Trends Like These

Travis, Brent and Courtney

Trends Like These is a weekly round-up of what's trending on Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet. Brought to you every Friday by Travis McElroy, Brent Black, and Courtney Enlow. Follow us on Twitter @TrendsLikeThese! Join us, won't you?

1:14:38 | Feb 7th

*TIMECODES* BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 6:56 NYC Bans Broker’s FeesSuper Bowl StuffPOLITICS ROUNDUP – 33:17 Impeachment OverState of the UnionThe Iowa Cl*sterf*ck TIDBIT! – 1:06:09Coronavirus Update WI-FIV...Show More

1:32:33 | Jan 31st

* TIMECODES * BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 15:05 Study Says People Lie to Appear Honest Kobe Bryant and Others Die in Helicopter Crash POLITICS ROUNDUP – 44:16 Impeachment Update Democratic Prima...Show More
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1:31:46 | Jan 17th

BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 11:35 Sandwich Recipe Dramatic Reading The Rise of Aggro Baby Boy Names Oscar Nods OH NO LIZ & BERNIE! – 43:12 POLITICS + WI-FIVE – 1:18:11 Impeachment Update Bombshell Lev Par...Show More

1:01:04 | Jan 10th

*TIMECODES*   BEYOND THE HEADLINES – 8:28 Harry and Meghan Australian Bushfires   POLITICS ROUNDUP – 31:55 War With Iran? Impeachment Update   WI-FIVE – 54:40
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