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#65 And This Led to Corn Flakes

17:25 | Jul 31st, 2017

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Lots of people know the story of how cornflakes were created - this is the story of why. Thank You To Our Interviewee: Dr. Brian Wilson Thank You To Looperman Artists: Melody 126 Beats by Purge Ambell...Show More


epekilis recommended:Jul 23rd

Religion, sex, feuding brothers, the OG wellness spa and graham crackers! Find them all right here in the Kelloggโ€™s corn flakes origin story. @rmmiller364 there is a fleeting reference to a 19th century medical school that offered MDs in 6 months, but Dr. Kellogg then did go to a conventional medica...Show More

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rmmiller364Jul 24th

@epekilis it still sounds like a great listen! Iโ€™ll put it in my queue!

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