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Standing for SHE, HE & the Equity of All People. S.H.E. Summit is on a mission to create a more thriving and equal humanity by connecting, educating and activating a new generation of leaders. Founded by Claudia Chan. www.shesummit.com

Episode Recommendations (10)

shesummit recommended:Aug 1st, 2019

Erwin is the lead pastor at Mosaic church in Los Angeles. This is Claudia's go-to podcast to be bold and "create the future."

Called Out!

by Mosaic - Erwin McManus

shesummit recommended:Aug 1st, 2019

Craig Groeschel runs Life Church and on his podcast, he offers some of the best, most practical leadership advice and training Claudia has ever received.

59: Eliminate Distractions: Cut the Slack, Part 1

by Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

shesummit recommended:Aug 1st, 2019

Claudia enjoys listening to Dr. Stephen Cabral naturopathic advice as he seems to have a natural remedy and explanation for every health concern.

1271: The 5 Steps to Simplify Your Nutrition (TWT)

by The Cabral Concept