 | Jul 25th, 2015

Are you angry? Do we have a terrible love of war? Is it possible to think of violence without the teleological means-end schema? Why don’t we have a phenomenology for it? Is it because violence is the ground shared by enemies? Why don’t we manage to ...Show More
#TROS (The Representation Of Space) --- SynTalk

1:10:21 | Jul 18th, 2015

What comes first - matter or space or time? What is the structure of space? Why did Paul Cezanne go 'flat'? How did Picasso turn the artistic conception of space on its head with cubism? Is there a link between colour and space? What is it like to be...Show More
#TGAP (The Ghosts And Poltergeists) --- SynTalk

1:00:00 | Jul 11th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the provocative questions of spectres, spirits, & ghosts, as themselves and as signifiers, while constantly wondering if they are an unnecessary residue. Can we think of the repressed voices in places of violence and ruin, using ...Show More
#TAOM (The Act Of Madness) --- SynTalk

1:08:05 | Jul 5th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about insanity, madness, and mental illness, & its links with questions of medicine, physiology, freedom, control, knowledge and power. We weave together both theoretical explication as well as purely personal reflections to try and un...Show More
#TMOI (The Meanings Of Information) --- SynTalk

1:03:23 | Jun 27th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about information, while constantly wondering about its physical nature and computability. Is there information in the universe irrespective of human beings or life? Does all the meaning come from a protocol, and what if there is no sh...Show More
#TWOW (The Ways Of Water) --- SynTalk

1:05:12 | Jun 20th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the past, present and the future of water, and its dialectical relationship with Earth and life. We enter the worlds of rain, snow, ocean, monsoon, subterranean & surface rivers, dams, volcanoes, canals, lakes, estuaries, mountai...Show More
#TSOF (The Scope Of Fiction) --- SynTalk

1:10:18 | Jun 13th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about narratives & stories, while constantly wondering whether it is the stories that ‘make us up’ and give us our self-hood. We delve into the worlds of literature, film making, video games, philosophy, cognitive sciences, and linguis...Show More
#TEMAF (The Errors Mistakes And Failures) --- SynTalk

1:07:05 | May 30th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about errors, while constantly wondering if they are innately hardwired into nature. Are error free domains possible or desirable? Would we stop making history if there were to be an error free world? The concepts are derived off / fro...Show More
#TAOQ (The Argument Over Quarrel) --- SynTalk

1:05:07 | May 23rd, 2015

SynTalk thinks about quarrels (in a general sense), while constantly wondering whether there is a civilizational ‘need’ for it. Is it possible to have a sustainable theory for interactions (and by extension, quarrels)? What are the links with languag...Show More
#TEOT (The Everything Of Theory) --- SynTalk

1:05:26 | May 16th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about theories & theorizing, while constantly wondering whether theories are explanatory as well as speculative (‘what-if’). Are all theories, in a sense, artistic creations and inventions (rather than discoveries)? Can we take the hum...Show More
SynTrack (End)

02:31 | Apr 21st, 2015

]] __begin__ [[ Welcome to SynTalk ]] 13.8 billion years in 150 seconds. All sound, no music. Hypnopompic. A little weird. Sometimes noisy. Bittersweet. Disorienting, & meekly harmonic. Incessant. Drone. Dawn. The Big Bang, after all. CMBR. 4.5 billi...Show More
SynTrack (Begin)

02:31 | Apr 21st, 2015

]] __begin__ [[ Welcome to SynTalk ]] 13.8 billion years in 150 seconds. All sound, no music. Hypnopompic. A little weird. Sometimes noisy. Bittersweet. Disorienting, & meekly harmonic. Incessant. Drone. Dawn. The Big Bang, after all. CMBR. 4.5 billi...Show More
#TMCI (The Multi Cultural Isms) --- SynTalk

1:02:54 | Apr 18th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about interpretation and understanding of the self & the other, while constantly wondering why & if it is difficult to truly understand another culture. What more do we need besides translation and interpretation? The concepts are deri...Show More
#TWAP (The Whole And Parts) --- SynTalk

