Working With the Homeless: How Does a Tenants’ Rights Attorney Do His Job?

1:08:01 | Nov 3rd, 2019

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Jordan Weissmann returns to host a new season all about the people who work with the homeless population in New York City. In this first episode, Jordan speaks to Mark Hess, a Supervising Attorney in ...Show More


michelle_ebooks recommended:Dec 28th, 2019

really great and fascinating series on those who work with the homeless! this specific episode is about how in nyc, they now have free tenants rights lawyers for tenants as part of a program every place needs, to bring universal access to legal services.

michelle_ebooksDec 28th, 2019

thanks @mm for highlighting this series !!

mmDec 28th, 2019

@michelle_ebooks You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. I really like the episode in this series about the psychiatrist who works with homeless people too:

mm recommended:Dec 8th, 2019

Holy moly! The first thing a tenants' rights attorney would do when they get a civil case in NYC is to check whether the person who is litigating actually *owns* the said property or if they are a scammer trying to scam vulnerable people, such as seniors, out of their housing. Bless this attorney a...Show More