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11+ years of serial fiction & short stories. Strong characters & big ideas. Space opera, alternative history, near-future thrillers, genre-smashing narrations & audiodrama. Written, narrated & produced by John Mierau, guest writers & voices.

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servingworlds recommended:Jan 31st

A self contained story with room to grow in the future. Warm, kind, funny: 'Starship Iris' is wonderfully voiced, written and produced.

1. Violet Liu

by The Strange Case of Starship Iris

servingworlds recommended:Jan 31st

Zen, humanism, humor, great voice acting and effects, and a real SciFi story. A fully fleshed group of characters at the center of it all, and tantalizong hints of a vast world beyond. Recommended and adored.

101: Cheese Is Delicious Science

by Girl In Space | A Sci-Fi Mystery Audio Drama

servingworlds recommended:Jan 29th

If you love the concept open source software and want to know how your data is used and abused, or you want to know more about Linux, or you love listening to experts that talk like the best of friends (trash talking, sharing honest feedback and knowledgable opinions) then Destination Linux may be j...Show More

Interview with Lukasz Erecinski of Pine64, GNOME vs Trolls, Ubuntu’s New Desktop Director – DL145

by Destination Linux

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