1:07:17 | Apr 11th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the interrelationships between wholes and parts in natural and conceptual systems, and wonders whether the part is inferred from the whole. Does a part (somehow) imply or expect the whole? The concepts are derived off / from Abhi...Show More
#TJOH (The Journey Of Healing) --- SynTalk

1:01:47 | Apr 4th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about health & healing, while constantly wondering whether health has a fixed meaning. Is health an anxiety? The concepts are derived off / from Hippocrates, Charaka, Patanjali, Voltaire, Nietzsche, Foucault, William Osler, BKS Iyengar...Show More
#TROD (The Reasons Of Dying) --- SynTalk

1:02:46 | Mar 28th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about dying & death from medical, ethical, existential, legal, & sociocultural perspectives, while constantly wondering how & why death is important. Is death ‘master-able’? The concepts are derived off / from Socrates, Glaucon, Epicur...Show More
#TFOI (The Firstness Of Ideas) --- SynTalk

1:09:43 | Mar 14th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the phenomenology of getting an idea, and wonders about the fine ‘thinness’ of an idea’s form. We discuss lively, apt, inapt, frustrated, injurious, abstract, failed, & wrong ideas, and understand how an idea can sometimes (but o...Show More
#TPOM (The Place Of Music) --- SynTalk

1:05:45 | Mar 7th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about different facets of music, including its ever changing relationship with ‘place’ and time. We explore how blocks of noise, sound, consonants, melody, & ‘intention’ come together to create music. How does music exploit the spatial...Show More
#TROT (The Realm Of Things) --- SynTalk

1:04:58 | Feb 28th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the (sometimes?) subterranean world of things, and wonders how the world might look from the standpoint of the Thing. We also tentatively wonder if things indeed have a social life, and if the composite affair of thingness is hig...Show More
#TNOP (The Nature Of Poison) --- SynTalk

1:04:56 | Feb 28th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the tantalizing cocktail of poisons, toxins & venoms, and wonders if ‘what does not kill us makes us stronger’. We also constantly explore the striking similarity (in many ways) between medicine and poison (a la the vagueness of ...Show More
#TPOC (The Poetry Of Coexistence) --- SynTalk

1:09:23 | Jan 31st, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the meanings, implications and the future of coexistence between & amongst the several biological species on earth. The interaction space between species is explored via known strategies such as symbiosis, predation, parasitism, ...Show More
#TLATOS (The Lives And Times Of Sentiments) --- SynTalk

1:03:30 | Jan 10th, 2015

SynTalk thinks about collective sentiments and its antipode, Reason, and constantly wonders if this historically naturalised dichotomy is perhaps at the root of the phenomenon of ‘hurt sentiments’. We simultaneously wonder if the realm of sentiments ...Show More
#TREM (The (Re)Enchantment Machine) --- SynTalk

1:03:29 | Jan 3rd, 2015

SynTalk thinks about the disenchantment of the world, & wonders if it is possible for there to be multiple metaphysics for the connection between human beings and nature. Is there always something in excess of what we know & experience? We discuss di...Show More
#TICAW (The Images Concepts And Words) --- SynTalk

1:03:38 | Dec 20th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the deep historical and ongoing interrelationships between (the all pervasive & incessantly productive) images, and concepts & words. We make the widely sweeping journey from ancient rock art to the Coca-Cola logo to images on mo...Show More
#TAOT (The Arrows Of Time) --- SynTalk

1:04:00 | Dec 13th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the unidirectional nature of time and wonders if time is a separate ‘category’ at all. We dip into cosmology, computer science, neuroscience, quantum physics, & philosophy. We wonder whether time is essentially a (background) var...Show More
#TBBAF (The Borders Boundaries And Fences) --- SynTalk

1:03:41 | Dec 13th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about (real, virtual & abstract) boundaries and wonders why some boundaries are crisp while others are fuzzy (fixed centers but no boundaries). We discuss boundaries and borders using concepts from computer science, geopolitics, defenc...Show More
#TFOFA (The Fields Of Forces Around) --- SynTalk

1:04:03 | Nov 30th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the dynamic nature & origins (since the big bang) of fundamental & emergent forces in the universe. Was there only one force at the time of big bang? How did human beings first recognize & understand both the forces of nature (s...Show More
#TAOL (The Architecture Of Life) --- SynTalk

