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Jess Schroeder


Hey everyone! I’m curious about: - How to get optimal physical and brain health - How the universe works - How consciousness works I’m creating a playlist with some of be best podcast episodes that cover these things. Let me know if you can share any too

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shrodes recommended:Apr 11th

What are our current leading theories missing about how the universe works? This is a good conversation with some interesting thoughts and ideas!

20: Sir Roger Penrose - Plotting the Twist of Einstein’s Legacy

by The Portal

shrodes recommended:Apr 10th

For anyone working on a start-up, here are some great insights from the founders of LinkedIn and of AirBnB. Hot Tip, sometimes you have to do things that don’t scale, to get to a point where you can worry about scaling up!

#326: Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, and How to Scale to 100M+ Users

by The Tim Ferriss Show

shrodes recommended:Apr 10th

Are you confused about why sugar from fruit is ok but from soda is bad? Have you been told that all sugar is bad? Well check out this short, succinct podcast that will explain how it all works based on science and research!

Refined Sugar and Its Effects on Mortality, the Brain, Cancer, Hormones & More

by FoundMyFitness

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