Myths and Legends

Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser / Bardic

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Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories yo...Show More

32:22 | Oct 4th, 2017

The story of a sleazy dwarf, a helpful horse, and all-you-can-eat cake

35:00 | May 31st, 2017

Sinbad (no, not that Sinbad) is probably the 3rd most famous story from a collection titled "One Thousand and One Nights". It's a story of loss, hardship, and redemption...and then partying so hard that you forget all that loss, hardship, and redempt...Show More
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30:00 | Jun 3rd, 2015

Swords, dragons, werewolves, Vikings, betrayal, and revenge are all hallmarks of the thrilling, yet little known, Saga of the Volsungs, the story of an ill-fated medieval Nordic family. One of J.R.R. Tolkien's first Nordic reads, it's a tale of honor...Show More

32:14 | May 13th, 2015

In this episode, you'll see that you should definitely interfere if you see two apex predators fighting to the death in the wilderness. We'll finish the story of Yvain, a knight of King Arthur's court, as he (mostly) sees the error in his ways and (m...Show More

43:24 | Dec 11th

Four stories from Greek mythology: Arachne and Athena, Pandora's box, the great flood of the ancient Greek world, and the love story of Idas and Marpessa.

10:35 | Dec 9th

The conclusion to the story of Lady White Snake and Xu Xian

34:09 | Dec 4th

The legend of Lady White Snake continues with a packed episode. There are magical (if not wholly unexpected) resurrections, crustacean armies, Doctor Strange ripoffs, and that's just in the first half.

36:42 | Nov 27th

The legend of the White Snake is one of the four great folktales of China. Today, we start that with an act of kindness, demons lurking in the places we can’t look, and a (misguided?) monk hoping to bring justice.

37:01 | Nov 20th

The wonderfully ridiculous and surprisingly human original story of Hansel and Gretel

39:26 | Nov 13th

47 warriors lead one of the greatest (true) revenge stories ever told.

35:01 | Nov 6th

The stories of a lost dumpling and two young people finding love among the ashes.

39:15 | Oct 30th

On our annual Halloween special, it's a supposedly true story of a string of killings and something lurking in the dark forest

33:17 | Oct 23rd

The story of the fictional protagonist you never knew you hated

33:27 | Oct 16th

We’re back on the boat to the Trojan War and Agamemnon has a problem. It's a problem he can solve, he just doesn't want to.

34:35 | Oct 9th

Jack is back and ready to do what he does best, and who is along for the ride? King Arthur's teenage son.

39:57 | Oct 2nd

The stories of Costanza/Costanzo, the youngest daughter of the king of Thebes, who sets out to find her way in the world, and Molly Whuppie, the young orphan girl who battled giants.

40:58 | Sep 25th

Two stories of terrible parenting, one from Scandinavia, and the other from Naples

37:47 | Sep 18th

Hrolf Kraki, the Viking king of Denmark, sets out to avenge his father and fight way too many mythological creatures

40:18 | Sep 11th

Part one of the story of Hrolf Kraki, legendary Viking king, and his twelve berserkers

39:44 | Sep 4th

The lives of Odysseus, Agamemnon, Menelaus, Clytemnestra, and Penelope before the event that would make them all famous: the Trojan War.

34:11 | Aug 28th

Things are going great for Arthur and the gang...until some guys from Rome show up and tell him the rent is due.

39:45 | Aug 21st

Faust takes his magical powers he got from his deal with the devil, and decides to really live it up for the time he has left. Unfortunately, that time is waning.

34:24 | Aug 14th

Doctor Faust makes an ill-conceived deal with the devil. Hijinks ensue.

35:20 | Aug 7th

From the end of the world to the underworld and Armageddon itself, Kalevipoeg does way too many things

31:13 | Jul 31st

Giants flying on eagles, warriors fighting sorcerers, and a young man in search of his destiny.

38:39 | Jul 10th

The Handsome Monkey King is getting too powerful. There are beings in the universe who do not like that, and they're about to pay him a visit.

38:04 | Jul 3rd

From Chinese legend, a monkey becomes a king and, deciding that isn't good enough, challenges the gods themselves

33:19 | Jun 26th

Antigone battles an authoritarian state in the form of her uncle, Creon.

36:42 | Jun 19th

Oedipus's family just found out it's way more related than they thought...and things are somehow about to get worse.