1:04:13 | Nov 22nd, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the key conditions that characterize and create ‘biological’ life while constantly wondering whether life is a random accident, and if we are alone in the universe (because of a singularity?). What is the future of life? How alie...Show More
#TNOAN (The Name Of A Name) --- SynTalk

1:00:59 | Nov 15th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the act and the modality of naming ourselves and the (undifferentiated flux of the) world around us, & constantly wonders whether the world gets created when we name it. The concepts are derived off / from Panini, Frege, Russell,...Show More
#TMOS (The Morals Of State) --- SynTalk

1:03:50 | Nov 8th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the characteristics of the State, and explores its ontological claims, contradictions, & morals both normatively and positively? The link between bandit kings, violence, sovereign, private property, law, justice, hot water bath, ...Show More
#TPEKA (The Power Ecology Knowledge Axis) --- SynTalk

1:04:16 | Oct 25th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the power-ecology-knowledge triad with a certain anticipatory emphasis on ecology & modernity and their crises in a broad sense. The discussion attempts to understand each of the three concepts from the vantage points of the othe...Show More
#TWOK (The Ways Of Knowing) --- SynTalk

1:05:18 | Oct 18th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the concept and process of ‘knowing’ and tries to understand ‘how we know what we know’. What is common knowledge (lokavidya), and is it largely phenomenologically acquired? If science is born out of common knowledge, then how do...Show More
#TIATC (The Illusion And The Cosmos) --- SynTalk

1:03:01 | Oct 11th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about illusions from an all encompassing (cosmological) perspective. In a sense the conversation ventures into the outer (sun, galaxies, quasars, black holes, WIMPs) and the inner worlds (Brahman, consciousness), while constantly wonde...Show More
#TUOE (The Uncertainty Of Existence) --- SynTalk

1:00:31 | Sep 13th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the mystery of 'existence' and 'consciousness’. In a sense the conversation alternates between perspectives vis-a-vis ​human beings (meditative, wakeful, dreamy, comatose, paralysed, anaesthetised, unconscious, unarousable, dying...Show More
#TTCA (The Two Cultures Again) --- SynTalk

1:03:06 | Sep 6th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the ‘sciences’ and the ‘humanities’, and speculates on the genesis, present and the future of this dichotomy. Is the 1959 Rede lecture of CP Snow still relevant, or have changes of knowledge systems & technology made the concern ...Show More
#TGBH (The Geography Behind History) --- SynTalk

1:02:32 | Aug 30th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the role of geography, ecology, biology & human behaviour behind history (both facts & principles). Did environmentally destructed land (like grasslands) lead to invasions? We discuss diverse phenomena such as invasions, climacti...Show More
#TVAABP (The Vacuum As A Bubbling Place) --- SynTalk

1:02:28 | Aug 9th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about Vacuum and asks why is there something rather than nothing? Is empty space really empty? Does vacuum exist in the natural universe or is it merely a theoretical abstract conception? Is absolute vacuum possible? The concepts are d...Show More
#TRADOS (The Rise And Decline Of Silence) --- SynTalk

1:03:25 | Aug 2nd, 2014

SynTalk thinks about Silence, and speculates whether it is fundamentally an ‘aspiration’. Is Silence ‘a permanent flow of meaning’? The concept of Silence manifests itself in physiological / neurological (auditory feedback loop, aphasia, dementia), l...Show More
#TCND (The Cellphone Named Desire) --- SynTalk

1:00:38 | Jul 19th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the Cellphone (the object & the metaphor). The links between multiple human identities (avatars) & social spaces, (terrestrial) fantasy, boredom and ‘shape-shifting’ performative aspects of life are explored from the lens of the ...Show More
#TOOB (The Ontology Of Beauty) --- SynTalk

1:03:45 | Jul 12th, 2014

SynTalk thinks about the ontological (mind independent) aspects of Beauty and aesthetics in areas such as mathematics, arts, poetry, literature, music, sculpture, and photography, while constantly pondering whether Beauty is important. The historicit...Show More